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Heart-on-the-beach.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 500 pixels) Hello, alcohol poisoning. Cape Perpetua. View of Pacific from Cape Perpetua Cape Perpetua is a large forested headland on the central Oregon Coast which projects into the Pacific Ocean.

Cape Perpetua

The land is managed by the United States Forest Service as part of the Siuslaw National Forest. Geography[edit] History[edit] For at least 6,000 years Native Americans hunted for mussels, crabs, sea urchins, and clams along the coast near Cape Perpetua. Several early explorers sailed past the cape. The area became part of the Siuslaw National Forest in 1908. In 1933, a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp was built at the foot of the cape just north of Cape Creek near where the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center is located today. The Cape Perpetua Shelter and Parapet were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.[2] Cape Perpetua Scenic Area[edit] Devil's Churn near Cape Perpetua Thor's Well Along the Cape Perpetua coastline there are several unique features as well.

WikiMiniAtlas References[edit] External links[edit] Coordinates: The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence. Directions - Plan Your Visit - Longwood Gardens. Page pg_standard.xsl PYVDirections Longwood Gardens is located on US Route 1, about 3 miles northeast of Kennett Square, PA. Longwood is an easy drive and offers free parking! Miles to Longwood: Philadelphia, PA - 30 Wilmington, DE - 12 Valley Forge, PA - 28 Lancaster, PA - 43 Baltimore, MD - 72* Washington, DC - 110* New York, NY - 130 To find directions using an internet directions website, please use the following address for Longwood Gardens:

Replacing Your Guitar Innards. Jul 20 This article is a guide to replacing pickups, control pots and wiring inside your guitar.

Replacing Your Guitar Innards

Often, replacing the stock pickups on a guitar with a better quality ones that match your playing style more closely, will yield better sounds. This article was inspired by just such a thing - the stock Ibanez pickups on my DTX120 were muddy sounding, and the wiring and pots were knackered. Because of the many varied configurations of guitar controls and pickup wiring schematics - this is only a generalised guide and specifics will relate to the 2 humbucker / volume / tone / 3 way switch configuration. The first question you need to ask yourself is "Do I need to replace my pickups or wiring? ". In my case this was a yes to both points of the question. A potentiometer with a short split shaft and 3 solder lugs Diagram of the innards of a potentiometer The track was starting to wear out on the inner ring as well as slightly on the outer ring. Next up was the wiring. A hex head for a ratchet spanner. Nerdy Day Trips.

Practice Kits for Online Bartending Courses. The Best Online Bartending School in N.

Practice Kits for Online Bartending Courses

America! Practice Kits and Books Standard Mixing Kit Bartending kits are essential for hands-on practice mixing drinks. This kit contains standard tools used by every bar. Professional Practice Kit This kit adds additional tools to the standard mixing kit. Super Deluxe Practice Kit This kit contains all the tools, containers and glasses needed to practice bartending, including special glasses for highball drinks, Martinis, and shots.

Training Manual and Recipe Guide Plus Bartender Toolkit Online Access! Professional Bartending School's training manual is your complete guide to bartending! INCLUDED BARTENDER TOOLKIT: The book includes free online access to our Bartender Toolkit for your computer, tablet, or handheld device with Internet access. Iroquis indian museum. Nikko Sushi & Seafood Buffet, 1893 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12205. Purchase Tickets. IEC_virtual_tour. New Jersey Waterfalls & Caves. Staten Island Banquet Facility Wedding Locations Romantic Restaurants. Top Picnic areas in New Jersey for Group Outings.