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United States History (Era)

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Fear, Terrorism, and Unconventional Threats (1990-Present)

Globalization-Social Change (1975-Present) Vietnam War (1954-1974) New Frontier and Great Society (1960-1968) Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968) Cold War (1949-1989) Postwar Boom (1946-1959) World War II era (1939-1949) Great Depression (1929-1941) Roaring Twenties (1920-1929) Progressive Era-Imperialism (1890-1920) Divided Nation, Civil War, and Reconstruction (1820-1880s) Industrial Revolution (1840-1900) Western Expansion-International Relations (1800-1840) Constitution and Politics (1776-1810) Revolutionary America (1750s-1789)

Colonial America (1600-1750)

European Exploration/Discovery/Conquest (1492-1600) Pre-European Contact Natives in America. Ancient American Civilizations.