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Business Benefits of Multi-Platform Mobile Development Tools

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PhoneGap vs Native – Choose Wisely for App Development. A commonly cited concern by any enterprise is making the choice between native and cross platform application development.

PhoneGap vs Native – Choose Wisely for App Development

Each platform has a set of attributes that may be more suitable for one organization over the other depending on a number of factors. Why Phonegap Is a Better Choice for Cross Platform Development. Mobile apps are a great way to promote your business, irrespective of the size of your organization.

Why Phonegap Is a Better Choice for Cross Platform Development

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems, and apps launched on both platforms tend to do well. However, this is an expensive process, so is the additional cost justified? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Which Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tool Is Best For Your Enterprise? How to choose cross-platform app development tools. Companies are no longer running on single platforms such as Windows.

How to choose cross-platform app development tools

Today, your company supports phones, tablets and emerging technologies such as smartwatches and the promise of highly connected devices and sensors known as the Internet of Things. Many enterprises are now supporting many platforms with the leaders being Windows, Web, Apple's iOS and Google's Android. The goal of this article is to showcase cross-platform app development tools that are available now and to help you determine which application development software is best for your company.

The state of cross-platform app development in the enterprise In the late '90s, Java was released with the tag line, "Build Once, Run Anywhere. " Advantages of Multi Platform application Tool. The world of mobile app development is changing rapidly and cross-platform frameworks like PhoneGap and Titanium represent important step in broadening that world to a very large audience of experienced web developers.

Advantages of Multi Platform application Tool

With PhoneGap development, you can easily implement your application development skills from the web world to the mobile app world. Developing a Mobile App? 3 Frameworks You Should Know. A developer can create mobile apps with games and productivity software by using any framework; however, some of the software programs have more APIs than others.

Developing a Mobile App? 3 Frameworks You Should Know

Furthermore, certain programs allow designers to develop custom user interfaces and to add unique controls to the applications. If a client is designing a mobile app that features games, the programmer should utilize Sencha Touch, which has more than 50 advanced components. This framework also features extensive controls for the user interface, and the software contains more than 300 built-in icons. Moreover, the program will let developers easily integrate numerous themes into a game. When a developer is creating an application that improves productivity, the designer should utilize Appcelerator Titanium. This framework utilizes HTML5 and JavaScript, and the system features an especially advanced MVC. Creating Lists By adding two lines of code, a programmer can install modules that let the designer make static lists. Which Cross-Platform Tool Works Best for Your Enterprise App Development? The number of new apps released every month is overwhelming.

Which Cross-Platform Tool Works Best for Your Enterprise App Development?

As per The Statistics Portal, around 1,000,000 new apps were submitted to Google Play between July 2014 and February 2015 . The latest statistics also show that Google Play has around 1.5 million apps while the Apple’s App Store has 1.4 million apps as of May 2015. Many cross-platform development tools have sprung up in recent years to cash on the popularity of mobile apps. To help you choose the right cross platform, here’s a comparison of the top three. Six of the most popular mobile development tools.

As the app market matures, developers need to begin thinking about porting their apps across multiple platforms to increase their audience size as much as possible.

Six of the most popular mobile development tools

Top 6 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools For Enterprises. Sencha's new framework helps enterprises build Web apps for every device. Sencha's Ext JS 6 Javascript framework is now generally available, and with it comes the ability to build Web apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Sencha's new framework helps enterprises build Web apps for every device

But getting the user interface right isn't always easy. There is pressure on IT departments to quickly build applications for different types of devices and OSes while keeping costs down, and that is helping Web apps gain ground, according to Art Landro, CEO at Sencha. With this in mind, Sencha has combined its Touch framework with Ext JS to create a platform for building so-called universal apps for smartphones, tablets and desktops. Ext JS 6 includes user interface widgets for HTML5 forms, menus and toolbars to speed up development time.

There is a layout manager to help organize the display of data and content across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes. But the availability of the tools doesn't guarantee success. "You can still do a lot, but you have to keep it simple," Landro said. The Standard version costs from US$4,340. Forbes Welcome. The infographic below gives an overall idea about some more important cross platform statistics like: cross platform tools market size forecast, nu…