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Social media in the classroom

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Shy students should be able to tweet their teacher in class, study finds. THERE could soon be a whole lot more twits in our school classrooms.

Shy students should be able to tweet their teacher in class, study finds

New research from Southern Cross University has found strong benefits for the use of Twitter by students too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask teachers questions in the time-honoured raised-hand method. Southern Cross business lecturer Jeremy Novak, along with Central Queensland University's Dr Michael Cowling, studied the use of Twitter among university students as a method for asking questions and gaining feedback without having to stand the stares and scrutiny of fellow students. The positive feedback from students, particularly international students, has convinced the research team the use of Twitter technology could also be embraced by classrooms at high school and even primary school level.

"Twitter is another exciting teaching aide that is highly under-utilised by lecturers and teachers in the education sector,'' Mr Novak said. 5 Best Practices For Educators On Facebook. Facebook's roots may be planted in college campuses, but classrooms have not welcomed the social network as eagerly as their students have.

5 Best Practices For Educators On Facebook

Once a Harvard startup open only to college students, Facebook has been pegged as a waste of time, a classroom disruption and a bad habit that is correlated with low grades. Missouri even went so far as to ban Facebook and other social media relationships between teachers and students (the law was later repealed). But teachers such as Reynol Junco — who recently published a study that shows certain types of Facebook use are correlated with higher GPAs — are beginning to look at ways that they can use Facebook to their advantage. "Students are already very familiar with the platform and spend a lot of time on the site," Junco says. Here are tips from Junco and other teachers on how to effectively use Facebook in the classroom. 1. 2.

Fortunately, you don't have to be Facebook friends to interact on Facebook. 3. 4. Dr. 5. Smartphones and handheld computers: the new battleground in UK schools. Children's learning could "hugely improve" if all pupils were given smartphones to use in the classroom, technology experts say but, instead, the UK risks falling behind because "the government doesn't seem that interested in it".

Smartphones and handheld computers: the new battleground in UK schools

Research shows that in many areas, the majority of pupils own a smartphone, but many schools ban the devices and the National Association of Head Teachers says they hold "potential for mischief and distraction". Earlier this year, a secondary school in Kent became the first in the country to equip each of its 1,400 pupils with an Apple iPad tablet computer. Longfield academy near Dartford said the iPads would help pupils' learning.

5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom. Social media has found a prominent place in the college classroom.

5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom

In fact, nearly 80 percent of faculty members are using social media in some way, according to a recent survey of nearly 2,000 college faculty by the Babson Survey Research Group published in April. While some platforms, such as YouTube, have been widely accepted in the classroom, Twitter has been slower to catch on as a teaching tool. In the same survey, only 2 percent of professors reported using the microblogging site—which limits posts to 140 characters—in class.

Jim Newman, a Ph.D. student and instructor at Northern Illinois University, says that he uses Twitter not as a news source for his class but as a bulletin board. "[Twitter] is not something I'm going to be using to chat [with students]," Newman says. Where some college instructors use the platform to update students on classroom logistics, it offers others an opportunity for community learning. 1. 2. 3.

Colleges Get Mixed Reviews When Using Twitter for Customer Service. At 10:58 a.m. on October 3, Lindenwood University junior Katherine Anderson notified the university's official Twitter handle about a car crash on campus, and said a professor almost hit her car.

Colleges Get Mixed Reviews When Using Twitter for Customer Service

"Do something about the driving on campus," she Tweeted in all caps. Lindenwood's response from @LindenwoodU came five-and-a-half hours later: "Specific suggestions for improvement are always welcome. " Chelsy McInnis, also a junior at Lindenwood, says the university looked her friend Anderson up in the directory and called her cell phone—rather than sending a direct message on Twitter. That partly explains why McInnis says the school is ignoring its student body on social media, where it responds only to "positive messages or the occasional nonthreatening question. " How Facebook Use Correlates With Student Outcomes. Boris PopkoffReynol Junco.

How Facebook Use Correlates With Student Outcomes

Is Facebook a worthless waste of time for students? Does it steal time and energy that they would otherwise spend on homework? Is it focusing their attention on trivia, facilitating unhealthy interactions with peers and teachers, and turning their minds to jelly? Many parents and teachers certainly feel this way. But research shows that the reality is a bit more nuanced.

Siphoning the Fumes of Teen Culture: How to Co-opt Students’ Favorite Social Media Tools. In 1763, a royal decree was issued from Great Britain to the North American colonists: Do not?

Siphoning the Fumes of Teen Culture: How to Co-opt Students’ Favorite Social Media Tools

Do not!? Expand west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists resented the proclamation, inferring that the British were trying to contain them along the Atlantic Seaboard where control and taxation could be more easily imposed. The King believed his proclamation to be motivated by good intentions, protecting colonists from instigating any more costly wars with Native Americans, for one. But nothing could stop the westward expansion fever. In 2011, social media is the new frontier. Social Media Policy Sparks Lawsuit - Jim Nichols - Media Mixer. Add visuals to your online conversations. Stupeflix - Video production made easy.