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Credit. Angel investing, my first three years. I started investing in startups with the assumption that I don't know what I'm doing (which is always true), but that the only way to actually learn anything is through experience.

Angel investing, my first three years

Therefore, my goal was to invest in a variety of startups, learn from the experience, help some startups, and hopefully not lose too much money while doing so. I don't have any single criterion for investing. Sometimes, the idea seems good, sometimes the people seem good, and other times I'm just curious to see what will happen. No matter what though, I want to be helpful and learn something interesting from the experience. I've definitely learned a lot, but the recent Heroku acquisition (for a reported $212 million) made me wonder if I've also reached the point of "not losing too much money", so I did the math. Warren Buffett to CNBC: U.S. Economy In "Shambles" .. No Signs of Recovery Yet - Warren Buffett Watch - 15 Excellent Web Apps For Managing Your Personal Finances - Dumb Little Man. I’m sure I won’t be exaggerating if I say that the effective management of your personal finances is a major key to reduced stress and increased happiness.

15 Excellent Web Apps For Managing Your Personal Finances - Dumb Little Man

While I am no finance wizard, common sense tells me that keeping an eye on the incoming and outgoing money is always beneficial. Since personal finance is a lucrative business, the internet has spawned upon a huge number of web apps that try to help you manage your money. I decided to check out a bunch of them and pick 15 such tools which seem good at implementing what they promise. If you have a system that works today, keep it. However, if you are constantly wondering where your last $100 went, it’s time to start tracking a little.