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Techugo is a leading mobile app development company, wherein we offer app development, web development, and digital marketing. We ensure to offer the trending technologies ranging from Flutter, React Native, IoT, AI, AR/VR, Big Data among many others. Our team keeps integrating these trending technological advancements into the clients’ app solutions. We serve the app development needs of Fortune 200 to budding startups across the globe. Reach us to give your business an incredible online presence through a scintillating app solution.

Health and Fitness App Development: An Initiative Towards a Healthy Future. 5 App Development Trends UK Businesses Must Follow To Grow! Mobile apps have changed the way we work, shop, and communicate, and have even changed the way we conduct business.

5 App Development Trends UK Businesses Must Follow To Grow!

Amid this journey, there have been many technological advancements that have influenced the app development landscape. Hence, to help you understand more about these technology trends, we have brought you this post to review how beautifully tech-trends are going to transform our business operations during 2021 and much beyond. Chatbots Thanks to AI and ML, chatbots have become a part of every possible business around, improving user engagement and automating routine tasks.

Further, Chatbots have also transformed the way businesses interact with customers, and ease down the woes of impressive customer services. AR and VR Android and iOS app development have gained momentum after the release of their augmented reality kits. IoT-Internet of Things Beacons technology Beacons are small transmitters that simplify location-based searching by sending Bluetooth signals to many devices. A Guide To Location-Based Marketing And How Does It Impact Your Business. Posted by Ankit Singh on February 10th, 2021 Which business doesn’t plan on improving consumer experience and yield higher returns?

A Guide To Location-Based Marketing And How Does It Impact Your Business

In today’s era, every business or occupation is trying to stay ahead of its competitors. How? Well, the adoption of the latest techniques or trends has been very helpful. One such technique that has been integrated by businesses is ‘Geofencing in location-based marketing.’ Many people must have heard the term ‘Geofence marketing;’ however, not everyone’s familiar with its role in systematic working of businesses. What is Geofencing? In simple words, Geofencing is a type of location-based marketing that uses geographical area for advertising. Do you know? 92% of smart devices are compatible or use geofencing. Benefits of Geofencing to Marketers Marketers reap numerous benefits by focusing on location-based advertising and targeting the right audience. 1. 2. 3. 4. Implementing Geofencing in Your Marketing Strategy Limit Your Geofence Use Call-to-Action Strategy. How Does Android vs iOS User Behavior Impact App Development Journey?

A mobile app is MUST for your business, and there is no second thought about it, however when it comes to select the one platform to proceed ahead with your app, then the real problem occurs.

How Does Android vs iOS User Behavior Impact App Development Journey?

There are many questions that keep on howling in your mind that how to select that perfect OS for your app, and how to make this decision? Well, a mobile app is an ultimate piece of technology that is blended well with your business model to help it offer a set of services to targeted customers as per their convenience. But to know which app OS will be good for your users depends on which mobile OS your users prefer.

How To Ace Your Edtech App Strategy? COVID-19 left a disastrous impact on our lives, but at the same time, it has triggered a positive trend, something which up until now was always seen as a field with potential but couldn’t meet the expectations.

How To Ace Your Edtech App Strategy?

Yes, you guessed it right, it is the move towards digital education. During the pandemic period, several schools and universities remained shut, and in certain countries they are still closed, leaving parents, educators and students scrambling to search for a substitute that could give them an in-person education system. 5 Emerging Technologies that will Impact The Ecommerce Sector in 2021. Edtech Investment Has Witnessed A Surge Amid Pandemic! Amidst the pandemic outbreak, one of the most affected sectors has been the education sector.

Edtech Investment Has Witnessed A Surge Amid Pandemic!

The routine, traditional in-classroom teaching has taken a backseat and suddenly, we all are staring at a gaping void, unaware and sometimes clueless as to what has hit us. Studies have been affected, examination schedules have been cancelled and there is an overall lack of backup options. Once again, we have turned towards technology looking for answers. Vue Vs React; Which One Is Best For Your Project? React and Vue are the most promising frameworks in the JavaScript world today.

Vue Vs React; Which One Is Best For Your Project?

They both are efficient JavaScript technologies and very useful for both small and large scale applications. React offers flexibility, and is as stable as Vue. On the other side, Vue is more structured, easier to figure out and set up, resulting in reduced project duration. However, the challenging part for most of us, out there is to decide whether to pick React or Vue. They both are similar in a couple of ways; use a Virtual DOM and possess a reactive and component-based structure. Iphone Application Development Company. Steps To Customize The Braintree Dropin UI In React Native. The concept of react native app development has brought ease to the developers due its hot reloading, code usability, Native UX feel, dynamic development among many other reasons.

Steps To Customize The Braintree Dropin UI In React Native

On the other hand, every business wants to access a friction-free, customizable checkout flow for their mobile app or web in minutes. But is it easy to be achieved? HOW VR HAS TRANSFORMED THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? The immersive environment of Virtual Reality has the potential to transform the way we access services around us.


This tech trend is delivering engaging user experiences across devices and is being increasingly used in gaming, advertising, entertainment, and training programs. This has led to the extensive adoption of VR in the entertainment industry at the global forefront. Here, in this post, we have shared a few conspicuous reasons to understand that how VR in the entertainment sector is changing the game. How Mobile App Development Is a Game-Changer for the Fashion Industry? Technology has transformed the way we access services around us.

How Mobile App Development Is a Game-Changer for the Fashion Industry?

And this has drawn a positive experience for the fashion world as well, where it helps fashion brands to meet consumer expectations and beat the odds of competition. The turf of the fashion world is not limited to one specific category only, but there is a wider platform to be explored. This has led to bigger demands from the millennials as well, and indeed technology is proving a true friend here for the fashion industry, to meet the users’ expectations. However, some of us still live under the misconception that being a true version of artistic and aesthetic approach, the fashion industry cannot merge well with the technology. How AI Is Reshaping Digital Marketing in 2021 and Beyond. AI has continued to be an advancing technology of our time, promising an incredible future ahead.

How AI Is Reshaping Digital Marketing in 2021 and Beyond

It’s venturing into the different fields has embarked onto new possibilities. The new arena of value created by AI has led to the most efficient strategies to be inculcated for the digital marketing sector as well. Now you must be wondering how is it possible to address the digital marketing demand with AI? To help you understand we have brought this post here today, so you can glean insights about the role of AI in redefining digital marketing. Top 6 Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology In Banking For 2021.

Blockchain applications have transformed their look and feel, and are no more limited to cryptocurrency and bitcoin. This very technology has enabled businesses to practice transparency and security to save time and money. Today, considering the amount of digital touch to the businesses, it is very fair for the business to think of additional touch of security to their operations, and this demand is well answered by this tech trend. In laymen's terms, Blockchain is a network that enables the transaction to take place between untrusting users without the need for centralized control. Get A Feature-Rich Mobile Application With The Flutter Framework.

Think of a mobile app and you can find it everywhere, making our lives easier and comforting through every possible means. Over the period of time, there has been a great advancement experienced at the technology forefront, which has erupted different benefits for the business to grab from the trending technologies. As we all know 2020, has defined very well, that how a mobile app is the only source of survival for businesses, and failing to take a hold of digital presence, certainly drops the chances of sustaining in the marketing.

With such a strong need for mobile apps, it is highly mandatory for your business to pick the best framework to get an incredible app solution. Why A Business Must Embrace App Technology? Thinking to grow your business to larger geographies, but not having enough funding to support your idea? Well, this is a very common situation faced by a larger number of businesses today, when they know their business holds the potential, but the limitation of funds and other logistics approaches, to run a business in a foreign land, makes them chuck away their plan. Alas! But this is the fact. Don’t you want a solution that can easily answer the need of the hour? Digital Marketing Tips You Must Pay Attention To In 2021.