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How to Transfer Your Facebook Friends to Google+ (And Vice Versa) Why Google+ won’t hurt Facebook, but Skype will hate it. Google launched its much awaited and highly anticipated social networking platform today to a limited number of users.

Why Google+ won’t hurt Facebook, but Skype will hate it

Dubbed Google+ (Plus), the service may take its cue from social networking giant Facebook, but in the end it is about the harsh reality of Google saving and enhancing its core franchise — Google Search. It is search (and, by extension, advertising) that made Google a company that has run afoul of the Federal Trade Commission because of its huge size and influence. At the time of Google’s founding, search was broadly defined as a sifting through a directory of websites. As the web grew, search became all about pages. Google, with its PageRank, came to dominate that evolution of search. Today, search is not just about pages, but also about people and the relevance of information to them. Google’s senior executives — long dismissive of the idea of importance of social to search — were contrite during their briefing earlier this week. Why? Instant Photo Uploads from Android is Google Plus's Killer Feature. There's a lot to like about Google Plus, the new social network from everyone's favorite search engine: the design, the thoughtfully created and easy-to-use privacy settings (Circles), the built in mobile chatting (Huddles) and video chatting (Hangouts) features, the smart news reader (Sparks), and more.

Instant Photo Uploads from Android is Google Plus's Killer Feature

But if Google Plus had one "killer" feature, it would definitely be the instant photo uploads from Android. Why is this? Because it's the one feature that will actually encourage adoption. Cloning Facebook Isn't Enough In many ways, Google Plus is a Facebook-inspired clone. That's not to say that Google hasn't done a great job with the implementation. But for the mainstream user, a Facebook-like experience isn't necessarily enough of a draw to lure them away from a social network where their friends already hang out, to a new one populated with their email contacts, no matter how pretty it looks. Unless, there's a reason. Android is Google Plus's Secret Weapon. Réseau social : Google+ marche sur les plates-bandes de Facebook. Disponible depuis ce jour sur l’Android Market, le nouveau réseau social de Google, Google+, sera bientôt téléchargeable sur l’App Store, mais la version Web est encore en phase de teste et accessible uniquement sur invitation.

Réseau social : Google+ marche sur les plates-bandes de Facebook

Son implémentation fait suite aux nombreuses refontes apportées par Google à ses outils en ligne. Après la généralisation du bouton +1, la recherche d’images ou la disparition annoncé de l’encart « J’ai de la chance », les choix stratégiques de Larry Page semblent se porter sur la simplification de l’expérience sociale à distance. Dans un marché dominé par Facebook et ses 750 millions d’utilisateurs, Google arrive sur la pointe des pieds, en retardataire remarqué. Combler la brèche entre Twitter, Foursquare et consorts tient actuellement de l’exploit. Sauf quand on s’appelle Google. Dans cette optique ont été développés les modules +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts, +Huddle, +Mobile et +Stream. Google n’initie là rien de nouveau.