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Two hacked to death in fight between two groups of Chinese people in Guangdong who used the toilets at the same time and didn't like the look of each other. English translation of a 1976 graphic novel of a Red Guard little girl reporting her grandfather to authorities as a Soviet spy, with Chinese netizen reactions. Chinese netizen reactions to a funny diagram (Doghouse Diaries "Bed Cartography") showing how pillows and space on a bed is divided between husband and wife. Photos of Chinese passengers asleep in awkward positions on the L199 train (Hangzhou to Guiyang), heading home for the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival holiday. An image of 6 different male body types and a sample of the preferences and responses of Chinese netizens on popular microblogging social network Sina Weibo. Song Binbin, former Red Guard student leader, apologizes in Beijing to the teachers and classmates hurt in the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. chinaSMACK


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China Business News China Business News Structured Settlements in Asia Parties Who Purchase Structured Settlements There are a lot of companies and corporations that will purchase structured settlements not only in Canada and the United States wherein such… HK’s forex reserves reach $281b in Oct Hong Kong’s foreign currency reserve assets reached $281.7 billion by the end of October, 2011, up $4.1 billion compared to the end of September, the Hong Kong Monetary… Reports of 800b yuan railways fund ‘untrue’