Tools & Resources for Info Gathering & Mgmt

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Regardless of how many sub-categories one develops for a grouping such as these, at the end of the day, it's about "information management."

For my purposes here, "information management" includes the tools and resources we use to identify, collect, store, and retrieve data relevant to a given topic or project. For pearling purposes, that information may be textual, contextual, audio, video or some combination of multi-media.

This is a large and dynamic grouping of pearls. There may be considerable overlap here with other of my pearltrees. Mar 18

Bookmarking, Annot/Archiving, Curating Tools

Search Engines, Online Research & Curated Content

Capturing, Sharing & Presenting Info

Browsers & Operating Systems

Collaboration Tools

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Collaborative lists, collect and organize information: Knowcase

Collaborative lists, collect and organize information: Knowcase
Home & Start Pages

Favorite Web 2.0 Tools

Audio Video Tools & Resources

Backup & Saving Tools

RSS Feeds & News Aggregators

Note Taking, List Making, Task Mgmt

Calenders Reminders & Organizers

Document Prep Storage & Transfer (incl. PDFs)

Digital Resources