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Hacking your Facebook inbox - The Tekblog. How easy is it to hack your Facebook inbox?

Hacking your Facebook inbox - The Tekblog

I could do it in five minutes. All I need to do is connect up via Skype and convince a blackhat dev that I really need to buy his Facebook Manager app, so that I can spy on my cheating husband. Then all I have to do is set it up with a troll account that looks like a booth babe — and I will have my cheating husband chomping at the bit. Iron Cagebook. “No one knows who will live in this cage in the future, or whether at the end of this tremendous development, entirely new prophets will arise, or there will be a great rebirth of old ideas and ideals, or, if neither, mechanized petrification, embellished with a sort of convulsive self-importance.

Iron Cagebook

For of the fast stage of this cultural development, it might well be truly said: ‘Specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines that it has attained a level of civilization never before achieved.’” —Max Weber, 1905 On November 12 Facebook, Inc. filed its 178th patent application for a consumer profiling technique the company calls “inferring household income for users of a social networking system.” They’ll have many more tools within the next year to run similar predictions. Facebook game requirement: A birth certificate? - Tekblog. Wolf Pack, a Facebook app center game,blew me away recently when a fan messaged me and asked what I thought about a game that required a user to prove their real life identity.

Facebook game requirement: A birth certificate? - Tekblog

In this day and age of Internet snooping that includes hackers; advertisers; rogue Facebook apps; ID thief’s, and Big Brother — who in their right mind would want to surf bare-bottomed and play a game that masks it’s own identity behind a privacy shield? What is Wolf Pack? According to the Wolf Pack fanpage the game was founded in 2009: Wolf Packs is a unique highly fun game where you are responsible for bringing up your own wolf from cub to elder. Look after its emotions, go hunting, fight wolves from other packs or fight within your pack to become the dominant alpha wolf! Who owns the game? Meet Matt Kruse, the man making Facebook better. Around ten o’clock on most nights, Matt Kruse will kiss his wife and two daughters goodnight, sit down in front of his computer and start coding.

Meet Matt Kruse, the man making Facebook better

It’ll be one or two in the morning before he goes to bed. He works as a Web application developer at a staffing company during the day, but those late-night hours in his Illinois home are where he works on what he calls “who I really am.” Kruse spends those hours making Facebook better. He doesn’t get paid for it, and he’s not an employee of the company (although it has tried to hire him before). The product of those hours is called Social Fixer—a browser extension designed to improve and enhance the site.

Teksquisite : This is why I mainly spend... #Facebook gets #hashtags, which does #WTF to your #privacy? For those Facebook users who are allergic to any notion of privacy whatsoever and would prefer that the entire world be privy to contents of their #dinner or antics of their adorable #children, Wednesday was a high and holy day indeed, for that was the day that Facebook embraced the hashtag.

#Facebook gets #hashtags, which does #WTF to your #privacy?

Facebook Graph Search Failed Me! Facebook Graph Search: It’s about the data! The first thing to ask whenever Facebook (or indeed any other business) releases a new product or service is what’s in it for them.

Facebook Graph Search: It’s about the data!

In the case of Facebook’s new ‘Graph Search’, as in most things Facebook, the answer’s pretty direct: it’s about the data. Graph Search, though it may seem to be just a cool new way of finding stuff, could also turn out to be a very clever way of Facebook gobbling up even more data than before – as well as trying to squeeze even more value from the data that’s already out there. It comes at a time when Facebook might be facing a new situation – they may be reaching saturation point in terms of user numbers, at least in their prime markets. Figures seem to be suggesting that they are losing users – apparently down 600,000 in the UK and 1.4 million in the US - and though those figures need to be taken with a decent pinch of salt, they do at least suggest that the era of unrelenting user number growth for Facebook may be over.

Teksquisite : I messaged Mr. Zuckerberg this... Teksquisite : I was researching "regnow"... Facebook restores elbow photo mistaken for breast. Nov. 28 (UPI) -- In the wake of recent breastfeeding photo controversies, the (NSFW) blog Theories of the deep understanding of things decided to test Facebook's terms of service and censorship policies by posting a photo of a bathing woman to its Facebook page.

Facebook restores elbow photo mistaken for breast

The grainy photo features a blond woman in a bathtub flashing a single pink elbow, which could look like a breast at first glance. It was posted last Saturday with the caption, "Once again, testing Facebook alertness. " Facebook moderators must have taken only a cursory look at the photo because they removed the post less than 24 hours later on Sunday. "FB moderators can't tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast. No questions were asked the and the post is down. According to the Daily Mail, workers in Morocco and other countries are paid $1 an hour to moderate Facebook pages and remove any content that might violate its policies. More than 1MM Facebook accounts exposed.

Here's one theory and analysis of what might have happened.

More than 1MM Facebook accounts exposed

Some people's emails got out into the public internet, and were indexed. Some of these emails were from Facebook, and included links to resources that require login. These links pre-populated the username field for convenience, or in some cases auto-login the user. Facebook's engineers probably did not anticipate email notifications to users being crawled by Google.

Live and learn, eh? Teksquisite : Allegedly this person bought... Mixed Feelings After My Conversation With Facebook. Pinterest Explodes Into Mainstream. FACEBOOK: I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK. If you want to send Facebook a message, please feel free to use our graphics for your Facebook page This has been brewing since around May.


At least that’s when we first started noticing it here at Dangerous Minds and we certainly weren’t the only ones. Spring of 2012 was when bloggers, non-profits, indie bands, George Takei, community theaters, photographers, caterers, artists, mega-churches, high schools, tee-shirt vendors, campus coffee shops, art galleries, museums, charities, food trucks, and a near infinite variety of organizations; individuals from all walks of life; and businesses, both large and small, began to detect—for it was almost imperceptible at first—that the volume was getting turned down on their Facebook reach. The Reason I'm Closing Down Our Facebook Fan Page - TentBlogger.

Want to reach your fans?

The Reason I'm Closing Down Our Facebook Fan Page - TentBlogger

Pay Facebook first. Man, the hits keep on coming! Just over a month ago I left my personal Facebook page behind. I cannot tell you how freeing that has been and how that has radically changed my perspective about social networking, social media, and it’s impact and effect on community and relationships as well as human-computer interaction. Heck, I could probably write a book about it. Facebook knows exactly who you are…

Every time you buy that case of beer with a loyalty card or check out the latest magical unicorn mask at Amazon; all your offline shopping and online browsing data creeps back to Facebook (a globally ubiquitous Mothership). They know exactly who you are , what type of toilet paper you buy, how many chicken breasts you ate last week – along with all those secret vices that you think you are hiding… We know how to get your messages to real people, nearly one billion of them, because we know exactly who they are and whom they trust. Teksquisite : My insignificant APP STORE... Wash. to unveil voter registration on Facebook. Facebook Acquires ‘Pieceable Viewer’ Staff.

Forget buying an entire company, Facebook on Monday announced the acquisition of a firms entire staff. The team at iOS app developer Pieceable Viewer are moving in to Facebook’s new corporate headquarters. The announcement was revealed via the Pieceable website and notes that Facebook is not buying the company, its technology or its stored customer data, instead choosing to hire all of its workers, integrating them into the Facebook team. The Pieceable Viewer allows developers to upload existing apps to Pieceable servers which then allows that applications functionality to be reproduced within a browser window.

Pieceable lists more than 800,000 app demos among its greatest successes. Pieceable will cease operations at the end of 2012 but will release an open-source version of the Pieceable Viewer for Mac hardware. Nyy9php Shared by teksquisite. Last year a Consumer Reports Study revealed that... The BULLDOG Estate: Help Topic - The Learning Curve - How to Spot and Avoid Fake Video & News Scams on Facebook. Woman charged with selling fake Facebook stock. Woman charged with selling fake Facebook stock. Preserving Cabrini-Green's images In the sharp sun of an April afternoon, Nate Lanthrum walks through the remains of Cabrini-Green giving away what he has taken.

He looks out of place, a white guy carrying a $1,500 Nikon D700 camera, but the residents are used to him by now and greet... Blackhawks thrilled to have Brent Seabrook back Starting with Game 6 Sunday, Brent Seabrook's timeout will be over and the defenseman will be back on the ice — so long as he promises to play nice. The Blackhawks have done pretty well in Seabrook's absence, winning all three games the NHL... NFL draft preview: Defensive ends As the NFL draft nears — it takes place May 8-10 — we're taking an 11-day, position-by-position look at what's out there and what the Bears need. In May 1974, Tribune delivered 2 Watergate bombshells. Occupy Wall Street Occupies More Facebook Pages. Netflix earnings: 800,000 U.S. subscribers lost in Q3 - Oct. 24. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- For Netflix, the hits keep on coming -- the bad kind. The latest thwack: Netflix lost 800,000 U.S. subscribers in the quarter that just ended, which was littered with PR nightmares including a price hike and the Qwikster debacle.

It was the first time in years that Netflix's U.S. customer base shrank instead of grew. Netflix spoke bluntly about the recent problems in its third-quarter earnings letter, released late Monday. "The last few months...have been difficult for shareholders, employees, and most unfortunately, many members of Netflix," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote in a letter to shareholders. "We've hurt our hard-earned reputation, and stalled our domestic growth. " Netflix said it was focusing on the future, promising customers that "we are done with pricing changes.

" Netflix had 23.8 million total U.S. subscribers as of Sept. 30, down from 24.6 million three months earlier. But the real debacle came just three days later, on September 18. Facebook privacy misleading for users- Guest column. Authors: Jordan Lavelle Before you read the latest “news” on Facebook and update your status about how drunk you’re going to get this weekend because of midterms, check this: Have you ever asked yourself, “Do we log into Facebook or does Facebook log into us?” As our virtual identities increasingly become more of an exposé of our personal lives, rather than simply a means to socially network, it’s worth digging deeper to consider who actually wears the pants in this dysfunctional relationship.

No Facebook without the Dutch. Facebook: Brutal Dishonesty « UNCRUNCHED. Obama’s New Facebook Intimidation Page; PROOF! The test. Barack Obama - Mur. Does Facebook track you when you log out? Are Facebook’s latest changes making you share more than you realize? And is it hiding it from you when you check? « facebookprivacyandsecurity. Nyybrp Shared by teksquisite. Blog. Facebook Scams. The BULLDOG Estate. The Facebook Privacy Saga. Anatomy of a Facebook Lynching - PCWorld. Don’t blame DNS for Facebook outage, experts say. Connexion. Facebook is the top source for malware infections. The use of social networking during working hours is common (77% of employees do), and consequently, 33% say they have been infected by malware corporate network that has been distributed by these communities, according to Panda Security.

According to the survey, SMB’s top concerns with social media include privacy and data loss (74 percent), malware infection (69 percent), employee productivity loss (60 percent), reputation damage (50 percent), and network performance/utilization problems (29 percent). However, these concerns are not deterring SMBs from reaping the business benefits of social media as 78 percent of respondents reported that they use these tools to support research and competitive intelligence, improve customer service, drive public relations and marketing initiatives and directly generate revenue. IT Tek Tips. Teksquisite. Honest Computer Help.