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スバル インプレッサG4 GJ# 15インチ アルミホイール・タイヤセット 一台分(4本セット) LEONIS UC PBMC/GOODYEAR 195/65R15 インプレッサG4 15インチアルミホイール・タイヤセット 195/65R15 15×6.0J 45:車パーツの応援団. Teachers Engaging in Research - IATEFL Research SIG. 14 Alternatives to Google Analytics. Analytics platforms are essential for merchants to glean insight into what drives their traffic.

14 Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the popular choice, but there are many other analytics tools available. Here is a list of analytics tools to help you collect and measure your customer data. Some of these applications are general analytics programs, akin to Google Analytics, to quantify traffic. Other applications look at specific aspects of the customer and should be used in conjunction with a general analytics program. Piwik. Open-Source Argument Mapping. The latest version of Argunet features new tools that make it easier to organize the debates and to search through debates located on the Argunet-server or on your computer.

Open-Source Argument Mapping

To help you organize your work you can label the debates using private and non private tags and search for existing debates using a search-engine. The label-feature [...] The latest version of Argunet fastens Client-Server communication. Specifically, argument maps are only updated if they have been changed on the server. This fixes the issue that you could hardly work on huge maps online. improves the inplace editor for arguments and theses. adds context menu options: “Insert conclusion into map”, “Insert premisses into map” adds context menus everywhere eliminates [...]


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