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More Schools Embrace the iPad as a Learning Tool. Education 2.0 ? Social Networking and Education. In the last decade, the Internet has changed how teachers and students learn in the classroom.

Education 2.0 ? Social Networking and Education

Companies like Google, Wikipedia, and WordPress have opened the door to instant exploration of subjects and questions that haven’t been available in the classroom before. Students are now able to explore the ancient Egyptian pyramids using Google Maps, see updated facts and information on a wiki, or read a famous explorer’s blog posts on their expeditions, all safely from their desks. 7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers. The possibilities for social media tools in the classroom are vast.

7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers

In the hands of the right teacher, they can be used to engage students in creative ways, encourage collaboration and inspire discussion among even soft-spoken students. But we've already made our case for why teachers should consider using social media in their classrooms. Educational Hash Tags.