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This Is How You Can Get People To Make Better Decisions For Future Generations. Albert Einstein once said: “Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals.

This Is How You Can Get People To Make Better Decisions For Future Generations

" Alas, when it comes to joining together to conserve Earth's resources and protect our planet for future generations, we humans have proven to be a decidedly uncooperative lot. "There has been a great deal of work on how people cooperate with those they see every day –- their colleagues or friends," Dr. Martin Nowak, professor of mathematics and biology at Harvard University, said in a written statement.

5 Shockingly Progressive Policies from Insane Dictatorships. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking in black-and-white terms about foreign countries.

5 Shockingly Progressive Policies from Insane Dictatorships


Fukushima. Kurt. HAARP. Understanding it all. Chemtrails and sinkholes. Legal rights. Life. JFK and the Kennedy's. Sandy Hook. Ww1 & 2. 9/11. WW3. Israel. US Army and NATO. Nice things. Slavery past, today & future, NWO. The "Elite" Flight 370. Bush Family secrets & Hitler... Eazyhonda. Redesign World. Politics. CFR. Globalization of World Politics. Knowing Pleasure. 5 Mind-Blowingly Valuable Things Hidden in Everyday Life. In a world of rational thinkers, goods would cost exactly what they're worth to us.

5 Mind-Blowingly Valuable Things Hidden in Everyday Life

This is not that world, however, so we wind up spending five dollars on a cup of coffee, and somewhere there is a guy still hanging on to a room full of collectible Beanie Babies that he was sure would fund his retirement. But even outside of the obvious and silly examples, there are all sorts of situations where money works in ways that we just can't wrap our minds around. As hard as it is to believe, experts say ... #5. Buying Homes for the Homeless Would Actually Save Money. 5 Sci-Fi Ad Techniques That Are About to Make Life Creepier. We are in the middle of a great cultural arms race between advertisers with tons of money and state of the art technology and the common man's ability to ignore the ads those advertisers create.

5 Sci-Fi Ad Techniques That Are About to Make Life Creepier

You've seen hundreds of ads today -- how many did you actually remember? A Smoking Gun: Online DEA Manuals Show How Feds Use NSA Spy Data, Train Local Cops to Construct False Chains of Evidence. Whoever suggests the Snowden revelations mean nothing to the lives of ordinary black people either isn’t paying close attention, or is working for the police and prison state.

A Smoking Gun: Online DEA Manuals Show How Feds Use NSA Spy Data, Train Local Cops to Construct False Chains of Evidence

The federal DEA, the Justice Department’s federal drug police, have passed tons illegal NSA spying data to local police agencies and cynically coached them to lie about the sources of their evidence. It’s not exaggeration or hype. You can view the manuals online for yourself. One of the least remarked upon chunks of Edward Snowden’s voluminous revelations about government spying on civilians has been the fact that the Drug Enforcement Administration, the federal police agency created to fight the war on drugs, has funneled illegal NSA surveillance to local police agencies around the country. This is not hype. There have been plenty of African American voices who have pooh-poohed the significance of Edward Snowden and his revelations. How Egypt's Revolution Has Dialed Back Women's Rights. This past week was a pivotal moment for the struggle for women's rights in Egypt.

How Egypt's Revolution Has Dialed Back Women's Rights

In response to more protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square, police and government security forces beat and stripped several female demonstrators. One moment captured by a photographer ricocheted around the country, and seemingly just as fast, around the world: A woman, her black abaya yanked over her head to expose her naked torso and blue bra, was dragged by helmeted security forces over the pavement. Warning history is repeating. Illuminati card game - complete set (Full) HD. 6 Laws That Were Great On Paper (And Insane Everywhere Else)

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. And Bourbon. The point being, history is full of well-meant laws and reforms meant to protect us from ourselves that either don't do a damned thing, or in these cases, actually make things worse. Smoking Bans in Pubs and Bars Means More Drunk Driving Let's face it, alcohol and cigarettes are a magical combination: They go together like peanut butter and chocolate; a rock star and a porn actress; a Cracked writer and minor felonies. You'd think it would be common knowledge by now that if you mess with one of these vices, it's going to affect the other in some way. Keeping us safe from second-hand smoke. 5 Things I Learned Working With Somali Pirates. Somali piracy has finally hit the big time with its own Tom Hanks movie, bringing public awareness to the issue in the same way we became aware of the problem of lovable foreigners getting trapped in our airports.

5 Things I Learned Working With Somali Pirates

A Living Wealth Money System. Agenda: Root the power to create and allocate official money in democratically governed communities.

A Living Wealth Money System

The New Economy Money Story University economics courses teach that money is a medium of exchange, which is correct, and a storehouse of value, which may work for an individual but is a fiction for society. A society can store wealth only in real physical, social, and natural capital. 5 Things Record Labels Don't Want You to Know They Do. You've read so much about the music industry and its upstanding business practices that you likely think there isn't anything else we could tell you that would come as a surprise.

5 Things Record Labels Don't Want You to Know They Do

But some record label tactics are so covert that it takes a fair amount of digging just to find out they exist. The West's toxic hypocrisy over lead paint - opinion - 03 June 2013. Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 Rich countries banned deadly lead pigments years ago.

The West's toxic hypocrisy over lead paint - opinion - 03 June 2013

6 'Facts' About Historic Figures (Their Enemies Made Up) The truth is like Silly Putty: you can stretch it, mold it and use it to destroy someone's life. Just ask anyone who's ever run a nasty smear campaign; a good, juicy lie or half-truth about someone can not only follow them to the grave, but can echo down through history long after. Just look at how the following "historical facts"--all complete bullshit--have continued to show up in print for centuries after the subject has passed away. Napoleon Was Really, Really Short Quick, let's do word association. $25 gadget lets hackers seize control of a car - tech - 17 July 2013. 25 Extremely Bizarre Laws That Don't Make Sense. War on drugs fuels the HIV pandemic - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

The global war on drugs is 'driving the HIV pandemic' among people who use drugs and their sexual partners, according to a report released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy on 26 June. The report - The War on Drugs and HIV/AIDS: How the Criminalization of Drug Use Fuels the Global Pandemic - condemns the drug war as a failure; noting that the worldwide supply of illicit opiates, such as heroin, has increased by more than 380% in recent decades. The report calls for urgent reform in order to halt the spread of HIV infection and other harms arising from the war on drugs such as the growth of organised crime and violence. The report points to evidence for the effectiveness of programs such as needle and syringe exchanges and safe injecting facilities in countries that have virtually eliminated transmission due to injecting drugs.

The Report's recommendations include: Source Global Commission on Drug Policy - for media release, video of teleconference and to download report. More News. Company List. As Above So Below Part 1. As Above So Below Part 2. Fear Factory Self Bias Resistor. (29) Open to corruption P1. Self Bias Resistor Lyrics. Round-op Alpha. Busted! Ron Paul racist rant caught on tape! 9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars. The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011. Inside the Global Industry That's Slaughtering Africa's Elephants - Matthew Scully.

The scale of poaching is a criminal horror. Why Obama should make it a priority issue -- in his meeting with China's Xi Jinping this week and beyond Members of the Pilanesberg National Park Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) stand guard as conservationists and police investigate the scene of a rhino poaching incident April 19, 2012. Nearly a HALF MILLION trees will be destroyed if these East Bay projects are approved. This is a revision of an article that was published on May 5, 2013. In our haste to inform our readers of these projects during the public comment period, we published before we had read the entire Environmental Impact Study. The Terrifying (Inevitable) Future of Advertising. 5 Insane Laws Written Specifically to Harass Poor People. A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston.

This is why the Connecticut shooting happened. 5 Classic Movies That Ruined Their Makers' Careers. 6 Things You Won't Believe Can Brainwash You On Election Day. 12 Classic Movie Moments Made Possible by Abuse and Murder. No matter how hard we try to pretend that TMZ writers would be out of job in the classic days of Hollywood, the fact remains that the movie industry has always been filled with insufferable assholes. Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? A new study partly-sponsored by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution.