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jQuery trigger action when a user scrolls past a certain part of the page. Ajaxanimator. Web Hosting, Unix Hosting, E-Mail, Web Design. HTTP cookie. A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website.

HTTP cookie

Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user's previous activity.[1] Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items in a shopping cart) or to record the user's browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited by the user as far back as months or years ago). History[edit] The term "cookie" was derived from "magic cookie", which is the packet of data a program receives and sends again unchanged. Together with John Giannandrea, Montulli wrote the initial Netscape cookie specification the same year.

Version 0.9beta of Mosaic Netscape, released on October 13, 1994,[11][12] supported cookies. HTML tips: Embedding Web Pages within Web Pages. API Overview Guide - YouTube APIs and Tools - Google Code. How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial. Update: We’ve created a second edition of this popular tutorial!

How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial

It contains updated code samples, coverage of the latest theme development techniques, and more. Check it out at The ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd Edition. In only 11 individual lessons this WordPress Theme Tutorial is going to show you how to build a powerful, up-to-date, WordPress Theme from scratch. Layouts - Blogger Help. Web design & code Tools.


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