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Velvet Sea Glass by velvetglass on Zibbet. ‪Glassblowing a glass butterfly figurine - lampwork, flamework, hotglass‬‏ Anthology27 by anthology27. Most favorited all-time. Whimsie Studio Craft Metal & Tools. Sheet & Wire in Copper, Aluminum, Brass & Nickel. Seven Flowers. Awesome Pop Up. Page corner bookmark for kids in Ideas for kids' crafts.

ArtbeadsVideos's Channel‬‏ Literary Clock. Tutorial: How to Make a Pomander Flower Ball. Embroidery + Metal? Here's something I've been noodling around with lately - embroidered metal discs!

Embroidery + Metal?

Wait - what? I bought a bag of these perforated beading discs a while back, intending to make some beaded pieces a la Miriam Haskell. Only I never quite got around to those, and eventually a different light bulb went on over my head. I could use the holes as embroidery guides! Make Your Own Shrinkable Photo Jewelry. Hurricane Vases! {Frugal DIY Tutorial}