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Mini Lesson Forest Fires

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How To Make A YouTube Video Part 1. Ethics in Video Production by on Prezi. Global Forest Watch Fires. Current Wildfire Situation - BC Wildfire Service - Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations - Province of British Columbia. Globalincidentmap. Filming a Raging Forest Fire. Forest Fires are essential to some ecosystems. Fires play an important role in the natural changes that occur in Earth's ecosystems.

Forest Fires are essential to some ecosystems

The diversity of plant and animal life in the world's forests, prairies, and wetlands is (partly) dependent on the effects of fire; in fact, some plants cannot reproduce without fire (fire breaks open the outside coating of some seeds and stimulates germination). What may at first look like total devastation soon becomes a panorama of new life. Fire initiates critical natural processes by breaking down organic matter into soil nutrients. Rain then moves these nutrients back into the soil providing a rejuvenated fertile seedbed for plants. With less competition and more sunlight, seedlings grow more quickly. Fire behaviour. Fire behaviour refers to the manner in which fuel ignites, flame develops and fire spreads.

Fire behaviour

In wildland fires, this behaviour is influenced by how fuels (such as needles, leaves and twigs), weather and topography interact. Once a fire starts, it will continue burning only if heat, oxygen and more fuel are present. Together, these three elements are said to make up the “fire triangle.” To put out a fire requires eliminating one or more of the fire triangle’s elements. Firefighters work to do that by: