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Francis Bacon

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THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages. Cosmic Convergence Research Group The Hidden Connections between the Elizabethan Court led by Sir Francis Bacon, the Founding Fathers of the American Republic guided by Comte de Saint Germain, and the Kremlin Leaders Assembled by Russian President Vladimir Putin This is a story which spans the entirety of the 6000 yearlong Kali Yuga.

THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages

Also known as the Age of Quarrel, which began with the Mayan Long Count Calendar in approximately 3113 B.C.E., the Kali Yuga is analogous to the present Iron Age. The true history of the current era, which is defined by so many epic wars and longstanding conflicts, is not only very protracted and extremely complex, many of the most important events and personages lie deeply hidden in its murky past. There are several significant threads interwoven throughout this multi-millennial saga which graphically portray our current Age of Conflict.

Queen Elizabeth. Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1. Yes, you read correctly.

Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1

The "Authorised" Bible, King James Bible, the one that almost all churches read... has been re-written by a Knight Templar/Rosicrucian. Many people, including Catholics, believe that the true Bible to follow is the KJB. However, that is very much not so. Many had suspicions about the Bible having been changed over the years from the original Greek, Hebrew, and Latin Bibles and related books, to a more dictactorial version. Well, according to one source, the suspicions would reveal to be true.

King James I It was the ‘wisest fool in Christendom’, King James I, who ‘authorised’ the translation and publication of the first Protestant version of the Bible into English. Now this is interesting, for the religions of Rosicrucians and the O.T.O. But it gets better. He personally recorded that, while in Paris, he created a secret cipher system that could be inserted into a document without arousing suspicion. He personally recorded being initiated as a Knight Templar. “L’immortel Chancelier d’Angleterre” : Francis Bacon, Memory and Method. Texte intégral 1 “Commentary on On Memory and Recollection,” in St.

“L’immortel Chancelier d’Angleterre” : Francis Bacon, Memory and Method

Thomas Aquinas, Commentaries on Aristotle’s On S (...) “The role of prudence is to direct the prudent man to do what ought to be done by considering not only the present but also the past. This is why Cicero sets down as the parts of prudence not only foresight, through which future things are attended to, but also understanding, through which present things are considered, and memory, through which past things are apprehended. [...] there can be a science about future contingents inasmuch as some sciences know that there may be inclinations to such-and-such effects. In this sense, there is a natural science dealing with things subject to generation and corruption.

The Philosophy of Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon Research Trust. Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1. Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Roscrucians. Index Previous Next p. 165 THE present consideration of the Bacon--Shakspere--Rosicrucian controversy is undertaken not for the vain purpose of digging up dead men's bones but rather in the hope that a critical analysis will aid in the rediscovery of that knowledge lost to the world since the oracles were silenced.

Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Roscrucians

It was W. F. C. Francis Bacon Research Trust. “Praise is not confined to the qualities of his intellect, but applies as well to those which are matters of the heart, the will and moral virtue… having all the thoughts of that large heart of his set upon adorning the age in which he lives, and benefiting, as far as possible, the whole human race.”

Francis Bacon Research Trust

Sir Tobie Matthew: Dedicatory Letter, Saggi Morali del Signore Francesco Bacono – 1617 The following is a small sample selection of tributes that provide insights into the character of Francis Bacon by his contemporaries who knew him well. Not only do they describe his immensely loving nature, outstanding genius, witty humour and extraordinary range of talents, but also some of them openly hint at his secret work, particularly as a poet-playwright.

For a more comprehensive selection together with comments and context, please see the information paper, ‘Tributes to Sir Francis Bacon’. Sir Tobie Matthew, Dedicatory Letter, Saggi Morali del Signore Francesco Bacono (1617).[1] R. 1. Francis Bacon Research Trust. “Next unto God, Love is the Cause of Causes, itself without any Cause.”

Francis Bacon Research Trust

Francis Bacon: Cupid and Coelum, On Principles and Origins As a philosopher, Francis Bacon was likened to three famous "ancient" philosophers, Hermes, Plato and Solomon.He also referred to himself as the “herald of a new time”—a time of paradise on earth, ushered in by the “last ages” when “the thorough passage of the world and the advancement of the sciences are destined by fate, that is, by Divine Providence, to meet in the same age”.(1) In this statement Bacon seems to deliberately associate himself with Elias the Artist whom Paracelsus prophesied would appear to the world at the time of the celestial events of 1602-4 and usher in an era of enlightenment.

These associations act as gateways to a better understanding of Bacon and his philosophy. Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1. Sir Francis Bacon, who was William Tudor, who was William Shakespeare. Shakespeare Creator of Freemasonry. Is the title of an incredible book by Alfred Dodd that reveals incontestably proof that the Great Shakespeare Folio of 1623 are saturated in Masonry, and that William Shakespeare was not only a Freemason, but no less than the founder of the Fraternity himself!

Shakespeare Creator of Freemasonry

The book is a straightforward compilation of specific statements from the pen of the Author of the Shakespeare Plays, that constitute to definite evidence that Modern Freemasonry was known to him and that he employed Masonic imagery and symbolism in his Works. Circumstantial evidence is brought to show that he must have sat in many a Speculative Lodge and participated in its Rites. Many naive Freemasons believe that Freemasonry with its 'Three Degrees' was created by Freemasons Dr James Anderson and Desaguliers form the Rite of the One Degree from 1717 -23-38. It said; "The 1717-Theory" is no longer tenable in view of the evidence that the Elizabethan Brethren "moralised on Tools and spiritualised Temples" in 1589. Dr. Hiram Abiff. What's in a Name. The Missing Head of Bacon. Francis Bacon Research Trust.

“I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead.

Francis Bacon Research Trust

It will be seen amidst the erection of tombs, theatres, foundations, temples, of orders and fraternities for nobility and obedience.” Francis Bacon: Advancement of Learning, Bk II – 1605 Francis Bacon’s statement quoted above should be taken seriously. First of all he says that the light that he has held up will be seen centuries after he is dead (he died in 1626), which suggests two things: either that it will be seen for many centuries, or that it won’t be seen until after many centuries are past. Francis Bacon Research Trust. “In short, all that were great and good loved and honoured him.”

Francis Bacon Research Trust

John Aubrey, Brief Lives – 1680-93 Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam of Verulam, Viscount Saint Alban (1561-1626), was a man of mystery. On the one hand a great deal is known about him from letters and writings, and various other sources. On the other hand there is a great deal about him that is veiled and hard to discover. Tributes to Sir Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon - Scientist, Lawyer. Francis Bacon was an English Renaissance statesman and philosopher, best known for his promotion of the scientific method.

Francis Bacon - Scientist, Lawyer

Synopsis Francis Bacon was born on January 22, 1561 in London, England. Bacon served as attorney general and Lord Chancellor of England, resigning amid charges of corruption. His more valuable work was philosophical. Home. Six Degrees of Francis Bacon. Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning Bacon is Shakespeare : Discover England's Theatre Genius. A rose by any other name....would be known to Shakespeare. The playwright not only spent time in the fields around his Stratford-upon-Avon home, she said, but also shows evidence of studying the latest botanical texts in his spare time in London.

Margaret Willes, a writer who specialises in gardens, has now identified 49 of the specific flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs used in Shakespeare’s plays, pointing out the in-depth knowledge he must have had. Saying she had been “deeply impressed” at level of understanding of the natural world in the plays, she argued the frequent references to plants in the Bard’s works are not “mere literary devices”, but take the reader “to the very heart of social life in Elizabethan and Jacobean England”.

Her new book, A Shakespearean Botanical, uses documents held in Oxford University’s Bodleian Library to cross reference each mention of a plant in the plays and two poems, The Rape of Lucrece and Venus and Adonis, with what Shakespeare’s contemporaries would have known about plants. The specimens include: Apple: Sir Francis Bacon. While Renaissance men were rapidly expanding all the frontiers of knowledge—in geography, philosophy, medicine and astronomy—Sir Francis Bacon was devising a deductive system for empirical research which has earned him the title "the Father of Modern Science.

" Most scientists today still owe him a debt of gratitude. They repay this debt by giving his capsule biography in almost every text for high-school or college-level courses in most branches of science. But they carefully avoid mentioning that he was gay. Bacon did not marry until the late age of forty-eight, and contemporary figures relate that he was by preference homosexual. John Aubrey in his Brief Lives says quite bluntly that Bacon "was a pederast" and had "ganimeds and favourites" ("pederast" in Renaissance diction meant generally "homosexual" rather than specifically a lover of minors; "ganimed" of course derives from the mythical prince abducted by Zeus to be his cup-bearer and bed-warmer.)

That Bloody Percy. Here's a helpful map of Francis Bacon's social network. Francis Bacon had a posse, and Six Degrees of Francis Bacon is here to help you learn about them. Six Degrees of Francis Bacon is a map of “who knew whom in early Modern Britain,” as the dry, but informative, introductory video puts it. It’s centered around the philosopher, scientist, and political figure Francis Bacon (1561-1626) because Bacon knew a lot of important people, and was connected to even more, from Queen Elizabeth I to King James Stuart I.

The map of Francis Bacon’s connections is as vast as film actor Kevin Bacon’s. It looks like this: The project, which is collaborative (i.e. anyone can offer suggestions for changes), has been available in a beta version since September last year, though it’s existed in some form for a couple years now. A social network map is nothing new, but this one is kind of a lovely way to look at history. The project has its kinks. My second criticism: I’m not sure it goes six degrees from Bacon. Sir Francis Bacon. Baconian Evidence for Shakespeare Authorship. Sir Francis Bacon Meets The New Advancement of Learning. Sir Francis Bacon Meets The New Advancement of Learning. Quest of the Ages - Sir Francis Bacon.

"I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience — the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capitol or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after he model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed. " -- Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II. Sir Francis Bacon, 22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626 Sir Francis Bacon was a Utopian at heart who hoped to enlighten religion and increase education and the knowledge of science and thereby create the New JerUSAlem.

"The quest for gold brought to light many useful inventions and advanced society in innumerable ways. " -- Sir Francis Bacon Dr. "Dr. Bacon Shaker. Heraldry (and other) Observations Within the Play "Hamlet"and the 1623 FF of plays By Francis Bacon West Seattle, Washington May 24, 2001Updated December 14, 2011 "Though this be madness, yet there is method in it. " – Hamlet. Sebastian Mateiescu.pdf. Occult theories about Francis Bacon. Secret societies[edit] Francis Bacon often gathered with the men at Gray's Inn to discuss politics and philosophy, and to try out various theatrical scenes that he admitted writing.[1] Bacon's alleged connection to the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons has been widely discussed by authors and scholars in many books.[2] However others, including Daphne du Maurier (in her biography of Bacon), have argued there is no substantive evidence to support claims of involvement with the Rosicrucians.[3] Historian Dame Frances Yates[4] does not make the claim that Bacon was a Rosicrucian, but presents evidence that he was nevertheless involved in some of the more closed intellectual movements of his day.

The Essays by Francis Bacon. What is truth? Said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer. Certainly there be, that delight in giddiness, and count it a bondage to fix a belief; affecting free-will in thinking, as well as in acting. Ambac 2b. Francis Bacon. Did Sir Francis Bacon edit the King James Bible? Sir Francis Bacon, who was William Tudor, who was William Shakespeare. Knightmp. Francis Bacon - News, Updates, Images & Quotes. The Essays Or Counsels, Civil and Moral, by Francis Bacon. Bacon-Shakespeare. Baconian theory of Shakespeare authorship. Stars Over Washington: Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto. If you like to read about America's founding, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and other such mystical topics, you may be interested in a discovery I've just made of a site that has so many links and articles to check out, I'm just getting started.

But I want to be certain you knew about it, too, though much investigation is required to find out how much it contains concerning America. Occult theories about Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon Society. Facsimile & Type Transcript of an Elizabethan Manuscript Preserved at Alnwick Francis Bacon. Sir Francis Bacon, the Count of St. Germain, the Supernova of 1604 and the 800 Year Spiritual Cycle. "But one thing is certain: he was highly visible in the royal courts—and invisible! He was seen to 'disappear' as he left the private quarters of the king and queen at Versailles.Without a doubt, his feats as the Count Saint Germain are exclamation ponts across the diaries of the eighteenth century greats.

In the court memoir of Madame de Pompadour, Prince Karl of Hesse and Madame d'Adhémar, he is remembered as l'homme extrordinaire. Described as slim but well-proportioned, of medium height and with pleasant features, he had fascinating eyes which captivated the observing the chance to study them. He wore diamonds on every finger—and on his shoe buckles. Even after his remarkable conversation with the Countess de Georgy in 1767, he did not age. Madame d'Adhémar met him in 1789. Ageless, a mystery man. His knowledge extended not only back in time but also around the globe. He spoke at least twelve languages so fluently that everywhere he went he was accepted as a native. American Bacon Society Ben Jonson quote files. Francis Bacon And Shakespeare Authorship Controversy. Pardon Francis Bacon Petition.

Target: United Kingdom Petition Background (Preamble): As main organizer of this petition, I would like to add a brief note. The approach to this petition has been long and tedious; over two years striving continuously to seek for a higher lever of accountability and consistency of websites to host this project. This petition in the past was once approved to be hosted by 10 Downing Street; however, it only gained 14 signatures over the duration of two years, therefore, a global watch was needed this time, and I personally would like to thank the staff here for hosting this petition once again.

Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning Bacon is Shakespeare : Discover England's Theatre Genius.