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Mobxjs/mobx: Simple, scalable state management. Timjacobi/angular2-education. GitHub - omcljs/om: ClojureScript interface to Facebook's React. JSVerify — property based testing for JavaScript. Like QuickCheck. JSVerify JSVerify is a property-based testing library, highly inspired by QuickCheck.

JSVerify — property based testing for JavaScript. Like QuickCheck.

It is testing framework agnostic, you could use JSVerify with Mocha, nodeunit, Jasmine or any other framework. Property based testing Write properties about your function that should hold true for all inputs, instead of enumerating expected inputs and outputs. Reagent: Minimalistic React for ClojureScript. GitHub - stampit-org/stampit: OOP is better with stamps: Composable object factories.

Introducing the Webix Framework. Nowadays there are a lot of frameworks, everyone with something unique.

Introducing the Webix Framework

We have AngularJS, Ember, and On SitePoint we have covered these frameworks in many occasions: Creating a Next Gen JavaScript Application with Aurelia, Building a Twitter App Using AngularJS, and Add Twitter Authentication to an Ember.js App with Torii. In this article, I want to cover the Webix framework. To show how it works I’ll guide you through the creation of an online audio player model. Keep in mind that it’s just a model, so there is no playback. Victor Savkin. GitHub - torokmark/design_patterns_in_typescript: Design pattern implementations in TypeScript. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

They are both exciting and a fascinating topic to explore in any programming language. One reason for this is that they help us build upon the combined experience of many developers that came before us and ensure we structure our code in an optimized way, meeting the needs of problems we're attempting to solve. Design patterns also provide us a common vocabulary to describe solutions. Yes, I Used jQuery in My Angular2 Application - Wintellect DevCenterWintellect DevCenter. An astute observer has probably noticed that I’m using jQuery in my Angular2 example application.

Yes, I Used jQuery in My Angular2 Application - Wintellect DevCenterWintellect DevCenter

“The horror! Revoke his Angular2 license now!!” I’m in no way saying this is a best practice or even a good practice. Including jQuery is not required or even desirable for most Angular2 applications. Minko Gechev's blog. Understanding Zones. At NG-Conf 2014, Brian gave an excellent talk on zones and how they can change the way we deal with asynchronous code.

Understanding Zones

If you haven’t watched this talk yet, give it a shot, it’s just ~15 minutes long. APIs might be different nowadays, but the semantics and underlying concepts are the same. In this article we’d like to dive a bit deeper into how zones work. The problem to be solved Let’s recap really quick what zones are.