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Information Literacy Weblog. Awesome Library. Highlighted publications. INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF LIBRARY CONSORTIA (ICOLC) Public Library Directory, Locator and Maps. Library of Congress Home. Graphic Novels: Suggestions for Librarians. Graphicnovels_1.pdf (application/pdf Object) Tutorials-The Library. UCB Library - Begin Research. Info To Go: Navigating the Internet > Home.

IRRT Free Links. Libdex – Worldwide index of library catalogues, libraries & books. 9891. NSF grants provide funds based on merit, not on need.


A good proposal begins with a clear idea of the goals and objectives of the project—for example, creating a course or curriculum, improving a laboratory by teaching new concepts directly, teaching new material to undergraduate faculty, or preparing future technicians or K-12 teachers in a more effective way. In addition, a good project begins with a sense of why it will be a significant improvement over current practice. Envision what improvements your project will make, and then ask yourself what activities and course(s) must be developed, what instruments will be needed, or what coalitions must be formed to make the desired improvements. N I N E S. ABLE. ABLE has been providing library basics for library staff world-wide since 1998.


Over 5,000 ABLE Course Completion Certificates have been printed and distributed to individuals in 32 countries.A recent user commented:Thank you for such generosity in sharing your knowledge.....I work as a library aide in two schools in Brisbane, Australia. Your courses will be invaluable to me and many others....A big thank you to all the people at the Idaho Commission for Libraries whose thoughtfulness, knowledge and hard work has contributed to this venture. All the best, Helen Abbott, Teacher Aide, Brisbane, Australia No registration is required, simply click on the links below and begin learning.NOTE: If you recently tried the courses and they didn't work -- try again.

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