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Knowledge Base. Connecting any ANT+™ sensor to an iPhone will require a Wahoo ANT+ Key or a Wahoo iPhone case.

Knowledge Base

ANT+ keys are small, simple devices that plug into your 30 pin iPhone connector (the same one your charger plugs into). It allows your ANT+ biometric sensors to communicate with your phone, sending it all of the wonderful information that you use when you train. Motivo supports the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ key only. Keys/Adapters provided by Garmin, Digifit or other manufacturers are not supported.The Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Key is suitable for: iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5CiPad 1 / 2 / the New iPad (3) / MiniiPod Touch 4 / 5 Note: iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPod Touch 5 and iPad Mini users will also need a genuine Apple Lightening to 30-pin Adapter to use the ANT+ Key. Wahoo ANT+ keys are available from WahooFitness with free shipping to many countries. These links will take you to a list of supported devices. Store - Buy Whistle, the Activity Monitor for Dogs. MobiTog - The Original Mobile Photography Community. GPS tracker for Cell Phone.

Fire Eagle. Cell Phone Tracking Software - Cell Phone Spyware - mSpy. My Spy (mSpy) Software We've all seen movies where the character tries to make someone talk using force.

Cell Phone Tracking Software - Cell Phone Spyware - mSpy

In real life we often stumble upon secrets that drive us crazy. Is my son using drugs? What if my employees steal from me? Making them tell you the truth using force is inhumane and forbidden by law. The most powerful truth-extraction tool is My Spy (mSpy)! Once installed on the target smartphone or tablet, our cell phone tracker starts monitoring everything, including calls, GPS location, Emails, text messages, chats, photos and videos. Simply log in to your secure My Spy (mSpy) account from any device that has Internet connection and check the details on the device use captured by our mobile phone tracking software. Company We are a UK-based company that develops cell phone tracking software solutions used by nearly a million of people around the globe. We are excited to provide our customers with the leading mobile phone monitoring solution and take great pride in our work.

iTrack Live - Affordable Vehicle Tracking - No Contract. iTrack Live - Affordable Vehicle Tracking - No Contract. Cell Phone Tracking Software - Cell Phone Spyware - mSpy. GPS Tracker: Real-Time GPS Tracking for Your Phones. Developer Site - API Documentation. CloudMade - The Location Platform Serving OEMs, Enterprises & Developers. Apptopia App Marketplace. OTHER – Mobile Source Code. The enterprise choice for code-free, cloud-based, user-friendly, cross-platform app development, management and hosting. 40 App Companies That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone. Free Report: Learn How to Start an App Business Save time & money: Learn the 6 things you must know when making apps When I started this app business, I was really on my own.

40 App Companies That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone

I had no idea of the tools or services that a lot of the online app companies provided. That was over a year ago. Now with the help of these app companies, I’ve 200 apps published and lots more on the way! So how did I get to where I am now? 40 Top App Companies I Can’t Live Without in 2013 Please note that some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you decide to purchase using one of these links we may receive a referral fee. Testflight – The easiest way to get your app running on your device before its published.AppCooker – Probably the best wireframing app in the business.xCode – The program you use to make iPhone and iPad apps. Update this with all your affiliate networks and generate one global URL. Chartboost – Great for direct deals, nags and more screens. The new GPS dog collars: Consumer Reports weighs in. Dogs wearing Tagg Pet Tracker GPS collars: the device weighs 1.1 ounces and is 3.2 x 1 x 1.5 inches .

The new GPS dog collars: Consumer Reports weighs in

It clips on to the collar. If you have a runaway dog, consider the new GPS collars which work with smart phones My six-year-old Scottish Terrier Bridget is a bolter. She’s escaped from our fenced-in backyard, out the front door when we were moving, and on the occasional off-leash walk. The habit has actually gotten worse as she’s gotten older and acquired more confidence about her ability to survive in the big city without her annoying peeps. Yes, she has a tag with our contacts and a microchip, but neither of those are any help until she has been captured by a human who phones to tell us Bridget has been found. Garmin GTU vs. In the U.S., there are two brands of GPS dog collars that work with smart phones: the Garmin GTU 10 ($200) (shown at left) and the Tagg Pet Tracker ($100) VN-200 Rugged. The VN-200 is a miniature high-performance GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System that combines MEMS inertial sensors, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, and advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to provide optimal estimates of position, velocity, and orientation for industrial applications.

VN-200 Rugged

The VN-200 incorporates the latest advancements in Aerospace grade Kalman filter inertial navigation algorithms specifically tailored to solve problems typically faced by industrial users. Industrial control applications require high accuracy low latency position, velocity, and attitude measurements. GPS provides long-term position accuracy, but is incapable of providing low-latency high bandwidth measurements. Inertial sensors provide high bandwidth acceleration and angular rates, but cannot provide long-term position and orientation accuracy due to drift and integration errors. GEODOG GPS-enabled collar lets you find your dog using your smartphone - Images. We've all experienced that moment of panic when we open the back door to let the dog inside only to find that he's not there.

Technology has provided a solution to this dilemma with GPS tracking devices designed specifically for our four-legged friends entering the market in recent years, but this offering from GEODOG claims to improve on those that have gone before with a new slimline design that's shockproof, easily-adjustable, user-friendly and unobtrusive. View all Having owned one of the more primitive models myself, I can tell you without hesitation that it's not something I felt comfortable leaving on my dogs. The collar itself was fine, but there was a large black box and a small antenna that left me feeling that it could get stuck in brush or thickets and become a possible safety risk for the animal. The GEODOG collar is much slimmer in profile, and doesn't require the bulky control center or the exposed antenna. The GEODOG system is available for EUR299 (US$378).

Share. Vehicle Fleet Tracking. Option 1 Upfront Purchase No contract Includes installation Turn the service on and off when you want All prices listed here exclude VAT Option 2 Contract Purchase 24 Month contract Reduced fees after 24 months No annual escalation The iTrack Live fleet management solution is a complete fleet monitoring, vehicle tracking and security tool.

Vehicle Fleet Tracking

With iTrack Live we do not charge you for viewing the position of your vehicle, or generating reports or any use of the system. The iTrack Live fleet management solution will start saving you money from the day you install the system. Zoombak Assisted GPS Locators hit the market. December 23, 2007 Anyone who has used a GPS system in a foreign country will know how much this relatively low-cost device can make to one’s state-of-mind.

Zoombak Assisted GPS Locators hit the market

Now a new Assisted GPS (A-GPS) device has hit the market which could make a huge difference in other ways. Zoombak’s advanced A-GPS system uses both GPS and mobile phone networks to track your pets, cars and other assets. You can locate your belongings in real time, set ‘safety zones’ around any location and be alerted of their whereabouts by email, SMS/text message or track them via the web. So now you can know where your cat, dog, child car are, for USD$10 a month. Zoombak Assisted GPS Locators hit the market.