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Mod Minecraft, Minecraft Modding Software - LearnToMod. Microsoft is launching a site to help teachers master 'Minecraft' How Minecraft and Duct Tape Wallets Prepare Our Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet. EdSurge Newsletters Receive weekly emails on edtech products, companies, and events that matter.

How Minecraft and Duct Tape Wallets Prepare Our Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

When I was 11 I loved designing web pages and playing Sim City. Adults in my life didn’t recognize these skills as valuable, so neither did I. Actually, I began to feel guilty for using my computer so much. In high school I stopped making web pages altogether to focus on sports. So, now I’m building DIY, the online community I wish I had when I was young. My objective with this wide-ranging set of skills, and involving the community so closely in their development, is to give kids the chance to practice whatever makes them passionate now and feel encouraged –– even if they’re obsessed with making stuff exclusively with duct tape. It’s difficult to predict which skills will be valuable in the future, and even more challenging to see the connection between our children’s interests and these skills. Untitled. Intro Video for MOOC #MCEMOOC.

Dashboard. Carol's thoughts on life, ICT and whatever comes: Learning Minecraft 1. Minecraft in my lessons before the course. My Minecraft adventure started years ago when some of my students spoke so much and passionately about this game.

Minecraft in my lessons before the course

Honestly I thought it was a strategic game of some sort of a not-for-middle-aged-female-teacher sort of game like WoT of WoW or ... you know, that kind. I had no idea about a game, the only thing I remember is their obsession with it. Then I had this student one summer (one-to-one), whom I asked if she had ever played Minecraft. She showed me marvellous glass castles and a hotel she had built with her friends. I was amazed at her creativity and the amount of work she had invested in it. It was Filip and Marijana’s #RSCON5 webinar that convinced me to buy a MC Pocket Edition. I immediately saw some potential in it, I thought it could be used in reading and listening comprehension tasks (I dictate or write down what kind of house or farm learners have to make) and well, that was all I could think of back then.

As it turned out, there was far more in it. Minecraft dictation 3D to 2D. Der Film. EVO Minecraft MOOC meet and greet with Jeff Kuhn. Audio rendition of the YouTube recordingAudio Player Download mp3 to your device: On Wed Jan 14 at 1400 GMT EVO Minecraft MOOC held a meet and greet with Jeff Kuhn.

EVO Minecraft MOOC meet and greet with Jeff Kuhn

Also on hand were EVOMC15 co-moderators Marijana and Filip Smolcec and Vance and Bobbi Stevens. Jeff started us off by laying out the rationale for using games in the classroom, including statistics showing that the video gaming industry was worth five times as many billion dollars as the film industry, certainly not a medium to ignore. One game that has been doing quite well in that industry is Minecraft, and our discussion explored how it can be used in class and also explored a little of Minecraft itself thanks to a screen share from Bobbi’s computer.

Hope you enjoy the recording. The event was in hangout Live streamed Archived also at: Further reading. Official Minecraft Wiki - The ultimate resource for all things Minecraft. EVO Minecraft MOOC Week 1 - Orient. Log In to Canvas. Using Minecraft for Learning English. * * * On the Internet * * * August 2014–Volume 18, Number 2 Marijana Smolčec Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana, Ogulin, Croatia msmolcec Filip Smolčec 5th Grade Primary School Student with an introduction by Vance Stevens Higher Colleges of Technology / CERT / KBZAC, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates vancestev Introduction to Minecraft One fine morning in August, 2014 as I was preparing to work on this article, I did as writers do all over the world as they seek to prolong procrastination, I checked Facebook.

Using Minecraft for Learning English

Figure 1. As Rehab and Lina can both tell you, Minecraft is a game known since its inception in 2009 to have occupied both children and adults in hours of enjoyable play with creative thinking. Joel Levin, a.k.a. Figure 2. Kuhn illustrates the concept of possibility space by explaining why we lose interest in Tic Tac Toe (too limited a possibility space – games become boring once possibility spaces are exhausted). Enter the third design element, intentional design. Figure 3.