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I am a #teacher as well as #learner. I enjoy #blogging and #creativewriting. I love all kinds of #information and believe in #lifelonglearning. I consider myself a #searchengine geek, a #techy, savvy about #digitalmedia #webdesign #graphicarts, especially in terms of using such skills in teaching, learning and conveying our ideas and emotions. I hope to be a positive #influencer on you through use of this most #innovative #webapp

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  1. thecyberesq Sep 3 2012
    Welcome to TheCyberEsq: Online Tech Tools & Resources. I am a retired lawyer, teacher, researcher, writer, tech enthusiast and existentialist-type learning architect. I author or contribute to a number of blogs, particularly in the areas of tech & society ethics, legal tech and education tech. I also have some armchair skills in web/graphic design and digital media, so I am an avid photographer and design/administer some fledgling sites for myself and a few friends. My sites and online activities are devoted to a wide variety of topics, reflecting my interest in all things knowable and worth knowing. I am always interested in collaborating, partnering or working with others who share similar interests or those bring something knew to life's learning laboratory. If you would like to learn more about me, I invite you to start with my two main online profiles: CyberEsq on Goolge+: AquarianByDesign on Google+: