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Very Short List. The Dummy Guide To Cold Wave. Bayside Branch > Home. Latest Songs From MP3 & Music Blogs / The Hype Machine. Core Sound — Comparison of Portable Digital Audio Recorders. (Last updated 06/08/2007) Under Construction Introduction The latest models of handheld and portable two-channel audio recorders use removable solid state memory (e.g., Compact Flash, Secure Digital), hard disk cards (PCMCIA/PC Card, Microdrive) and internal hard drives for storage instead of tape (e.g., DAT) or rotating optical disks (e.g., MiniDisc, CD-R, DVD-R).

Core Sound — Comparison of Portable Digital Audio Recorders

They are: All of these recorders are starting to get popular for concert and general high-resolution audio field recording. One exception is the Apple iPod Video 5G. In addition, Sound Devices has released their 722 recorder. In addition to these recorders, there are other recorders that also use removable solid state and hard disk storage media, but since those recorders are primarily targeted at the broadcast/electronic news gathering world and are not high-resolution audio recorders, we won't include them in this comparison. We've included notes about the low cost Zoom H4 recorder at the end of this comparison. Back to top Weight.

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Ricci Adams' Odd Sounds - Resources for experimental, electronic, avant-garde, unusual, off-beat and funny music and sound. Resources for Experimental, Electronic, Avant-Garde, Off-Beat, Unusual & Funny Music and Sound on the Internet History, Information, Interviews, Etc.

Odd Sounds - Resources for experimental, electronic, avant-garde, unusual, off-beat and funny music and sound.

Resources Artist Websites, Internet Record Labels, Music Websites It's not our goal to list every single music website on the internet, or even every indie website there is, but to provide a listing of websites that have significant information or content about experimental, electronic, avant-garde, unusual, off-beat & funny music and audio. If you know of a site that should be listed, then please contact us.

Horrorfind Banner Exchange Halloween Exchange NeverEnding Halloween Banner Exchange - 10,000 Free Impressions! RockBottom Web Design's Artist's Free Banner Exchange. Vince Clarke Music - Video. Opinion - Measure for Measure Blog. I recently played a show where I did something I hadn’t done in years: I performed songs by the band I founded, sang for and became quasi-famous in — Soul Coughing, I put together Soul Coughing in the older, dirtier East Village, in 1992.

Opinion - Measure for Measure Blog

We eventually recorded three albums for Warner Bros., and a few of our songs made it onto MTV. Behind that success, though, the band was a dark marriage that, among other things, solidified my enthusiasm for drugs. To multiply my unhappiness, I signed away — to my older bandmates — the rights to the music I’d written. When I finally left the band, I got clean and spent the next few years driving alone around the continent playing solo acoustic shows — 9,000 miles on my first tour, in 2000. Acting upon a suggestion from the legendary New York Dolls frontman David Johansen — “Have you ever written a song that’s like, ‘Oh, booze, how I loved you, booze?’”

I’m going to try. Make your own Ringtones! A Ringtone Maker.

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Music Streaming. Music Review & News. Electronic Music Technique Resources. The original website of strange and wonderful album covers. Urs Heckmann. Modulate This! - A Blog for Electronic Music Artists: U-He Zebra 2.5. I’m just now getting around to experimenting with some of the new features in Zebra 2.5 which was released in December.

Modulate This! - A Blog for Electronic Music Artists: U-He Zebra 2.5

A couple of big new features worth noting are: New effect plugin Zebrify that allows you to use Zebra 2.5 effects on any synth. In the picture above (click to enlarge) I’m using it to add effects to U-HE ACE but it would work with any device. I love the idea of mixing FX from one synth with sound sources from another. XMF Filter module with 15 filter types Improved preset management (Favorites, Junk, drag'n'drop organisation, collapsible folders) Unlimited undo/redo for parameter New "SR Decimate" filter mode 100+ new presets by Howard Scarr ModMatrix now supports up to 12 slots Glide2 parameter which offsets Glide for modules with an even number (Osc2, Osc4, FMO2 etc.)

Bottom line, the new features take an already fantastic and classic synth and improve it allow for even more sonic possibilities. Watch embedded video. Links: Synth Britannia on You Tube. Ableton Live Home. Blip Drums Electronic Drum Samples.