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What children’s skulls look like as they prepare to lose their baby teeth. The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain. Dear Internet: We have to admit something -- we've been getting kinda cocky, recently.

The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain

Whether we're explaining the phenomenon of alien abduction, debunking every textbook ever or doing some third thing, we've been spending a lot of time acting like we have all the answers. And it's started to go to our heads. But that all changes now. If unsolved mysteries are good enough for Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, then by golly, they're good enough for us.

So, in apology for our hubris, please enjoy this Cracked Classic, as well as these similar articles about unsolved mysteries and also that one article where we solved a bunch of mysteries no one else could 'cause we're so smart and dammit, we're doing it again. Apple computer was founded on april fools day. Mental_floss Blog » 4 Bizarre Experiments That Should Never Be Repeated.

By Megan Wilde 1.

mental_floss Blog » 4 Bizarre Experiments That Should Never Be Repeated

The Real World: Mental Hospital Edition This is the true story of three schizophrenics, who all believed they were Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long before they stopped being polite and started getting real crazy. In 1959, social psychologist Milton Rokeach wanted to test the strength of self-delusion. Rokeach hoped the Christs would give up their delusional identities after confronting others who claimed to be the same person. Unable to turn the other cheek, the three Christs often argued until punches were thrown. But the behavior of the schizophrenics isn’t even the most bizarre part. As part of the experiment, the psychologist wanted to see just how entrenched each man’s delusions were.

At the end of their two-year stay, each man still believed he was the one and only son of God. 2. In 1963, Dr. Delgado was among a small group of researchers developing a new type of electroshock therapy. The Size Of Our World. David Gallo shows underwater astonishments. HistoryLesson. Learn about the New World Order's attempt to censor world history. Learn about the New World Order's attempt to censor world history releasethebonds: A variety of books are being banned in schools and libraries across the US for being too political, having too much sex or being irreligious, and socially offensive.

Learn about the New World Order's attempt to censor world history

Many of the books have been considered classics. To name a few; Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Animal Farm, The Diary of Anne Frank, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Scarlet Letter, The Grapes of Wrath, Catcher In The Rye, The Biography of Benjamin Franklin, A Farewell To Arms. 5 facts that everyone should know. The Parasitic Twin. Eight-year-old Indian boy Deepak Kumar Paswaan was born with body parts of his twin attached to the chest. The phenomenon, also known as "conjoined twin syndrome" or "vanishing twin syndrome" occurs when twin fetuses don't completely separate in utero. One ceases to develop and becomes absorbed into the healthy fetus. The undeveloped twin is called parasitic because it is dependent on the body functions of the healthy twin to live. Deepak was called "octopus boy" by some of the locals and was even accused of being the devil in a human body.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of some volunteers, enough money was raised to have the parasitic twin removed. Exclusive: Inside the mad world of Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. With his flamboyant pompadour hairdo, sharp suits and stack heels, you can't exactly miss Kim Jong-il.

Exclusive: Inside the mad world of Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il

So his absence from North Korea's birthday celebrations was never going to go unnoticed. The Dear Leader - as his downtrodden people call him, through gritted teeth - failed to turn up for this week's mass rallies in honour of the communist state's 60th anniversary. It sparked rumours that 5ft 3ins Kim, 67, was seriously ill and recovering from a stroke - reports that were swiftly denied by North Korean officials. And it fuelled speculation as to who would step into his specially-elevated shoes. Even more bizarrely, a professor at Tokyo's Waseda University reckons that Kim isn't just feeling a bit poorly - he's pushing up daisies. Toshimitsu Shigemurahe reckons he died from diabetes five years ago and has been replaced by a lookalike impersonator ever since. 7 Modern Dictators Way Crazier Than You Thought Possible. History is loaded with power-hungry dickweeds who rule over their countries' fearful populations like the Predator in a laser tag match.

7 Modern Dictators Way Crazier Than You Thought Possible

Oftentimes these people are infamous not just for their cruelty, but also for their bafflingly insane and self-indulgent antics. Francois Duvalier -- President for Life of Haiti Also known as "Papa Doc," Francois Duvalier was President for Life of Haiti until 1971. Among other things, Papa Doc claimed to be the Voodoo spirit of death, Baron Samedi. This kind of hubris is exactly what you want in your elected officials. Baron Samedi, in terms we all understand. Well, who are we to mock someone based on his religion?

Sometimes evil looks like a high school principal. But after a heart attack plunged him into a nine-hour coma in 1959 that left him with massive brain damage, things kind of went downhill.