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VASTO - The Virtualization Assessment Toolkit VASTO - The Virtualization Assessment Toolkit Vasto Virtualization ASsesment TOolkit Clicking moves left Clicking moves right VASTO is a Virtualization ASsessment TOolkit, a collection of Metasploit modules meant to be used as a testing tool to perform penetration tests or security audit of virtualization solutions. It has been sponsored by Secure Network and includes contributions by fellow hackers.
There is a new tool for anti virus bypass which allows an attacker to inject shellcode into a process Post exploitation. Enabling the attacker to pass a shell to a remote location, generally i assume this would be a meterpreter shell for obvious reasons. Those of us who penetration test for a living are aware of the need to sometimes have a shell after obtaining gui system access. Buuuut Antivirus can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. A few people came to me today saying they tried this new technique and it looked awesome but was not functioning correctly, below is a description of why it was not working for them and how to fix it.. here is a link for the program as reference. Bypassing AntiVirus With Process Injection Bypassing AntiVirus With Process Injection
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GPU Rainbow Cracker Overview The Cryptohaze GPU Rainbow Cracker is a fully GPU and OpenCL accelerated set of rainbow table tools. Unlike the existing CUDA accelerated rainbow table tools that simply accelerate the stock RainbowCrack tables, the Cryptohaze rainbow tables are a totally ground up implementation. GPU Rainbow Cracker
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David R. Heffelfinger's - Free PDF Unlock Online Util Some PDF documents prevent the user from copying and pasting or printing it's contents. This sometimes presents a problem since the author of the PDF might have used a font that is not available in the sytem trying to read it. This page contains a free online utility that allows you to upload a PDF, once uploaded, a version of the PDF without printing or copying/pasting restrictions is displayed in a new browser window. To unlock a PDF file, enter it's location in the "PDF file to unlock" field, by either typing it in the field or clicking on the "browse" button, then navigating to it's location.

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Hacking the Dlink 502T router I have upgraded my 256kbps ADSL to 512kbps and it is bundled with Dlink 502T router. Soon after installation I found that it runs Linux :). Hacker inside me decided to play around this router. How do I Log in to router interface via telnet You can login over telnet. Hacking the Dlink 502T router
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Tools | iSEC Partners iSEC Partners is an expert full-service information security firm. Our security assessments leverage our extensive knowledge of current security vulnerabilities, penetration techniques and software development best practices to enable customers to secure their applications against ever-present threats on the Internet. Primary emphasis is placed upon helping software developers build safe, reliable code. We also provide extensive research in many information security areas such as; application attack & defense, web services, operating system security, privacy, storage network security and malicious application analysis. Tools | iSEC Partners
Hispasec - Seguridad Informática Estas son las claves más conocidas que suelen modificar los troyanos para iniciarse con el sistema y bloquearlo. Hay muchos otros puntos de inicio, pero que no son utilizados por la mayoría del malware. Por ejemplo, el malware de la policía, SpyEye, zbot... todos usan normalmente alguna de esas ramas para arrancarse al inicio. En última instancia, al proteger el modo seguro, el usuario se asegura de que siempre podrá entrar en ese modo sin alteraciones. Siempre se aplicarán las reglas para el usuario bajo cuyo contexto se lanza el programa. Esto quiere decir que si se usan varios usuarios en el sistema, se debe lanzar para cada uno de ellos. Hispasec - Seguridad Informática
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