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Sirloin With Pan Jus Recipe - How to Make Sirloin With Pan Jus Video. When cooking a steak at home, try making a simple pan sauce, or "jus," to go with it. All it takes is a few common ingredients and some basic steps.See Transcript Hi, I'm Chef John Mitzewich for Food. Today I'm going to show you how to make top sirloin of beef finished with a delicious pan jus. This is a dish a lot of people think they can only get at a restaurant, but they are so wrong.

This is so easy to make at home. Ingredients Needed to Make a Jus So, we're going to make a very simple jus with some very common ingredients here:1/2 cup water1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar1 tablespoon ketchup We're going to give that a mix and set that aside. Clarify the Butter And now we're going to clarify some butter. We're going to put some butter in the microwave, and when it melts, we're going to skim off the foam that comes to the top, that the milk part of the butter.

Season the Sirloin Steaks Sear the Sirloin Steaks Add the Jus to the Pan. You Want Your Baby Back Ribs? Sure, Just Stop Singing that Song! Why am I'm doing a baby back ribs video in the dead of winter.

You Want Your Baby Back Ribs? Sure, Just Stop Singing that Song!

I love how they taste. Sorry I don't have a more interesting answer for you, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let the earth's periodical tilting away from the sun prevent me from enjoying these tasty pieces of pork. I'll be the first to admit this is not the best technique for doing ribs. You just can't replace slowly roasting the meat over smoky coals, but, that said, this baked in the oven version is way beyond respectable. I've always found baby back ribs a very user-friendly product.

Maybe this summer I'll try some of the more interesting ideas, but for this early January, this will do just fine. This works with literally any dry rub and barbecue sauce combo. "Get Well Soon" Chicken Soup - Take 2 bowls and email me in the morning. This video recipe was shot about a month ago, when my wife and I had colds.

"Get Well Soon" Chicken Soup - Take 2 bowls and email me in the morning

This is Michele's surefire cure to the common cold, and she likes to make it as soon as the first symptoms appear. You may have heard about the restaurants in China that are sort of like food clinics, and you order according to your symptoms. Various herbs and spices are combined to cure what ails you, and while there is no scientific proof that these dishes cure anything, as the old saying goes, "they can't hurt. " You'll notice the obvious lack of a voice-over in this video. I just wasn't feeling up to it at the time and figured I would go back and do one later. Ingredients:2 lbs chicken wingswater to cover by a few incheshandful of shiitake mushrooms4 green onionsred bell pepper6 cloves garlic1/2 cups thin sliced gingersoy sauce to tastefresh chopped cilantrohot pepper, optional. Green Coconut Chicken – This Could Be a Curry Recipe. I was calling this green coconut chicken recipe a curry all the way up until I started writing the post.

Green Coconut Chicken – This Could Be a Curry Recipe

The problem with calling something a curry is that people expect it to taste like a curry, and that could mean a whole bunch of things, not all of them good. So, I decided to call it something that wouldn’t necessarily recall a strong taste memory. While there is a nice dose of red curry powder in the braise, it's certainly not the dominate flavor. For something that may seem quite exotic and boldly spiced, this a surprisingly mellow dish.

Six Stew (or Stew-like) Recipe Videos for a Cold and Rainy Monday. I'm in the middle of doing my taxes, and while making so little money does make it fairly straightforward, there is still a lot of paperwork to get through.

Six Stew (or Stew-like) Recipe Videos for a Cold and Rainy Monday

So, since it is pouring rain in San Francisco today, I thought I would link to six great stew recipes, all perfect for days like this. Caramel Pork Belly - Understanding Unctuous Unctuousness. The only thing more popular than pork belly is using the word "unctuous" to describe it.

Caramel Pork Belly - Understanding Unctuous Unctuousness

If you're not familiar with the word, it has several definitions, but in a foodie context it's used to describe something rich, luxurious, and fabulously fatty - think bone marrow, foie gras, and of course, pork belly. Pastafazool – Italian Soul Food at its Best! The dish we are making today is really called “Pasta e fagioli,” “pasta and beans.”

Pastafazool – Italian Soul Food at its Best!

But, is (mis)pronounced and (mis)spelled by most Italian-Americans (me being one) as "Pastafazoo.” As I mention in the clip, if there is ever a Soul Food Olympics, this simple and hearty Italian meal of beans and macaroni should be that country’s entry! There are so many different kinds, ranging from very soup-like to thicker stew-like versions. Food Wishes - Video Recipes - Recipe Video Blog.

Food Wishes Recipes.