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Techugo is undoubtedly a unique Mobile App Development Company, which lets the entire procedure of mobile application an experience to be cherished forever by the client and their users.

A Complete Guide To SMS Marketing. The moments before I pressed on Uber app icon to book a cab for myself, an SMS received in my inbox helped me getting a perfect deal for my travel.

A Complete Guide To SMS Marketing

The SMS read something like this,’ Dear Rider, used code..and get flat Rs. 50 off next 5 rides….and after reading the first initial lines, I used the code in the app and received an irresistible offer. Sounds cool…isn’t it? What else can be more convenient for us than getting the discounts, benefits through a simple envelope notification icon on our screens…it sounds exhilarating, enticing and and and convenient of course. Ok,…enough of vocab flaunt…what I wanted to draw your attention towards is the SMS marketing channel.

I concur with you, on hearing the word- Marketing, a stalwart wearing all executive attire; get visualized in your mind, something which you can relate to only in one manner, where they sell the stuff to you with their honey dipped tongue. SMS Marketing SMS Marketing Benefits Interested Audience Constant Touch With Users. Significance of Mobile App Development For Your Small Business: techugopvtltd. I grew up seeing different people, different countries and the credit goes to my father, whose work, made me travel to half of the world…I have seen in my childhood how a down the street bakery shop transformed into the Pastry Corner with all glitz and blitz over the years and I still have that soft loaf smell intact within my brain cells and makes me feel extremely nostalgic and feel to visit my childhood again.

Significance of Mobile App Development For Your Small Business: techugopvtltd

I sometimes wonder, how the small shops or the businesses I witnessed in my childhood and have my memories attached to still, have transformed into a huge, then I get the answer, they grew bigger with the investment of years’ efforts and dedication. The small businesses of yesteryears are some of the big brands of today, which are doing great in their domains. Promote With Your App The number of mobile users has increased drastically in the past years. People travel, eat, study and handle business through Smartphone only. Essentials Components For A Top- Selling Mobile App. Mobile apps have become an integral part of our identity in the modern times, and speak for our needs in many different ways.

Essentials Components For A Top- Selling Mobile App

Mobile app industry is a vast industry, which is going bigger with time, due to umpteen demands of mobile apps from the end-users to fill their requirements. Every day some new mobile app makes an entry in the stores, but the heartbreaking fact attached here is, that a very few of them go noticed by the users. When your mobile app generates commendable business revenue and gets positive public views, it makes you feel delighted for choosing the correct app development method for your business, but on the flip side, many apps which go unnoticed without even hitting the right chord, bring more harm to your business than any benefit.

I wonder what makes these apps go waste and why some mobile apps turn highly successful. Loading Page. Common Mistakes In App Development Process – TechugoBlog. With the upsurge demand of the mobile apps in the market, every business, every industry is looking for the ways to promote their business domain with the mobile apps.

Common Mistakes In App Development Process – TechugoBlog

It is quite fascinating to notice the number of app developers available in the market, but some of the app developers due to lack of exposure commit certain mistakes which are proven destructive for the app future. Following are some of the tips to be considered to avoid the unfavorable situation for your mobile app development process. Google Photo ~ Techugo. It is no more surprising that Google aims to make its services better and better to make us happier than ever before.

Google Photo ~ Techugo

Now this time Google has taken an initiative to improve its app and services in the countries or regions, where internet connectivity is poor or low. For the Google Photo Apps, Google has launched an update, which would allow the users to have image backups even at the 2G speed. This update shall be available for both iOS and Android. As per the report suggest after the update, the captured images shall get a backup automatically in ‘lightweight preview quality’ and would not hamper the image quality, and this image backup would transform to a high-quality copy of the images, on retrieving the better connectivity in the mobile device.

So users no need to worry about sharing their pics with their loved ones, but can have an instant access to the internet even at the 2G speed with this update. A Word About Techugo. Be the trendsetter by Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Company: techugoapps. An application can offer adaptability and openness for any organization.

Be the trendsetter by Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Company: techugoapps

Business is altering course and discovering its direction onto cell phones, as opposed to customary desktop PCs, and you can remain on the ball with the assistance of Mobile App Development Companies. It's imperative that your sites are good to view on a cell phone, however it's far better on the off chance that you give your clients access to a customized application for your business to access on their advanced mobile phones or tablets.

In the time of DIY it appears that there are instructional exercises for everything and you'll even locate some suited to the point of iPhone application advancement. Be that as it may, utilizing proficient iOS application engineers will set you over the DIY-ers for various reasons. How To Trigger App Fizz Before App Launch. The mobile apps development is a process, not an event, which includes the sweat and blood of the app development team soaked in your expectations and investment to make your business go bigger with the help of app developed for your business vertical.

How To Trigger App Fizz Before App Launch

Thinking of your mobile app not falling onto the success scale, make your stomach literally hurt and you break out in a cold sweat, but swearing on the number of a mobile apps already available in the app market, it gets little risky to get your app acknowledged, since users get enough variety to pick from the app market to satiate their thirst of better app features, functionalities, and technology, making it much harder for the app developers to put their dedicated step forward to craft a unique app for their clients.

App marketing is the sure-shot formula to get your app noticed, to know more about the app marketing take a look at APP MARKETING STRATEGIES A Splash Page. Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost. How dispiriting would it be to wake up to read some exhilarating stats about your competitors and gulp down that hot cup of coffee in one go?

Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost

Ouch, that hurts!!! No am indeed not referring to hotness of that coffee, which might leave your tongue burnt for next 2-3 days, but am clearly hinting at the true essence of envy oozing out from your mental and physical condition after seeing your competitors boasting largely about the exciting statistics, their business gained after adopting mobile app and the frustration goes double when you notice people sitting beside you are also permanently glued to their Smartphone without blinking their lashes, and you realize that you don’t have a mobile app yet for your business and now it is the high time for getting a mobile app for your business vertical without any further delay.

Phew!!! HOW TO AVOID HIRING A ROOKIE FOR YOUR APP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS ~ Techugo. An app making justice with the millions of mobile apps in the app market pool needs something extra to bear the competition pain.


If you need an app which translates your business requirement in a way to carve out a successful path for your revenue generation ahead, then you need to secure a one extra step that could define the app development a deserving journey for your business domain. Ways To Make Your App Go Visible On App Store. A successful mobile app takes a little extra from its basic requirements and needs, to fall beautifully into the marketing strategy basket.

Ways To Make Your App Go Visible On App Store

Marketing is not a one blog subject to be discussed and finished, it’s a very huge and vast subject stating clearly the demands of the market and its end users to give a boost to your existing product. For the genre of mobile app technology; great concept and seamless development are not sufficient to make your app successful, these attributes help you win only the half battle, but to win the complete battleground, here are a few suggestions for you to follow: Let The World Hear About Your App A worldwide fact, that maximum people on the planet earth use the internet to fulfill their personal or professional requirements.

Fashion Mobile Apps In UAE – Techugo Private Limited – Medium. Every industry, every business domain is getting their product and services to reach the global platform, with the help of a mobile app platform. Taxi App Development In Dubai. Technology brings convenience and if the convenience involves with our daily lives, then can be called an utter blessing from all the four corners. The app development technology is one of those precious inventions of today’s era which has changed the structure of every industry. Cab booking app or taxi booking app is one of those amazing solutions that has enabled the users to hire a taxi at any point of the day without thinking of overtly charged.

Techugo is a top mobile app development company in Dubai and has extensive experience in developing the taxi app for a wider range of clients across the globe. The number of benefits associated with the taxi booking app is in myriad, for instance, it allows the users to get a taxi in a jiffy of a minute and in return taxi owners receive unstoppable customers, arranged and picked as per their route. Mobile App Marketing Strategy. Mobile apps are everywhere and their usage is touching the heights of sky. A mobile app does not build with a mere concept, rather a concept is a first basic platform, which takes the image of a mobile app through the creativity, innovation and the time and efforts invested by the app designer, who plans and executes the app development process in a way so your app concept can become hugely popular in the app stores.

The app development process involves various stages like creating a build, making the milestone plan, app development, app launch and after launch support. In the midst of these stages, one particular stage, which initiates with the very first step and goes even after the app launch is App Marketing- a strategy to guarantee success of your mobile app on a larger extent? Why App Marketing Is Needed The existence of myriad of mobile apps in app market is nothing new to experience, and it will increase in the number as time would pass.

Sift Down Your Customer Behavior Patterns. Facebook Developer Conference. Hiring a Professional iPhone App Development Company ~ Techugo. It's never an easy job to choose an iPhone Application Developer, especially when you don't know in which field you are getting into. It is always recommended to hire an iPhone Application Development Company which has sound knowledge of application market, and the main thing is that the company should be aware how to port to BlackBerry, Android and J2ME. The company should be able to provide the insight on the application marketing and much more. There are some points which can keep in mind while selecting the iPhone Developer. • Experience in iPhone Applications: Always check out that company which you are hiring has got the experience in developing the mobile applications and whether it has got the experience in publishing the Apple Store or not?

RESTAURANT MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT IN DUBAI – TechugoBlog. Many restaurateurs have a misconception that a mobile app for their business cannot be proven worthy and a responsive website, is more than sufficient, but what they fail to comprehend that a mobile app can bring numerous benefits to their restaurant business. RESTAURANT MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT IN DUBAI – TechugoBlog. Benefits of Health Care Mobile Apps. The most existential thought of the day always remain in our mind that Health is everything, this old adage sounds justifying the required relaxation for us due to the absence of peace of mind and soul. Many people out there claim that everybody’s journey is different and you can’t judge the way priorities are being considered, but no matter what is your priority ‘Health’ is always a concern and must always remain a top priority.

What Is the Future of Mobile Application... - Techugo. Mobile App For Travel & Tourism In UAE – TechugoBlog. Undeniably technology has changed the game of every business, and no industry, vertical or domain is left untouched of mobile app technology. How to choose the best professional mobile app development company? ~ Techugo. One of the best ways today, to find your way into the simple reach of the digital consumer base, is by launching an application. It has been noted that almost 75% of all online searches in the year 2016 have been made from mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Hence launching an application only gives your targeted consumer has a more direct and simple access to your business and the services and products it has to offer. Free Mobile App Promotion. Business development profile makes you learn and explore that side of any business which can never be learnt from any text book, maybe that’s what people called work exposure, which you can only receive once you meet with different people from different profiles. The job of a BDM lets you experience the business and its clients in a different manner every time. Privacy Shades For Blackberry. When it comes to Blackberry, the first thing strike in our mind is the highly professional mobile phones.

Areo App- The Middleman For Your Daily Needs. An app for all is a slogan which fits and portrays the current era of technology, where everything is tech driven and is expected to grow further due to the umpteen demands of users. Undeniably the mobile apps have received a widespread popularity and fits the requirement of the user’s demand, whether you are a student, a teacher, a mother, a worker with endless job roles, you can still find an app suiting your particular requirements, with numerous options available for the same. How Mobile Analytics Leads To Mobile App Success. App development is not a de-glamorized profession filled with only nerdy thoughts, but it has an essence of research, success, challenges, creativity, innovation and much-needed technology for today’s era.

APP MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR RESTAURANT MOBILE APP - A regular day at work leaves you with .0% energy to pick the grocery and get you to wear your popular chef hat and host your guests with gusto. When I say guests, on a very peculiar line of possibilities, they come as invited, else our house is their destination where they can land unannounced with a pool of expectations sprouted in their heart forever. A Google Blessing For Shopaholics. Effective App Marketing Strategies. FAQs What is Bdaily? How To Increase App Downloads For Your App. Google Play Music All Access Now In India.

Engage Your Customers To Retain Them. How To Skip The Nightmare of Mobile App Disasters – Techugo Private Limited – Medium. A SLICE OF CORRECT SEO TECHNIQUES. How To Create First Impression As The Last Impression For Your Mobile App. Save Live Videos With Instagram. What To Ask Your App Developer. Dating Mobile App- Romance With Technology. Fitness Classes With Google. How Mobile Apps Simplify Our Daily Life. Facebook Group ChatBots. Successful Features For A Successful Mobile App. Mobile App Trends -Not To Miss This Season. Quest For A Top Mobile App Development Company.

Google App For Group Editing Photos,Google App Development Company. Weather in Virtual Reality. Android App Development Company. Employee Engagement App. LIVE VIDEO API - A GIFT FROM TWITTER TO ITS USERS. Essentials of Enterprise Mobile App. Future of Mobile Apps in Qatar. Top Mobile App Development Company In India. How Virtual Reality Apps Add Value To Real Estate Mobile App. Technology - Techugo Private Limited. Revolutionizing The Education With Google - Techugo.

Why Marketing Is Not An Unnecessary Expense. Mobile App Development Powered By Artificial Intelligence. WITH GOOGLE MAP UPDATE SEE THROUGH THE WORLD. How to Develop More Usable Mobile Apps. Mobile App Development Company. What Makes a Successful Wallet App. What To Avoid in Mobile App Marketing. WhatToAvoidInMobileAppMarketing.

Pitfalls of Mobile App Development Process. Best Mobile App Development Agency. Strategies To Increase Mobile App Reviews. iPhone App Development Services. How To Nail The Winning App Idea. Simple Ways To Install .ipa on Your iPhone. Mobile App Development Strategy. How To Promote Your App Through Social Media. How To Build A Successful Mobile App Startup. Top Rated Android App Development Company in India. How To Publish App on Android App Market Successfully. HOW TO GET UDID OF YOUR IPHONE WITHOUT BEING TECHNICALLY CHALLANGED. CUPID STRIKES THE TECHNOLOGY WITH MARKETING. Twitter Fabric Mobile App Developers.

iOS 10.3 UPDATE - A NEW WAY TO SOLICIT REVIEWS. Decoding The Live-Streaming App Development Process. iOS App Development - A Platform To Meet Your Business Requirement. What To Ask Your Clients Before Developing An App. Exceed App Services - To Meet Client Expectations. What Makes An iOS App Successful? iOS app development. A Facelift of LinkedIn. HOW TO AVOID THE POOL OF MOBILE APP TESTING GLITCHES. Selecting an the app development company, is like finding a right life partner. Don’t be in a hurry. Look out for these Key Parameters. Why Apple Rejects Your App - iOS Application Development. Benefits of Developing Beauty Mobile App - Beauty Mobile App. How To Select A Top Mobile App Development Company. Hybrid Mobile App Development - Mobile App Development Approach.

Benefits of Social Media Apps For Your Business. How to Protect Your Brand’s Reputation on Mobile. Why To Develop Hybrid Mobile Apps? Hybrid Mobile App Development. How politics has embraced the app technology. Importance of eCommerce Mobile App in Your Business. Middle-East – A Leading Perfume Destination. 10 STEPS TO SUBMIT YOUR APP TO THE APP STORE. WHY CREATE A MOBILE APP FOR YOUR HOTEL. THE NEW AGE OF MOBILE APP. EASY WAYS TO REDUCE MOBILE APP UNINSTALLS. HOW TO DO CONTENT MARKETING FOR YOUR APP.