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Guide to Root Cellars – Homesteading and Livestock – MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Traditional vinegarpots vinegar pots making vinegar. We bring back the past with genuine shapes of yesteryear.

traditional vinegarpots vinegar pots making vinegar

These beautiful vinegar pots are an attractive addition to your kitchen anywhere you put it. It will hold a capacity from 2 liter until 15 liter and are made of handmade saltglazed and woodglazed stoneware. Turn leftover wine into robust, flavored vinegar in this traditional stoneware vinegar pot. Stocking Up: The Third Edition of America's Classic Preserving Guide by Carol Hupping. Smoked Apple Butter Recipe. Re-imagine seasonal eating with Paul Virant’s creative jams, relishes and preserves in The Preservation Kitchen (Ten Speed Press, 2012).

Smoked Apple Butter Recipe

Clear instructions ensure safe canning practices without inhibiting the artistry of unusual flavor partnerships: summer fruit served with meats and winter produce, or delicate spring vegetables flavored with the robust herbs and spices typical of fall cuisine. The following smoked apple butter recipe is from “Jams, Marmalades, Conserves, and Butters.” You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: The Preservation Kitchen. The smell of wood fires and the taste of crisp local apples are so intrinsically linked to fall that combining the two ele­ments in a preserve makes perfect sense. The result is apple flavor embellished with smoke and caramel—a fine addition to seared scallops, a bourbon cocktail, or just about anything that benefits from smoke and sweetness.

How To Make Bread Out Of Broccoli. The Cure All: A Guide to Curing Vegetables for Winter Storage. As gardening grows in popularity, people are figuring out all sorts of clever ways to get their homegrown vegetables to keep through the winter.

The Cure All: A Guide to Curing Vegetables for Winter Storage

Now that root cellars have become a rarity, many companies offer a range of storage tools and other items that can help. But creating the perfect storage environment for a particular crop is only half the battle—they have to be cured properly too, if they’re going to store for any length of time. Here are our curing tips for the crops that need it. Onions from the High Mowing Trials field curing in the greenhouse. Instructional Webisodes - Farmstead Meatsmith. The Pawpaw: A Southern Delicacy - Of Mice and Mountain Men Blog. I have, on several occasions, heard of a mysterious fruit called a pawpaw.

The Pawpaw: A Southern Delicacy - Of Mice and Mountain Men Blog

On each occasion it was referred to as a Southern delicacy: a fruit tree whose papaya-shaped fruit have the consistency of custard inside a tough, thin-skinned pod and a vanilla-banana flavor. Benny LaFleur holds two pawpaw fruit from his Del Rio farm. Exotic Melon Perfect For Winter Storage. Aliza Sollins Abby Cocke I discovered this beautiful trellis in one of Baltimore City’s postage-stamp sized front yards.

Exotic Melon Perfect For Winter Storage

While the melons growing up it might look like mutant cucumbers to many western gardeners, anyone familiar with Asian cuisine will recognize this delicacy as winter melon (Benincasa hispida), aka ash gourd. At maturity, winter melons develop a fine, white, waxy coating that helps protect the plant from disease during winter storage. The harvested fruit will last for several months when stored at ambient temperatures, making them a great option for gardeners who want to eat homegrown during the winter months. Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them. Related Content Fresh Storage of Produce For the past few years, we've experimented with different ways of storing food fresh and now we're e...

Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them

Here in southwest Virginia, my partner and I take pride in growing and storing most of our fruits and vegetables. Knowing where our food comes from gives us confidence in its goodness, plus we save about $5,000 a year through our gardening and food storage efforts. There is another benefit, which is the utter convenience of having a self-provisioned home. How To Pick Apples The Correct Way. Crisp air, colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, dewy grass and shorter days can only mean one thing: It’s autumn!

How To Pick Apples The Correct Way

Along with the changing of the season comes a transition into fall activities, including a favorite of farmers everywhere: apple picking! With cooler temperatures helping to ripen your apple crop, it’s time to bring out the bushel baskets, head to the orchard and start harvesting your fruit. Although it can be tempting to start grabbing apples left and right, plucking them off the branches in whichever manner is most convenient, this isn’t the best approach for the overall health of your trees and can reduce apple production for the following year. To help keep your trees in great shape and ensure steady fruit production, learn how to pick apples the correct way. Here are some tips to help you out. 1. A common method for picking apples is to simply grab hold and pull until they come off the branch, but this can be damaging to the tree and it can cause other apples to drop. How to Milk a Cow Once a Day - The Farm Barbie Blog. Owning a milk cow can be one of the most rewarding and gratifying parts of homesteading.

It is also one of the bigger undertakings on the farm. Getting a milk cow should not be taken lightly. It is a commitment. If you are interested in cow-ownership, milking, making butter, and all things dairy, but you aren't too sure about the 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. milkings every day, you have come to the right place! Prepare to be free! Chelsea Green Publishing - The Art of Natural Cheesemaking. Including more than 35 step-by-step recipes from the Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking Most DIY cheesemaking books are hard to follow, complicated, and confusing, and call for the use of packaged freeze-dried cultures, chemical additives, and expensive cheesemaking equipment.

Chelsea Green Publishing - The Art of Natural Cheesemaking

For though bread baking has its sourdough, brewing its lambic ales, and pickling its wild fermentation, standard Western cheesemaking practice today is decidedly unnatural. How to Build Your Own Root Cellar for the Fall Harvest. As we ease our way into autumn, make sure you are ready to preserve your root vegetable harvest in a soundly constructed, home storage system.

How to Build Your Own Root Cellar for the Fall Harvest

In the following excerpt from Four-Season Harvest, Eliot Coleman shares his expertise on building a successful root cellar. Dehydrating mushrooms - Great in Omelets, Soups! For Tasty Omelets and Soups!

Dehydrating mushrooms - Great in Omelets, Soups!

Dehydrating mushrooms takes special care; don't wash them as that will make them too wet ... and they are dehydrated on 2 different temperature settings, see #3 in the instructions, below. No-Pectin Peach Preserves - One Ash Farm and Dairy Homestead Blog. Wouldn't it be delicious to pop open a jar of preserves in the cold of winter and have them taste exactly like a fresh picked peach? That has been my goal this year. In the past I have always trusted the box of clear-jell or pectin that I buy in the local market. I have followed the recipes, dumping nearly a bag of sugar into each batch. Not so this peach season! Dressing & Cooking Wild Game: From Field to Table: Big Game, Small Game, Upland Birds & Waterfowl by Teresa Marrone.

National Center for Home Food Preservation. The Best 50 Flavored Oils and Vinegars by David Diresta. Onion Harvest. There is a lot to know about onions. The varieties and planting times are specific for each region, so you might want to spend some time learning the ins-and-outs about onion growing to have success. Assuming you have done that and have had an abundant harvest, here are some tips of what to do next.

If you harvested your onions when the tops were starting to bend over, but while they were still green, you are on the right track. If you put the onions in an airy place and let the tops die over the next several weeks you will have material to braid with once the tops are dry. A Quick and Easy Fruit Picker - Of Mice and Mountain Men Blog. When fall comes and my arms are not long enough to reach all the peaches, apples and pears on our trees, I turn to some homemade gadget or other to harvest that fruit. A ladder? No! Ladders are great on flat, level surfaces, but nowhere on our mountain-side property is there a flat surface: Everything is a slope of some kind, and most of our fruit trees are on a steep slope. In the past I’ve used a mini-rake with a couple of pegs in a cross-bar on the end of a stick to pull fruit down. Unless someone else was there with a catcher’s mitt, the fruit hit the ground, which bruises it. This year I saw an idea on the Internet – the photograph I saw was a Facebook repost from Pinterest.

The Bottle. Preserving Courgette Gluts For Winter. You know that feeling when you pick more courgettes towards the back end of the summer. More! Canning Pears. 1 Trick To Get Your Produce Farm-to-Table Faster and Easier - The Farm Barbie Blog. I'm going to share with you my secret of taking the hassle out of eating your own homegrown, fresh produce. Hassle, you say? Sacred Earth - Foraging: Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) Foraging Evening Primrose Autumn - my favourite foraging time. How to Cook Duck Eggs. Related Content.

Aged, Raw Milk Cheese, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, School, and More! This Paper Keeps It Fresh. By Modern Farmer on February 19, 2015 U.S. -born Kavita Shukla first visited her grandmother in India when she was 12 years old. Make Your Own Fermented Foods That Are Packed with Healthy Probiotics! Naturally Cultured & Fermented Beverages. How to Customize Your Root Cellar Storage. Grinding Grain Makes the Best Bread - Farm and Garden. In a quest for healthier, tastier eating, many folks have returned to the art of baking bread. What they don’t realize is that they go to all that trouble to get good flavor with flour that may be a bit short on nutrients when compared with the wheat it’s been milled from. That’s right — depending on the type, flour can lose up to 45 percent of its nutrients through oxidation within the first 24 hours of milling, and 90 percent within the first three days.

22 Foods You Can Store in Root Cellars. Upcoming Webinar Next Week: Root Cellaring with David Cavagnaro. How to Brine Your Own Olives. Move Over Squirrels, It's Acorn Harvesting Time. How To: Stock a Cellar. 10 Easy Beginner Cheeses. Infographic: Measurement Chart for Produce Preservation. Infographic: The Meat Makers. 7 Easy Steps for Fermenting Vegetables. Food Drying with an Attitude: A Fun and Fabulous Guide to Creating Snacks, Meals, and Crafts by Mary T. Bell. The Busy Person's Guide to Preserving Food: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Freezing, Drying, and Canning by Janet Chadwick. The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest: 150 Recipes for Freezing, Canning, Drying and Pickling Fruits and Vegetables by Carol W. Costenbader. 7 New Ways to Preserve Squash. Recipe: Ginger Beer. Yogurt Making - Farm Fresh and Frugal Blog. Recipe: Pumpkin Pickles. Meadows Stone Burr Mills and Related Products.

Using a Grain Mill: When You Own a Corona - Modern Homesteading. WonderMill Grain Mill & Wonder Junior Wheat Grinder. The Cheesemaker's Apprentice: An Insider's Guide to the Art and Craft of Homemade Artisan Cheese, Taught by the Masters by Sasha Davies. Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking: The Ultimate Guide for Home-Scale and Market Producer by Gianaclis Caldwell.

The Joy of Cheesemaking by Jody Farnham. Synergy Kombucha Returns, Podcast with GT Dave ~ Kombucha Kamp. 12 Foods You Need to Dry. Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival: The Essential Guide for Family Preparedness by Angela Paskett. 10 Ideas for Keeping Cultures Warm this Season. Root Washer. The Meadow Creature(r) Avalon(tm) Cider Press.  /  AFFORDABLE FOOT-POWERED WHEAT THRESHER. Kombucha 2000-Kombucha Tea & Cultures-Mushrooms. SCOBY Hotel – VIDEO QUICK TIP! 11 Varieties of Yogurt Starter and How to Choose. Make Your Own Sourdough Starter. The Problem is Abundance; the Solution is Abundance of Ferments! Secrets of Kombucha Mushroom Tea by The Kombucha Mamma. Secrets of Kombucha Mushroom Tea by The Kombucha Mamma. Secrets of Kombucha Mushroom Tea by The Kombucha Mamma. Preserve Your Greens for Healthy Eating All Year Round. Harvesting & Preserving by the Moon. Kombucha Culture, starter kits, info. How to Make Gelatin From Animal Bones.

Tea, Recipe, SCOBY, Benefits, What is, How to Make. Fermentation Crock, Cultures, airlock lids. Tomato Powder: How to Make & Use Powder from Dried Tomatoes. Dehydrating Okra (with an Okra Snack Recipe) Dehydrate Your Way to Green Powder. The Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, and Nursery Stock USDA Guide. 12 Artful Displays of Vegetables. Solar Cookers, Ovens, and Food Dryers. Survival Manual - How To Pectin For Jellies. Putting Food By: Fifth Edition by Ruth Hertzberg. Making Wild Wines & Meads: 125 Unusual Recipes Using Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & More by Pattie Vargas.

Kitchen equipment, recipes

The Food Substitutions Bible: More than 6,500 Substitutions for Ingredients, Equipment & Techniques by David Joachim. The Complete Guide to Your New Root Cellar: How to Build an Underground Root Cellar and Use It for Natural Storage of Fruits and Vegetables by Julie Fryer. The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes by Steve Maxwell. Independence Days: A Guide to Sustainable Food Storage & Preservation by Sharon Astyk.

SOLAR COOKING RECIPES. P-2844-lehmans-own-hand-cranked-grain-mill. Dry it-You'LL Like it by Gen MacManiman. Sun Solar Cooking: How to Solar Cook like a Professional using Fail-Proof, Guaranteed Solar Cooking Strategies by Lee Elliott. SOLAR COOKING: DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOLAR COOKERS THE PROS AND CONS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOLAR COOKERS AND WHAT WILL WORK BEST FOR YOU by Lee Elliott. Cooking with Sunshine: The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine with 150 Easy Sun-Cooked Recipes by Lorraine Anderson. Solar Cooking for Home & Camp by Linda Frederick Yaffe. The Sunny Side of Cooking - Solar cooking and other ecologically friendly cooking methods for the 21st century by Lisa Rayner. The Solar Food Dryer: How to Make and Use Your Own Low-Cost, High Performance, Sun-Powered Food Dehydrator by Eben V. Fodor. Accessories - Solar Cookers International.

Solar Cooking.