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WAYs TO - Pinterest. Case Studies. BRANDING - Pinterest. 10 Brilliant Pinterest Board Ideas From Real Brands. Yes, Pinterest might be the fourth largest traffic driver in the world ... but it's still a pretty challenging network to use for most companies, especially for those in the B2B sector. Maybe you've claimed your company's Pinterest profile and added a board or two with a few pins. Or maybe you haven't even dipped your toe into the network yet. Or maybe, the last three sentences you just read were nonsense to you because you're rocking Pinterest all day long. Regardless of whether you're a Pinterest pro or an excited newbie, this blog post has got something to help you do your job better. 1) Lowe's: Build It! On Lowe's Build It! Lowe'sBuild it! See On 2) Petplan Insurance: Breed All About It -- Dogs We love this Pinterest board because it's a perfect combination of original, educational, and visual content -- all while featuring adorable dogs.

Petplan Pet InsuranceBreed All About It: Dogs 3) WSJ: WSJ Graphics WSJ GraphicsWSJ Graphics 4) Benjamin Moore: doors! Benjamin Mooredoors!

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PINTEREST TOOLS. Pinterest for BUSINESS. TRENDS/TOPICS - Pinterest. Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With Pinterest for Business. Getting started on a new social network -- regardless of what it is -- can sometimes feel incredibly daunting. You're dealing with a lot of new things: new platform rules, new platform technology, new audience using the platform, and most likely a new marketing strategy to make the most of the new thing. And while all the changes in social media require inbound marketers like us to just embrace all of these new things, sometimes we just want to have someone walk us through using a network from start to finish. We've got so much going on in all of our other marketing activities that we sometimes want someone else to gather all the info we need and hand it to us. We've been there before, and we want to help.

One of the social networks that people consistently ask us about is Pinterest -- from setting up an account, to actually pinning posts, to optimizing pins, to proving its ROI, we get a ton of questions about it every day. HubSpotGetting Started With Pinterest See On. The 5 Most Annoying Pinners on Pinterest. Guess what? Pinterest is still a thing. A really big thing with, like, 70 million users, according to Semiocast. And with any big social media platform, there are going to be at least a handful of people who are either using it wrong, or purposely trying to drive the rest of us users nuts. Here are 5 of the most annoying pinners on Pinterest (in no particular order): 1. Cats already took over Facebook and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, but for some reason people think we need more cats on Pinterest. 2.

Guess what else is still around? 3. I saw a picture of a turtle on Pinterest the other day. 4. Speaking of pictures that don’t make sense, pictures that make sense but lead to a web site that doesn’t make sense is particularly annoying. 5. Why are people pinning recipes for nachos, soup, salad, and hotdogs on Pinterest like they invented them? Peter Baxter/ Pinterest Announces Rich Pins for Articles. A few days ago, Pinterest announced that it'll be rolling out an ad platform. (I guess it was only a matter of time, right?) But the social network's not stopping there with the changes! Today, it announced something I think inbound marketers would be really pumped about: there's a new type of pin! I know! I thought you'd like that, you content creating inbound marketer, you. ;-) Here's what you need to know to be ahead of the Pinterest game. What You Need to Know About Pinterest's New "Article" Pins Pinterest's article pins are just what they sound like -- pins for, you know, articles.

The article pins will now include critical information in a more prominent fashion that helps your written content get traction, including: Story HeadlineAuthor NameA Description of the Story (like your meta description)Source URL Now you might be saying to yourself, "Self, I used to pin my articles on Pinterest, anyway. " So, What Does This Mean for You? Image credit: bumbs. Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That'll Make You a Pro. In marketing, there's still a huge misconception about Pinterest. Some marketers think that it's useless -- just another fad network that people are getting in a tizzy about. But that's not quite accurate any longer. While Pinterest may not be perfect for every marketer in every industry, it does offer a huge opportunity for most.

It has more than 70 million users and a growing international population. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, but thinking about generating leads ... and actually generating leads on Pinterest are two very different things. The good news? Types of Leads You Can Generate on Pinterest On Pinterest, there are two types of leads you can generate: direct and indirect. Direct Leads: Direct leads are generated through content on Pinterest that links directly back to a landing page on your website. Make sense? Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest really only has a one effective place where you can generate direct or indirect leads: through pins.