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Crochet Hats

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Fisherman's Rib Crochet Hat. Do you love knit-look crochet hats as much as I do?

Fisherman's Rib Crochet Hat

Then this unisex crochet ribbed hat is just what you’re looking for! It's a perfect knit-look crochet hat, stretchy and warm, featuring a crochet stitch pattern that resembles the knit Fisherman’s Rib stitch pattern. You can add a faux fur pompom for a more feminin look! *Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through these links. Thank you! This ribbed crochet hat pattern is a longer (folded-over) version of my Side2Side Hat that I published a few years ago. Depending on your own preferences, you can wear it as a slouch hat or with the cuff folded over.

And here's a close up of the slouchy style knit-look crochet hat: (Not knit) Fisherman's Rib Hat ~ Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queues and Favorites! ~ Pin it here! Hat construction The hat is worked sideways in rows, back and forth, then seamed together at the back with an invisible seam. The Jessie 1 Hour Messy Bun Beanie: Free Crochet Pattern. Sumo.

The Jessie 1 Hour Messy Bun Beanie: Free Crochet Pattern

Scrap Buster Beanie - Cute As A Button Crochet & Craft. Red Heart Tasseled Tube Hat, S. Sweetpea Slouch – EmmeClaire Crochet. Like most of my patterns, this design popped into my head late one night.

Sweetpea Slouch – EmmeClaire Crochet

Hectic note-taking and scribbled drawings met me the following morning and I was able to decipher my crochet code into this slouchy beanie. This pattern is very dear to my heart and I am so thrilled to share it with you. More details about this pattern are on my blog. I’d love to hear your story about this design – who are you making it for? What inspired your colour choice? Sharing handmade gifts is most definitely a projection of your heart Download the free pattern here – EmmeClaire – Sweetpea Slouch Disclaimer: This pattern and photographs are the property of EmmeClaire Crochet and should be used only for personal and non-commercial use. Like this: How To Line A Handmade Hat In Fleece. Alpine Stripe Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern on Moogly. The Alpine Stripe Beanie is the matching hat for the Alpine Pocket Scarf – a reader request!

Alpine Stripe Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern on Moogly

Cozy, stripey, and available in three sizes, it’s a free crochet pattern here on Moogly! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided by Yarnspirations. Extra Warm and Cozy The Alpine Stripe Beanie is made with Red Heart Heat Wave, which warms up by up to 12 degrees under UV light – like sunlight! And of course, it’s still a warm and cozy acrylic even when the sun doesn’t come out to play. And this hat is a reader request – to match the Alpine Pocket Scarf! Make It Your Own The Alpine Stripe Beanie features simple stripes to match the pockets on the Alpine Pocket Scarf, but you can omit them – or add more. To make this pattern into a ponytail beanie, start by crocheting Rnd 4 around an elastic hairband, and then follow the instructions from there. Crochet an Easy Unisex Beanie for Adults and Children. Instructions Child Round 1: ch 2, 10 HDC in magic circle (10) Round 2: ch 2, 2 HDC in each st around (20) Round 3: ch 2, *2 HDC, HDC, repeat from * around (30) Round 4: ch 2, *2 HDC, HDC in next two sts, repeat from * around (40) Round 5: ch 2, *2 HDC, HDC in next three sts, repeat from * around (50)

Crochet an Easy Unisex Beanie for Adults and Children

Crochet Bavarian Stitch Beanie Free Pattern - Crochet For You. Crochet Bavarian Stitch Beanie Pattern by Crochet For You This Beanie uses the Bavarian stitch to create beautiful diamond shape texture.

Crochet Bavarian Stitch Beanie Free Pattern - Crochet For You

As you can see it has a thick & cozy feel with interesting texture which is perfectly fit for cold winter days. 21 Cozy Crochet Hat Patterns – Great Gifts - A More Crafty Life. Looking for some cozy crochet hat patterns?

21 Cozy Crochet Hat Patterns – Great Gifts - A More Crafty Life

I have collected some different winter hat patterns and tips for for making the hats. Try a new crochet beanie pattern today! They make great gifts for friends and family. Make yourself some in all kinds of styles and colors. These crocheted hat patterns are paid. There are affiliate links in this post. CAC0116 029222M. Ushanka and Muff Set. I loooooooove faux fur (and real fur when I can get it thrifted) so I happily bought a lot of Lion Brand’s new Go For Faux yarn when it hit my local hobby store shelves, and have already used it in some of my new fall designs.

Ushanka and Muff Set

The Thick ‘n’ Quick version is so bulky that just one row of it makes a beautiful trim on garments and accessories…. But I mean, I bought lots. So doing a few all-fur pieces was in order. And the best part is, this yarn is JUMBO so you can make this a two-piece set in about half a day! Here is a totally free pattern for one of my favorite hat styles: the Ushanka. I’m going to ramble a little about my costume here for Discworld nerds but if you’re just here for the free pattern, keep scrolling or save this project on Ravelry for later!

In another recent costume hat pattern, I designed the photo shoot as my favorite witch from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy books, just for fun. Obviously! Instructions: Easy Crochet Hat Pattern ... Great for Beginners! Raspberry Crumble Hat, Free Crochet Pattern + Video. Easy Half Double Crochet Beanie for Babies to Adults. Instructions for the Easy Half Double Crochet Beanie Baby ch 27 Row 1: SC in the 2nd ch from the hook, SC in next ch, HDC in 16, SC in 8 (26).

Easy Half Double Crochet Beanie for Babies to Adults

Turn. Row 2: ch 1, BLO SC in 8, HDC in 16, SC in 2 (26). Row 3: ch 1, SC in 2, HDC in 16, BLO SC in 8 (26). Row 4-54: Repeat Row 2 on even rows and Row 3 on odd rows. Fold your panel so that Row 1 and Row 54 are on top of one another. Using a long piece of yarn and a tapestry needle, sew back and forth between rows around the top edge of the hat. Mod Cluster Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern. How to Add a Removable Pom to a Hat. With the big trend at the moment for faux fur pom poms gracing hats everywhere, sometimes you need to remove it for a bit to either launder your hat or even change the look of your hat too!

How to Add a Removable Pom to a Hat

Whether your hat is knit, crochet, or store bought, you can make your pom is SO easy! Also, be sure to look below to see the full video tutorial to walk you through step by step! Here's what you'll need: Hat of any kind. Love the hat in this post + video? How to add a removable pom to your hat: Turn hat inside out.Using yarn + needle (or needle and thread) sew button to the top most (crown) of the hat.Weave in any ends.Turn hat right side outFeed elastic loop through top of hat.Wrap loop several times around the button.If pom is a little floppy, simple wrap the loop around button several more times.All done and ready to wear! Crochet Winter Hats ~ 15 FREE Crochet Patterns - CrochetNCrafts.

HOW TO CROCHET A HAT FOR BEGINNERS. — Gathering Beauty. Are you looking for an easy crochet project for beginners? Yes, great, me too. I think these crocheted hats might be exactly we've been looking for. All you need to know is how to chain and single crochet. Easy, right? I've always wanted to learn how to crochet. If you’re a beginner to crochet like I am, a hat can seem like a really complicated project but I promise this one is really easy to make. A lot of crocheted hats are made by crocheting in the round with decreases along the way. I made two different versions. Popsicle Pom-Pom Hat. What makes a kid's hat go from boring to fantastic? Color? Texture? Pom-Poms? This hat has it all! These bright colors are reminiscent of summer and popsicles bring some playfulness into winter fashion. I am so excited to bring you the Popsicle Pom-Pom hat as part of the Winter Fashion Blog Hop hosted by E'Claire Makery!

Cross-Over Long DC Free Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern. Crochet 30-Minute Chunky Hat in 4 Sizes. Toddler ch 15 Row 1: SC in the 2nd ch from the hook, SC in next ch, HDC in 8, SC in 4 (14). Turn. Row 2: ch 1, BLO SC in 4, HDC in 8, SC in 2 (14). Turn. Row 3: ch 1, SC in 2, HDC in 8, BLO SC in 4 (14). How To Crochet A Perfect Hat. HOW TO CROCHET THE EASIEST HAT EVER. Switchback Join Tutorial. In not one but TWO of my recent projects I’ve come up against that ubiquitous trait of circular crochet: The Lean. Crochet stitches, for the most part, tend to lean in the direction of the dominant hand – so if you’re a right-handed crocheter, your stitches will lean right, and if you are a lefty, they will lean left.

When working back and forth in rows, this balances itself out… but when working circularly (and therefore not turning) the lean gets compounded and you end up with a spiral pinwheel of joins and increases. Which can be quite pretty, but not if you are trying to keep the seam in one place, or use your first stitch as a marker for the center of a circle. I was trying to do both! Turns out, there are a few interesting fixes for this problem. I like this method, but I wanted something more tailored to working in flat circles. By alternating a Forward (F) round and Backward (B) round, you create a switchback seam that balances itself and stays mostly centered. Alex Beanie for Cancer Challenge 2019 ~ Snappy Tots.

October is cancer awareness month and Sweet Potato 3 is once again hosting the annual Cancer Awareness Challenge. I am honored to be involved in this event again. This year each designer is honoring those affected by a specific cancer in hopes of bringing more awareness to those. Each hat can be made in any color and can be given to anyone affected by cancer, not just the one featured with that pattern. White Is For Lung Cancer For more information about this form of cancer, please visit Crochet Coffee Bean Beanie - Free Pattern. How to crochet Easy Ribbed Beanie / Hat Style 1. Easy Crochet beanie hat adult teens 20"-22" Rib stitch tutorial - Happy Crochet Club. Simplest Slouchy Hat - Free Crochet Pattern for Beginners. 15 Summer Hats to Crochet. Hat Size Chart for Preemie through Adult {Free Printable} Curlicue Hat - Free Pattern – Maggie's Crochet.

Click the banners below to order our popular crochet patterns! Available for mail or download. Fiber Flux: Easy Faux Fur Pom Pom. Faux fur pom poms are super popular right now and I couldn't resist grabbing some yarn and trying my hand on a DIY version! This cute and fluffy pom uses less than half of a ball of yarn, so you could easily get two of them out of one ball! I don't use any fancy tools either, just a pair of scissors is all you need. Crochet Frosted Berry Chunky Hat - Free Pattern. ***Find the LEFT HANDED Tutorial Here*** Crochet Faux Fur Pom Pom with Lion Brand Go For Faux Yarn. I have’t updated this video to be right handed yet - sorry! If you want a right handed tutorial you can certainly browse YouTube here. Autumn Amore Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern on Moogly. Family Beanie Hats Crochet Pattern. Simple Double Brim Hat. Effective May 23, 2018 If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at and include 'Privacy Policy' in the subject line.

Cute as a Bear Hat & Mitten Set. Effective May 23, 2018 If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at and include 'Privacy Policy' in the subject line. Double V Slouch Beanie Crochet Hat. Effective May 23, 2018 If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at and include 'Privacy Policy' in the subject line. 1. Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern For Men, Women, and Kids in 4 Sizes! - Kirsten Holloway Designs.

Criss Cross Beanie – Loops & Love Crochet. I’ve been working on this crochet beanie for a little while! I wanted to design a bottom-up beanie and this is what I came up with! I hope you like it! I made my beanies with Red Heart Super Saver Stripes yarn, but my testers had fun making them in single colors or in an Ombre style, which look amazing too! How to CROCHET: Knit Look Ribbing - Yarn Over Slip Stitch into 3rd. Loop at Front. If you follow along with my blog, you might have already learned how to crochet the knit look crochet stitches that I call the Yarn Over Slip Stitch (yo-slst) and the Yarn Over Slip Stitch Back Loops Only (yo-slst-blo). These are not standard crochet terms, because I have not seen these stitches in any crochet stitch dictionary.

They are some combination between half double crochet and slip stitch. Snowboarder Crochet Chunky Hat - Marly Bird™ Celtic Passion Beanie Free Crochet Pattern - Crochet For You. Free Turkey Hat Crochet Pattern. 1 Hour Easy Child's Crochet Hat Pattern (with Adult Sizes!) - For Beginners. 9 Crochet Hat Patterns for the Whole Family. Cookies and Cream Slouch Hat - Free Crochet Pattern. The beginner wide brim sun hat free crochet pattern. Crochet Women Sun Hat Free Patterns. 10 Free Hat Patterns in sizes Preemie to Adult. Monday Link Blast: 10 Free Crochet Patterns for Sun Hats. How to Make A Fur Pompom Quickly.

Felicity the Fox Hat Crochet Pattern. Crochet Ribbed Hat Pattern - Homestead Acres. Crossed Bobble Scarf Crochet Pattern. Free Crochet Pattern - Knit-Look Super Bulky Slouch - A Crocheted Simplicity. EASY DIY CROCHET HATS - 2 WAYS. Husband-Approved Crochet Hats for Men - Sewrella. A Free Crochet Ribbed Hat Pattern + 4 Tips To Make This Stitch Easier. Iron Mountain Beanie - ELK Studio - Handcrafted Crochet Designs. Side2Side Hat - Free Crochet pattern including sizes from 12 months through Adult Large. LW5832 Easy Fit Ribbed Pompom Hat Free Crochet Pattern. LW5969 Winter Trellis Hat Free Crochet Pattern. LM5753 Herringbone Hat Free Knitting Pattern. Knit-like Cable Hat - Free Crochet Pattern - Nicki's Homemade Crafts. How to always make the Perfect Beanie or Hat - Crochet Tutorial - Nicki's Homemade Crafts.

Free Crochet Pattern: Beehive Messy Bun Hat - Crochetpreneur. Simple Edgy Messy Bun Hat Crochet Pattern. Free Crochet Ponytail Hat Pattern. Free Crochet Messy Bun Pattern Roundup. One Hour Free Crochet Hat Pattern for Beginners (+ Tutorial) Sprig Stitch Bun Beanie - Daisy Farm Crafts. Messy Bun Hat: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern. Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern.

Chroma Hat - Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet PATTERN Easy Crochet Pattern Crochet Slouchy Hat. Crochet Hats for Men: Easy Crochet Patterns - Stitch and Unwind. Basic Striped Crochet Hat Pattern. Sun Valley Hat (Crochet) - Patterns. Blue Beret Crochet Beanie Pattern. How to Size Crochet Beanies + Master Beanie Crochet Pattern. Snowball Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern — Left in Knots. How to Size Crochet Beanies + Master Beanie Crochet Pattern. So Good, You'll Borrow it Beanie Top-Down Version - ELK Studio - Handcrafted Crochet Designs. Elizabeth Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern - Dabbles. The Malia Beanie. Crochet Beanie Hat Serpentine Stitch Free Pattern [Video] - ilove-crochet. Crochet Beautiful Beanie hat Elastic Stitch - ilove-crochet. Favorite Styln Slouch Beanie. 32 Crochet Messy Bun Hat Patterns. Sylphie Dragon Hat Pattern Update.

Crochet Swirled Beanie. Crochet Treasures. Crochet Puppy Hat Pattern. Coraline’s Sun Hat free crochet pattern for Women. Basic Turban Crochet Pattern. Ups and Downs Slouchy Beanie: FREE #Crochet Pattern!