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Qt - A cross-platform application and UI framework. Professional Registration. Engineering Council - recognising professional excellence - Engineering Council Home. Flying With Fish - The Blog for Those Who Fly & Those Who Want to Fly Smarter. Having grown up watching planes fly over my house, all day and night, and having spent the last 27 years (of my 37 years on this Earth) generally found with a camera in my hand, it is only natural that I can at times be found shooting photos of airplanes.

Over the years I’ve shot planes for news outlets, airlines, corporate clients, aircraft manufacturers and of course just for my own personal enjoyment. When I look at photographs I don’t like obvious photos, and tend to dislike the ‘easy’ photos. Yes, obvious and easy photos have their place, and I am guilty of shooting them for various reasons, but more often than not when I go looking for photos, I stay away from what has become the boring “ Formula” of shooting airplanes. What prompted me to discuss this today?

Immigrating to Canada. Determine your eligibility Includes immigration programs you can apply for and information about what makes you inadmissible to Canada.

Immigrating to Canada

Apply to immigrate Includes applications for federal skilled workers, family sponsorship, start-up visas, live-in caregivers and refugees. National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2006.