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C4N. Blog Action Day 2009 - Climate Change. Bloggers Unite for a Free Iran (Bloggers Unite) #freeiran #gr88. Global Voices Online. 2010 Internet Censorship Report #freespeech. It is one of the tools used by governments to filter out unwanted information and to prevent the spread through the World Wide Web. It is a phenomenon of staggering proportions that affects over 25% of the global population. According to the latest data released on OpenNet Initiative and Reporters Without Borders 12 are the countries which have adopted a form of Internet censorship at a pervasive or substantial level. China, with a population of over 1.3 billion people and 360 million active users of the Internet is by far the nation in which the censors’ activity affects the highest number of citizens, followed in their list by Iran, Vietnam and Egypt.

It is striking to note that based on these figures, approximately 1.72 billion people are affected by the Internet censorship: a significant information which corresponds to 25.3% of the planet population estimated to be 6.79 billion people. No data is available for North Korea. © 2010 Woork Up.


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