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Free e-Book: Web UI Design for the Human Eye. Long before the Internet, scientists have been unraveling the mysteries and peculiarities of human sight.

Free e-Book: Web UI Design for the Human Eye

As a visual medium, web design has only to gain from their discoveries. Aside from simply knowing their craft, designers can mine a variety of practical applications from the study of human sight. In the realm of visual hierarchy alone, knowing how to implement size, spacing, and contrast can influence the order elements are seen and the how important they appear. Colors, too, are a powerful tool in the hands of those that use them. With each color evoking different feelings (orange for playfulness, blue for trust, etc.), designers can quantitatively construct the right emotional atmosphere for their project. Source: Fanta UXPin collects the most helpful resources on human sight for web design, and compiled them into their e-book series Web UI Design for the Human Eye. It’s not enough that people see your site — what matter is how they see your site. Substance Share « The Free Exchange Platform »

3DMe Ghostbusters figurines. Zoomquilt2.


Faisons connaissance avec l'interface. Après avoir lancé Blender, vous devrez sans doute attendre quelques secondes avant que le logiciel n'apparaisse à l'écran.

Faisons connaissance avec l'interface

Ne nous plaignons pas, certains logiciels 3D commerciaux mettent plus de 30 secondes pour la même opération. Une petite image apparaît au centre de votre écran, il s'agit du splash screen (voir la figure suivante). Ce petit écran est présent pour nous souhaiter la bienvenue dans Blender ainsi que pour nous indiquer plusieurs informations : Blender gratuit, formations Blender gratuite sur TUTO.COM.

Sketchfab, le "YouTube du fichier 3D", mise sur la réalité virtuelle. Complex dynamics of beer pong. Complex dynamics of beer pong By Matt Bierbaum Fractals, singularities, and drinking We all know that the game of beer pong is relatively simple in terms of physics.

Complex dynamics of beer pong

What this post presupposes is: maybe it isn't? Before I even begin, I'd like to say that if you are looking for pretty pictures and advice, skip to Optimal aiming or Beerpong fractals. CREATING A MAP FOR YOUR FANTASY NOVEL. An ongoing trend for fiction and fantasy novels is having a map for the reader to follow along with, just after the title page in the book.


It is also very helpful for the author and the development of their fictional world. When I first started writing my young adult fantasy novel, MER, I was like “A map seems way too difficult.” But I REALLY wanted one. And despite my inhibitions, I dove in head first. Design and publish beautiful maps. Cambrian Moons: Home.

RPG Locations - Exterior on Pinterest. Suicidator City Generator Alternatives and Similar Games. Keith Thompson Art. Characters 3D Models - Free 3D Characters download. Faire un jeu HTML5 3D (WebGL) avec des logiciels libres #javascript. PICTURE TO ASCII CONVERT - PICASCII. Bon Plan - Télécharger gratuitement le logiciel DAZ 3D. Helionis - refueling spaceship by Obey-art on deviantART. Galaxy. FleshComputer, entre chaire et numérique.

Vimeo est décidément une plateforme que j’apprécie au travers de sa ligne éditoriale et de la qualité de ses vidéos.

FleshComputer, entre chaire et numérique.

Ce court métrage de science-fiction en est un bon exemple. Intitulé FleshComputer, ce film retrace le parcours d’un homme dans une grande société de cybernétique. Brouillant les frontières entre l’homme et la machine, FleshComputer est un étrange mélange des genres qui nous plonge dans une esthétique cyberpunk. Pour la petite histoire, ce court-métrage est signé par Ethan Shaftel, auteur et réalisateur. Ethan est quelqu’un qui travaille sur sur la nature de la conscience et de ses différents points de vue. source. Tutorial: creating spaceship models with Shipwright and Blender. Space tourism closer as Virgin Galactic nears lift off. 31 March 2011Last updated at 00:18 By Richard Scott Transport correspondent, BBC News, in the Mojave Desert The BBC's Richard Scott is the first journalist to be allowed inside the Virgin Galactic spaceship In the Mojave Desert, a hundred miles north of Los Angeles, engineers are working on a project which could bring space travel to the general public a little bit closer.

Space tourism closer as Virgin Galactic nears lift off

In a non-descript beige hangar sits the Virgin Galactic spaceship. The company is hoping it will be ready to take paying customers into space within a couple of years. I visited to see how the work was going - and to be the first journalist to report from inside the spaceship. After climbing through a small hole almost underneath the spaceship, it's clear there's still work to be done. There are bare walls with wires and there aren't any seats yet. All along the spaceship's cabin are windows - some to the sides, others in the roof. Article-so-you-want-to-be-a-speculative-spaceship-designer. I have been drawing spaceships for over 30 years.


In that time, I have talked with many fellow spaceship artists and science fiction art lovers about what is involved in designing a fictional spaceship. I have read lots of science fiction resolving around space travel, and perused many books and articles about real and imagined spaceflight. 10 steps to creating a spaceship in 3D. Designing a spaceship, if we're honest, is the reason a lot of us got into 3D.

10 steps to creating a spaceship in 3D

I know I did, as unfortunately I didn't have the sticking power at physics to become a real rocket scientist. Making a spaceship is pretty easy, I could drop a cube into my 3D model, and tell you it was an alien battle cruiser from the planet 'spot', and that would be that. Making a good spaceship is the hard part. Inventing a spacecraft that people really believe exists and has an identifiable purpose, and above all looks 'cool', is where your talent and artistry comes into play.