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Audio and Video Downloads | Headway Student's Site. Download audio and video resources to help you study better with Headway Student's Book Audio Unit 1 (ZIP, 14MB) Unit 2 (ZIP, 19MB) Unit 3 (ZIP, 17MB) Unit 4 (ZIP, 10MB) Unit 5 (ZIP, 19MB) Unit 6 (ZIP, 11MB) Unit 7 (ZIP, 17MB) Unit 8 (ZIP, 15MB) Unit 9 (ZIP, 9MB) Unit 10 (ZIP, 13MB) Unit 11 (ZIP, 23MB) Unit 12 (ZIP, 15MB) Workbook Audio Video Unit 1 (ZIP, 51MB) Unit 2 (ZIP, 67MB) Unit 3 (ZIP, 70MB) Unit 4 (ZIP, 69MB) Unit 5 (ZIP, 75MB) Unit 6 (ZIP, 57MB) Unit 7 (ZIP, 57MB) Unit 8 (ZIP, 73MB) Unit 9 (ZIP, 75MB) Unit 10 (ZIP, 58MB) Unit 11 (ZIP, 69MB) Unit 12 (ZIP, 52MB)

i9prof - edtech (@i9prof) • Instagram photos and videos. | Melhor alternativa gratuita para programas de vídeo pagos. 10+ Easy TV Series to Learn English | Learn English Online. Last updated: March 03, 2019 Is it a good idea to improve your English watching TV series? Of course! I will tell you today about the great TV series to learn English with. They are easier to understand than others if you just start practising natural English. While TV shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Games of Thrones, or Suits are fun to watch, they are quite difficult to understand for English learners. If you are an Elementary or Intermediate English learner without everyday contact with English, you need to prepare yourself for difficult stuff.

Why use TV series to learn English? First of all, they are fun! But also don’t forget that TV series: improve your listening skillsdevelop your confidence in understanding Englishteach you tons of speaking phrases and cool vocabulary You can watch TV series in English with English subtitles on List of easy TV series to learn English with I always advise starting with learning programmes like EXTRA or documentaries. Futurama Episodes Alf. Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make GIF Images Easily. IELTS. Skip links Footer Start Your Free English Course Today! Grammar Writing Listening Reading Vocabulary Pronunciation IELTS TOEFL TOEIC Business English Logic Activities. Present Perfect mixed online exercises. Have you ever...? Have something done. Take a look at these two sentences. What is the difference in meaning between them? 'I cut my hair.' 'I have my hair cut.' 'I cut my hair' means that I do it myself.'I have my hair cut means someone cuts my hair for me (in this case it's probably a hairdresser).

We use have something done to mean another person does a service for us. The grammar for this is pretty simple: Have + object + past participle Let's take a look at a few more examples: 'We didn't want to cook so we had a pizza delivered.'' We can also use 'get' instead of 'had' and the meaning stays the same. 'We didn't want to cook so we got a pizza delivered.' future 'I had my watch fixed' tells us about the past. 'Going to' tells us about a future plan that has already been made.

We use 'will' for something that has just been decided: I've just noticed how dirty my suit is. Questions Imagine that you like your friend's new haircut; you could ask her: 'Where did you have / get your hair cut? ' 'Where can I have / get my hair cut? ' future. English tests: Have something done. List of Conversation Topics | Conversation starters. One of the most frustrating things I have ever experienced around a girl, is if I and her run out of things to talk about. Since you found this post I assume you know what I’m talking about, and maybe you are interested in learning how to avoid awkward silence. I’m thinking about the teeth pooling moments where the awkward silence just takes over the situation, you are just sitting their smiling while desperately in your mind scrambling for something just mildly interesting say, but you just can think of anything, you mind is a total black out, you can’t even remember your own name at this point.

Finally you hear yourself saying something completely uninteresting, like: “sooo.. do you come here often”, she says “no its my first time!” And then the conversation dries up once again, the awkward silence start to eat you both up from the inside until one of you can’t stand the social pressure and thus make up some excuse to leave. Talk about Past Experiences: Talk about Current Experience: FCE Use of English Part Four sentence transformations games/ worksheets. Second conditional exercises - if clauses. Problem loading page.

ESL worksheet - Conditional dominoes II. Intermediate B1-B2 20 - 30 mins Groups of 3-4 Worksheet description Dominoes matching activity for first, second and third conditionals. Conditionals with if only. Sixteen cards For other conditional structures, see Conditional dominoes II Advanced Instructions Cut up the cards as indicated. Students then try to complete the two sentences on the first card. *Note: They should not have all the cards face up on the table at the start of the game as this is far more difficult to do and not every student will be focused on every match. Download conditional dominoes ii (.doc) Grammar | English File Student's Site. Have something done games/ worksheets. Updated 26 March 2018 Related pages Passive voice main page FCE sentence transformation page (as this part of First Certificate often includes have something done, see below for examples) – NEW LINK Photocopiable have something done classroom activities Have something done speaking practice (including roleplay discussion) Other have something done materials Have something done lesson plan on A Hive of Activities including nice quiz game that should also be good for adding some useful vocabulary (of places) Have something done online exercise – rather boring activity on the English File website, but with the nice idea of practising useful verbs at the same time Have something done speaking practice, quiz and list of books with this grammar point in them on ELT Base Have something done on BBC Learning English Grammar Challenge, with listening, grammar worksheet and online practice Materials including have something done with other language points Like this: Like Loading...

Second Conditional Contractions Listening Exercise. The second conditional contractions listening exercise has a song by Cher that uses contractions in second conditional sentences. She specifically uses the contraction with I: I would = I’d Listen to the song and recognize the examples of contractions. Here is the music video with a listening exercise below. Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time [Official… por SaborAEsenciaLatino Second Conditional Contractions Listening Exercise Quiz-summary 0 of 1 questions completed Questions: Information Fill in the blanks with the correct lyrics. You have already completed the quiz before. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Results 0 of 1 questions answered correctly Your time: Time has elapsed You have reached 0 of 0 points, (0) Your result has been entered into leaderboard Question 1 of 1 1.

More Second Conditional Practice Would you like to practice with more third conditional songs? Second Conditional Listening Exercise Second Conditional Lesson. Daily English Lesson. Catchy Words Game Review (ARKit) Catchy Words is a simple educational Augmented Reality word game for ARKit-powered devices. In this game, the player needs to catch floating letters and arrange them in the frame so they make out a word in English, they are scrambled by default. Of course, every set of letters can construct a word, but you need to solve which word is it. I’ve played this type of games before but not in AR. The nice thing about the AR version is that it combined movement and it feels really nice being able to collect a letter using your device. All you need to do is to first get to the bubble where all the letters are stored and pop it by touching it. Now the letters will start floating in the room, usually somewhere above your head.

Now, to catch a letter, you do the same, you aim your device and walk towards that letter and touch it. Everything regarding the AR performance works really smoothly and mostly without any issues. Catchy Words is definitely aimed for kids. Merge Cube Printable. Daytime View Of Eiffel Tower, Paris Stock Video - Video of eiffel, capital: 101785455. Second Conditional Test - Grammar Exercises. The second conditional is for unreal actions in the present. This second conditional exercise asks you to fill in the blanks with the correct structure. You can find more exercises at the bottom of the page.

Before you start, do you remember how to use the second conditional? You can find a lesson here: second conditional lesson. If you think you are ready, get started with the test below. Good luck! Quiz-summary 0 of 10 questions completed Questions: Information Choose the correct option for these second conditional sentences. You have already completed the quiz before. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Results 0 of 10 questions answered correctly Your time: Time has elapsed You have reached 0 of 0 points, (0) Your result has been entered into leaderboard Are you ready to check your understanding?

Second Conditional Test Second Conditional Test 2 Want to see if you know everything about the second conditional? Present perfect. Level: beginner The present perfect is formed from the present tense of the verb have and the past participle of a verb. We use the present perfect: for something that started in the past and continues in the present: They've been married for nearly fifty years. She has lived in Liverpool all her life. when we are talking about our experience up to the present: I've seen that film before.

We often use the adverb ever to talk about experience up to the present: My last birthday was the worst day I have ever had. and we use never for the negative form: Have you ever met George? For something that happened in the past but is important in the present: I can't get in the house. Have been and have gone We use have/has been when someone has gone to a place and returned: A: Where have you been? A: Have you ever been to San Francisco? But when someone has not returned, we use have/has gone: A: Where's Maria? Present perfect with time adverbials Scientists have recently discovered a new breed of monkey. Present Perfect Online Exercises. Have / has + Past Participle (3rd form) Conjugation present perfect I have listened to the song. You have listened to the song. He/She has listened to the song.

We have listened to the song. You have listened to the song. They have listened to the song. English Present perfect exercises Present perfect with free online exercises, Present perfect examples and sentences. Online exercises English grammar and courses Free tutorial Present perfect. StopotS - Jogo de stop (adedanha ou adedonha) online! | Aplicativos matemáticos gratuitos - Usado por mais de 100 milhões de estudantes e professores de todo o mundo.

Sweet Home 3D. Pixar in a Box | Partner content. Ajudar o professor a lidar com uma turma muito agitada - WPensar blog – Tudo sobre Gestão Escolar. Uma das maiores dificuldades dos professores em sala é de controlar uma turma agitada. Crianças pequenas são, por natureza, imaginativas, irrequietas, e cheias de energia. E elas estão dispostas a gastar essa energia do modo mais barulhento possível. Alunos mais velhos, por sua vez, costumam se dispersar facilmente com celulares ou conversas com os colegas. Em sala de aula, muitas vezes é difícil lidar com esses comportamentos dos alunos, principalmente quando os professores não têm muita experiência. Como auxiliar o professor na difícil tarefa de conseguir disciplina na sala, prender a atenção dos alunos, fazer com que estes fiquem mais calmos e mais focados nas atividades?

Veja mais:Sistema de gestão escolar: como diminuir a papeladaMelhore a comunicação com os pais usando uma Agenda DigitalDescubra como captar alunos para a sua escola ou curso Estabeleça combinados previamente Já dizia o ditado que “o combinado não é caro”. Incentive o bom comportamento Deixe as regras visíveis Dialogue. Educação Transformadora | José Moran – Educador e pesquisador de projetos de transformação da educação. Desafios na implementação do Projeto de Vida na Educação Básica e Superior Metodologias ativas: alguns questionamentos Metodologias ativas e modelos híbridos na educação Como transformar nossas Escolas? Novas formas de ensinar a alunos sempre conectados Por que avançamos tão devagar na Educação? A importância de construir Projetos de Vida na Educação Como transformar nossas Escolas?

Tecnologias digitais para uma aprendizagem ativa e inovadora A mentira e o cinismo desestruturam nossa sociedade Por onde começar a transformar nossas Escolas? Metodologias ativas, para realizar transformações progressivas e profundas no currículo Principais diferenciais das escolas mais inovadoras Aprendendo a desenvolver e orientar projetos de vida Aprender e ensinar com foco na educação híbrida Mudando a educação com metodologias ativas No lado direito (Últimas Notícias) pode ver as novidades, as últimas atualizações. Apoio dois tipos de mudanças: Sou professor de Novas Tecnologias na USP (aposentado). Apresentação | Curso Online Nova Escola. Learning Success Blog | Because they were born to learn. □ Emojis para ✂ Copiar e □ Colar □ □ no Email, Facebook, Whatsapp. Emoticons de Símbolos, placas, avisos, letras, números, etc. Emoji coraçãozinho vermelho amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho vermelho amor emoticon Emoji coraçãozinho amarelo amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho amarelo amor emoticon Emoji coraçãozinho verde amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho verde amor emoticon Emoji coraçãozinho azul amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho azul amor emoticon Emoji coraçãozinho roxo amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho roxo amor emoticon Emoji coração partido amor emoji emoticon coração partido amor emoticon Emoji ponto de exclamação coração amor emoji emoticon ponto de exclamação coração amor emoticon Emoji dois corações coraçãozinho amor emoji emoticon dois corações coraçãozinho amor emoticon Emoji coraçõezinhos rodando coração amor emoji emoticon coraçõezinhos rodando coração amor emoticon Emoji coraçãozinho batendo amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho batendo amor emoticon Emoji coraçãozinho crescendo amor emoji emoticon coraçãozinho crescendo amor emoticon Emoji quadrado UP!

British Council LearnEnglish Teens | Free resources for teens to help improve your English. HEALTH PROBLEMS AND TREATMENTS! Lesson plans, ideas and classroom techniques - Activity to practise For or Since... - Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of free icons. Second Conditional. Present Perfect vs Simple Past Exercise. Learning English Online. The second conditional. Portal do Professor. 244inglascomarte. How to write IELTS essay - IELTS-up. A Língua Inglesa na Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC) | British Council. 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom. Easil. 3553 free SVG and PNG icons for your games or apps |

Key Video Game Statistics for 2019 | Blog. 2019 Video Game Industry Statistics, Trends & Data - The Ultimate List. Learn English Speaking and Improve your Spoken English with Free English Speaking Lessons Online! Apresentação | Curso Online Nova Escola. How to write IELTS essay - IELTS-up.