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REVISED unified index for Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs. If you already have this pattern my new pattern ebbing is just $1 until midnight in Paris 5th April NOTE - due to my technoincompetence The pattern Wingspan and the eBook Wingspan and Beyond are EXACTLY the same thing - sorry for any confusion.

Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

The design is deceptively simple, knitted in one piece, shaped by short rows and completely in garter stitch. It works up very quickly. The basis is a series of triangles knitted on to each other but staggered by a set number of stitches (which are cast on again at the beginning of each new triangle.) There are instructions to adapt the design to any yarn and to adjust the size. Fibra Natura Flax Yarn: Fibra Natura Flax Knitting Yarn at Webs.

Knitting 2

Laces. Crochet Patterns. Gardening Info. Easter crafts. Sweet-November-Knit-Shawl.pdf (application/pdf Object) Haruni Shawl Pattern. Happy Easter Shawl « Beyenburgerin\'s Weblog. Geschrieben von beyenburgerin - April 13, 2012.

Happy Easter Shawl « Beyenburgerin\'s Weblog

Cowboy Cookies. There are about 30 ways to cast on in knitting.

Long tail, provisional, cable, crochet, backward loop...the mind reels. Untitled. The Story: Knitting Interlude.


Verdant wrap : Knitty Spring+Summer 2011. This wrap is worked in two halves, beginning with a provisional cast on.

Verdant wrap : Knitty Spring+Summer 2011

Creating with Cold Porcelain. There are many cold porcelain recipes available, this is the one I prefer because it gives good result and is non-toxic.

Creating with Cold Porcelain

Please supervise children while making or using this clay, non-toxic doesn't mean edible and pieces of cold porcelain could pose a choking hazard. Ingredients: 1 cup pva glue (white glue like Elmer's Glue All) 1 cup cornstarch 1 tablespoon mineral oil (babyoil) 1 tablespoon lemon juice, witchhazel, or clove oil (these are natural preservative that help prevent mold, optional but recommended) Directions:1. Combine ingredients in pot. Model as you would any other clay, metal and smooth plastic work best for me as does keeping my fingers lubricated with a little mineral oil. Mark's Birky Sox (aka Subversive Socks) Basic wardrobes can end clutter in the female closet. A way to keep clothing from cluttering up your life and taking over your bedroom is to have only a basic wardrobe.

Basic wardrobes can end clutter in the female closet

WE MAKE CARPETS. Paperboat Carpet by We Make Carpets. Dutch design trio We Make Carpets has reinvented the form of the traditional woven rug by creating brilliant installation carpets by weaving together unusual materials.

Paperboat Carpet by We Make Carpets

In the past, the collective created their carpets from products that once used have no value, such as pegs, pasta, and paper-clips (take a look at their archives). Now they have created a new series of five decorative carpets constructed entirely from folded paper-boats. The team use their installation pieces to re-evaluate ideas of consumer society and inspire new thoughts about a society. Gemstone Facts and Care M - Z.


Old shale smoke ring. Katie, my mother-in-law, does not like to wear hats. but unlike my other friends and family who don’t like hats, she lives in alaska and can’t get away with a headband. so, this is the perfect accessory for her. she already has quite the collection (including a white, lace quiviut one!).

old shale smoke ring

Why does she like them? They don’t squish her hair, can be worn many ways (like this or this), and they are warm and toasty. here’s another pretty shot of the colorway taken during our walk downtown. Anyhow, here’s the super simple pattern. Enjoy! Old Shale Smoke Ring Yarn: fingering weight wool Needles: size 7 US, 16 in. circular Final measurements: 12 in. across and about 14 in. tall CO 144 stitches join, being sure not to twist row 1: purl row 2: knit row 3: purl. Mellow green Body Using larger needles, with MC and CC held tog, CO 120 sts.

Beg with a WS row, work in garter st for 5 rows. Use a safety pin to mark the RS of the work. Switch to MC only and continue in garter st until body measures 3 inches, ending with a WS row. Feather and Fan versus Old Shale « Northern Lace. Sometimes one person’s slip can cause decades of error. This is definitely the case with the two separate and different Shetland patterns.

Feather and Fan is NOT the same as Old Shale. It never was and never will be. Someone, somewhere, about WWII made the slip and it went to the States to be handed down from generation to generation. No one seems to know who first made this error (and it was before the maverick who, in the 1950s, brought knitting to the fore but never let the truth get in the way of a good story!!). Women's Interchangeable Scarves.

Fixing knitting errors

Grandmother's Favorite - Knit Pattern - Dishcloths Boutique. Superba Knitting™: Superba Knitting Machines: A Review of Superba, Singer, White and Phildar Brand Knitting Machine Models. Greetings! This post reviews the various models of home knitting machines produced by S.I.T.