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LinkedIn Launches iPad App, Takes New Direction. Entering the Social Media Realm: Nonprofits. Tango Card - What makes us so unique. Pinterest Founder Ben Silbermann Live Speech From L2. 25 ways to use Facebook, Twitter & Storify to improve political coverage. Social media has become a powerful tool for journalists covering elections.

25 ways to use Facebook, Twitter & Storify to improve political coverage

It’s given journalists a way to see how politicians and campaign staffers are interacting with voters and sharing news. And it’s helped them find local voters and get a better sense of what their audience wants in election coverage. As the Republican primary season intensifies, here are 25 tips on how journalists can use Facebook, Twitter, Storify, Google, LinkedIn and other tools to improve coverage leading up to — and on — Election Day.

Facebook See how politicians are targeting local voters.

NewhouseSM4 Content with DR4Ward and Lynessa

Fluid Thoughts. Bicoastal Bred. Earlier this week, my group presented our team teaching presentation on Social TV in my social media class, #NewhouseSM4.

Bicoastal Bred

Our presentation focused on the growth of integrating social media applications while watching television. The Social TV apps we focused on included GetGlue, SocialGuide, Trendrr and Miso. Our group created a unique hashtag, #AKASocialTV, which we used throughout the semester to identify tweets regarding our project and Social TV in general. I used a lot of new tools to collaborate with my team members including Pearltrees, Storify, G+ Hangouts and Slideshare. We created our very own virtual classroom and could collaborate on our own time to complete the project. Social Business: the Current Situation and Future Predictions (infographic)

Skype Makes Facebook and Twitter the Enemy, Uses Enemy to Promote Itself. Technology is changing the way people think and operate, but is it also degrading humanity?

Skype Makes Facebook and Twitter the Enemy, Uses Enemy to Promote Itself

That's the premise behind Skype's new $12 million marketing campaign, which slams both Facebook and Twitter as it promotes its own more-intimate form of keeping in touch. The campaign, "It's time for Skype," makes virtual enemies out of Facebook and Twitter with targeted ads that suggest the social networking sites are "degrading humanity. " If Twitter is known for its 140-character limit and Facebook for its wall posts, Skype's authority is that its video conferencing — and the real emotions that it can express — bring people back to a (more) real world.

The ads, released in the U.K. on April 2 and expected to hit the U.S. in the coming months, include the following catchphrases: "When did LOL replace the sound of laughter? "" The ads have a bold look as well, with "It's time for Skype," featured below the slogan: Social Media Trends 2012 – Content Curation in PR. By Sally Falkow In her post about social media trends in 2012 Beverly Macy says content curation is important because people want to know what’s important and they want to discover interesting and relevant content.

Social Media Trends 2012 – Content Curation in PR

“Competitive advantage goes to companies who quickly figure out how to enable effective aggregation curation. Look for rapid innovation in this field.” There are already a slew of tools that enable curation of content. Social Data for Yield and Retention. France Shooting Suspect Tracked Down Through IP Address. French police have tracked down the "scooter shooter," who allegedly murdered seven people in a two-week killing spree in the name of al Qaeda, through an IP address.

France Shooting Suspect Tracked Down Through IP Address

Mohamed Merah, 24, is suspected of shooting three children and a rabbi Monday in the southwestern city of Toulouse at a Jewish school. He also shot three French soldiers of north African descent in two separate events on March 11 and 15. According to Reuters, he was tracked down with the IP address he used to contact the first soldier he shot, saying he was interested in buying his motorcycle. His mother's IP address, which he has been using, was already being monitored by French authorities because of his alleged radical Islamist beliefs. Three hundred police officers are currently surrounding the four-story building in a Toulouse suburb, where his IP address was tracked.

Legal Blogging: How to Craft the Right Strategy. Kevin O’Keefe is CEO and publisher of LexBlog, the leading provider of professional turnkey blog and social media solutions.

Legal Blogging: How to Craft the Right Strategy

The LexBlog Network (LXBN), with over 7,000 lawyers and other service professionals, is the largest network of professionals blogging. For the better part of a decade, law firms have successfully used blogs to bring in high-quality work. Now, there is new industry research that measures the impact of blogs as business development tools. Jobs. The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games. NewHouse.


LAUSD hires social media coordinator. Los Angeles Unified is about to go viral, with a social media director launching Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites in an effort to broaden the district's community outreach.

LAUSD hires social media coordinator

Former CBS/KCAL reporter Stephanie Abrams, who started her LAUSD job early this month, will also be integrating other district and campus networks and working to create websites at schools that don't yet have them. "The sky's the limit," said Abrams, whose television stint included coverage of the technology sector. "We're not sure yet what the response will be. " One of Abrams' first tasks was relaunching the district's Facebook page, which on Monday featured a photo of students from 186th Elementary School hanging out at "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno's garage. Using the district's new Twitter account, @LASchools, Abrams tweeted Granada Hills Charter High's weekend victory at the state Academic Decathlon and the debate over the budget at last week's school board meeting. How Social Media Is Changing The Landscape Of Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC] Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords. SEATTLE (AP) -- When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references.

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password. Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook page. But she couldn't see his private profile. 7 Tech CEOs Talk About Their iPad Obsession. The iPad for Business Series is supported by LogMeIn.

7 Tech CEOs Talk About Their iPad Obsession

Get remote access to your PC or Mac from any device, anywhere — for free. The iPad is an excellent business tool, and it may one day replace the laptop as the traveling businessperson's workhorse. But it's useful for more than just work — the iPad helps busy CEOs stay abreast of the headlines and ahead of the curve with a bevy of useful apps. The iPad can help with collaboration, productivity, logging expenses and staying organize during travel.

Mobile Devices Lead To A Stronger Connection To News Brands: Study « Social Media Marketing Trends and News. Facebook’s New Privacy Policy Isn’t All That Private. 4 Ways Colleges Can Take Their Social Media Presence to the Next Level. Is your college or university really doing a great job with social media? Lists like “ Top 100 Social Media Colleges ” and “ 20 colleges making good use of social media ” point out the growing role social media plays in higher education. NewhouseSM4. How To: Perform Google Image Search on any Pinterest Image. Pinterest is the hottest social network, where everyone is into curating the content.

How To: Perform Google Image Search on any Pinterest Image

It is a visual collection of images and hence images are the main key players for Pinterest success. Unlike Tineye, Google does allow us to search by images. Below is a small video which describes the “Google Search by Image”: Google Search by Image (Video) While we are browsing Pinterest, we see several pinned images which are either of small resolution or not from the right source. Don't Tag Me, Bro: How to Control Facebook Photo Tags Mashable Don't Tag Me, Bro: How to Control Facebook Photo Tags. How To Find A Job Using Social Media. So you are looking for a new job and you contact a recruitment agency and you apply, the trouble is you are one out of 100, 200 or even 300 people applying. It is a bit daunting really and doing it that way can be more than frustrating, so how can you jump to the head of the queue?

Well social media sites and having your own personally branded blog are providing a way to stand out from the crowd and get that job without having to negotiate that recruiting company gatekeeper. How to Make an Infographic of your Twitter Profile. Computer technology at its birth was complicated and extremely difficult to use. It was the sand box of geeks and engineers.

You had to have a degree in computer science to play with the big mainframes of IBM and Hewlett Packard. It was the age of “big iron”, water cooled monsters that took up rooms to crunch data that is now seen as simple tasks and can now be performed on your iPhone. Computing for the Masses The advent of the personal computer brought computing to the masses. Software emerged such as Word, that enabled people to easily write their own documents and by-pass the secretary with the type writer. Is This the Future of Books? I remember as a child discovering the joy of reading and consumed books about pirates and undersea adventures with coral atolls, turquoise transparent seas and hidden treasure that captured my imagination and took me to worlds far beyond my suburban existence. Borrowing numerous books from the school library saw me inducted into the library hall of fame due to my constant attendance and high reading activity and my library card was replaced often due to frequent book borrowings.

Can social media be reliable news source? BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Amid the withering of newspaper revenues and the ascent of Facebook, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that social media refers to tools for connecting with others and sharing information. Social networks playing bigger role in job hunts. How Many Billionaires Has Facebook Created?

7 Success Secrets Of The World's Largest Blog. How to Make Your Tweets More Trustworthy [STUDY] Ever feel like you tweet something important, but no one believes you? A recent study shows you how to boost the credibility of your tweets, making people take them more seriously. And it's not just marketing fluff; the study was conducted by researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University. Google Now Larger Than Entire US Newspaper Industry. How to Make Your Tweets More Trustworthy [STUDY] China moves to control Sina Weibo social network with real names. NFL Free Agents Gain New Power with Social Media. Amid the NFL's free agency frenzy, NFL players have taken to social media this week to break news of their fresh contracts and switches to new teams.

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon, for instance, announced via his Facebook Page on Tuesday that he would join the Washington Redskins after four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. How Iceland Is Rebuilding Its Economy With Social Media. REYKJAVIK, Iceland — While visiting Iceland for an online marketing conference last week, I found myself in the president of Iceland's living room, scratching my head at how welcoming and eager he was to talk about the country's use of social media and technology to rebuild the nation.

The fact that Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson — who has been running the country for 16 years and just announced last week that he will be campaigning once again for re-election — invites strangers into his own home is not all that surprising, when you consider the way he runs the country. Sure, it's highly rare for someone in his position to open his door to people he doesn't know, but this is precisely the way he approaches government in this tiny, snowy country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. "Iceland is a society based on the principle that everyone is a friend until proven otherwise," Grímsson tells me.

Why Design Matters. The Power of Connectivity in social media. UPDATE by 1RunAmerica WASHINGTON, DC, March 15, 2012—As of this morning 1Run has decided to indefinitely postpone their national wellness campaign for diabetes awareness. Last year, 1Run announced its support for Doug Masiuk, the first type 1 diabetic to attempt running across the United States. 'Sentiment Analysis' Aims to Sort Out Marketing Truths. Impact of Viral Videos and Social Media on Business. The Broad Sustainable Building Co., LTD (BSB), established in March 2009, has made a big impact online with their time elapsed video of the assembly and completion of a 30-story hotel in only 360 hours over a 15 day period. Millions of Views Over the last few weeks the time elapsed video has been seen by millions of people on YouTube, and has sparked conversation about the potential of prefab construction.

Let's Talk About Social Business. What Are The 7 Elements Of Influence Power On Twitter? Does Your Website Have Too Much Social Media Scenery? Lenovo Plans to Be First to Make a Windows 8 Tablet [REPORT] Is Guest Blogging an Effective Marketing Tool? 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic. “How Does Social Media Such As Blogs, Twitter And Facebook Help Your SEO? “ What Are Nonprofit Communication Trends For 2012. "How Non Profits Can Use Social Media – Facebook Edition" Lynessamarie. NewhouseSM4. Tandameshia/newhousesm4. Alyssangoldberg. #NewhouseSM4.