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Global Digital Citizen Foundation. Solution Fluency Activity Planner. 20th vs 21st Century Classroom. The World Cafe. IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America. In a society based on participation, empowerment, and democracy, shouldn't education be participatory, empowering, and democratic?

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America

The United States of America is founded on democracy and the democratic values of meaningful participation, personal initiative, and equality and justice for all. Democratic education infuses the learning process with these fundamental values of our society. Democratic education sees young people not as passive recipients of knowledge, but rather as active co-creators of their own learning. An Unlikely Group Forms Unified Vision for the Future of Education. Education has long been a hotly debated issue and with good reason — the policies and actions of education leaders affect our nation’s children, the future of the workforce and the day-to-day lives of families.

An Unlikely Group Forms Unified Vision for the Future of Education

But the struggle to improve the system has often left advocates in distinct camps, each believing that their solution, whether it be charter schools or blended learning or investing in teachers, is the best way to improve learning. That’s why it’s surprising to see a group of high-profile but strange bedfellows putting forward a new vision for learning, which they’re calling Education Reimagined. “People really wanted to get together to reimagine the fundamental system, recognizing that a whole lot of money has gone into trying to fix the system with no real results,” said Kelly Young, spokesperson for Education Reimagined.

Educators. P21’s reports and publications support a vision for learning to ensure 21st century readiness for every student.


These documents have been developed through a comprehensive process involving thorough input from partners, educators, researchers, organizations and businesses across the country. All of our materials are available for download in PDF format. Select resources can also be ordered in print for a nominal fee along with the cost of postage. If you have any additional questions or requests, please e-mail usThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Defining 21st Century Skills Implementing 21st Century Skills. Welcome to The Independent Project. In Education, How Do We Create a Culture of Experimentation? — Bright. Tom Vander Ark (TV): Ten years ago, there was little innovation in education — limited R&D, almost no venture capital, and foundations were funding traditional ideas.

In Education, How Do We Create a Culture of Experimentation? — Bright

Every other sector was transforming itself with technology, but education largely looked like it did a hundred years ago. That was the problem we were trying to address when we launched Getting Smart and Learn Capital in 2008. The good news is that we’re seeing progress on many fronts. From almost no venture capital seven years ago, we saw $1.6 billion invested in the first half of this year. Most national education foundations have developed an innovation agenda. Matt Candler (MC): Tom, you were way ahead of me when it comes to innovation in schooling. What I think is missing is a disciplined approach to early-stage investing in ideas — and the leaders who have them. The idea of philanthropy as smart risk capital doesn’t really fly with most foundations. PBL K5. Creating Your Roadmap to 21st Century Learning Environments1. Assisted Shift - Transforming Education. What is school for? Education Revolution.

Building Your Roadmap for 21st Century Learning Environments. This revolution will not be schooled: How we are collectively improvising a ‘new story’ about learning » Bayo Akomolafe. Institute for Democratic Education in America. Julian Bond: A Giant of Justice Dear Friends, As you may or may not have recently heard, yet another tall and strong tree has fallen in our civil and human rights forest, Mr.

Institute for Democratic Education in America

ALFTrainingFramework2014.2. Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges. Values 1. Children Educate Themselves IV: Lessons from Sudbury Valley. What Does Opening a Democratic Free School Look Like? — the mosaic school. The first two weeks looked like some kids going to the courses we set up and others not.

What Does Opening a Democratic Free School Look Like? — the mosaic school

Some kids went one week and not the other. Some left in the middle. Some just wanted to watch. Mostly, the kids really wanted to exercise their right to choose. The Art of Self-Directed Learning. What is a democratic school? - Sands School; Ashburton, Devon. Home - Alfie Kohn. David Gribble. Trusting my child to choose his own adventure: democratic unschooling in action. I've been answering the question, "What grade is your son in?

Trusting my child to choose his own adventure: democratic unschooling in action

" for nine years, and even now I'm never quite sure what will come out of my mouth. In some ways, it's actually getting harder to answer. The older G gets, the farther off the map of traditional education we seem. G has been attending The Clearwater School since age four. 125 Ways To Make Your School More Democratic. Back in December, on a couple of blogs, I asked folks to contribute how they’ve made their schools or classrooms more democratic.

125 Ways To Make Your School More Democratic

Within days the list went from 15 (what we went live with) to hundreds, with contributions from educators in England, Israel, Puerto Rico, Brazil and all over the United States. And they’re still coming in. A couple of folks asked for a comprehensive list, so here it is. Crowdsourced and growing… Check out the list… Education Revolution - Alternative Education Resource Organization. Play Mountain Place.