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Jesus & Mary Magdalene

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The Chalice of Magdalene – Is this the Holy Grail? On January 12th this year BBC News ran a story concerning Mary Magdalene, the woman depicted as a close companion of Jesus in the New Testament.

The Chalice of Magdalene – Is this the Holy Grail?

The Vatican has elevated her status amongst the saints to equal that of Jesus’ male disciples, and a major new movie about her life, staring Rooney Mara ( The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ), is soon to be released. Most people will be familiar with this biblical character thanks to novelist Dan Brown, who suggests that she was Jesus’ wife. The Church, of course, vehemently denies such a notion, and it is certainly not found anywhere in the Bible. Super Bowl 50: Illuminati Ritual of Alchemy, HELTER SKELTER, and the Rosy Cross. The Shroud of Turin: Proof of the Resurrection. The Shroud of Turin: Proof of the Resurrection Various Articles and Sources homepage The Messenger of At.

The Shroud of Turin: Proof of the Resurrection

Anthony Feb 1998 After its miraculous ‘escape’ from a fire in Turin Cathedral last April, the Shroud, venerated as a relic of Jesus, has started to reveal its mysteries – and they don’t fail to astonish. Then sit comfortably in your armchair, take a deep breath, and read carefully what Dr. As a scientific researcher specialising in early Christian archaeology, Dr. Messenger: How can we be sure that the photograph which shows a negative image of Christ’s face isn’t just a fake?

Dr. At the time, some people insinuated that Pia’s photographs had been ‘doctored’, suggestions which caused this man a great deal of suffering. The Shroud was subsequently photographed many times, right up to the first colour shots taken by Judica-Cordiglia and the three-dimensional images obtained with the Interpretation System VP8 Image Analyser. No. A third fire? For example: Absolutely! Jesus Married Mary Magdalene And Had Kids, Controversial Researcher Simcha Jacobovici Claims.

LONDON (AP) - A researcher who has attracted attention and criticism with his revisionist Biblical theories says he has found new evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and that early Christians considered her a deity.

Jesus Married Mary Magdalene And Had Kids, Controversial Researcher Simcha Jacobovici Claims

Canadian-Israeli documentary-maker Simcha Jacobovici says an ancient manuscript in the British Library offers a glimpse at an early version of Christianity radically different from the faith practiced today. "This shows that Mary Magdalene really got ripped off" in mainstream Christian theology, Jacobovici said Wednesday at the launch of "The Lost Gospel," a book co-authored with York University religious studies Professor Barrie Wilson. But many religious scholars are skeptical about the latest addition to the crowded field of Biblical conspiracy theories.

History of the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin: recent photo of the face, positive left, negative right.

History of the Shroud of Turin

Negative has been contrast enhanced. The historical records for the Shroud of Turin can be separated into two time periods: before 1390 and from 1390 to the present. The period until 1390 is subject to debate and controversy among historians. Prior to the 14th century there are some allegedly congruent but controversial references such as the Pray Codex. It is often mentioned that the first certain historical record dates from 1353 or 1357.[1][2] However the presence of the Turin Shroud in Lirey, France, is only undoubtedly attested in 1390 when Bishop Pierre d'Arcis wrote a memorandum where he charged that the Shroud was a forgery.[3] The history from the 15th century to the present is well documented. 'Wife of Jesus' reference in Coptic 4th Century script. 19 September 2012Last updated at 09:41 ET Continue reading the main story Jesus said to them, 'My wife ....'.

'Wife of Jesus' reference in Coptic 4th Century script

An ancient scrap of papyrus makes explicit reference to Jesus having a wife, according to a renowned expert in Christian history. Harvard divinity professor Karen King unveiled the 4th-Century Coptic script at a conference in Rome. She said researchers had identified the words "Jesus said to them, 'my wife'", which might refer to Mary Magdalene. Christian tradition holds that Jesus did not marry - but Prof King said in early years it was subject to debate. The provocative find could spark debate over celibacy and the role of women within Christianity, she added.

But the announcement sparked scepticism from some theologians.