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Structures and Mechanisms: Pulleys and Gears

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Our World: How Gears Work.

After watching this video, what did you learn about how gears are different then pulleys? If there are 2 gears in a system and you turn one gear clockwise, which direction would the other gear turn? Leave your comments!! – tfumo

Students Activities Simple Machine - Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Hello Grade 4s! Monday we will be making our very own pulleys!! This link shows the directions to make a pulley. Make sure you bring in all the required materials listed. I will have books available for the load. – tfumo

Simple Machines with Bill Nye.

Watch this video and comment on how you can use a simple machine in your daily life to make work or a task easier. – tfumo


Hello Grade 4s! This is a great overview of the simple machines we will be talking about in this unit. Check out a few of the machines and write a short blog post about something you found interesting! – tfumo