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Jason Thielke
How to Promote Your Work on Behance As many of you already know, Behance is a world leader in helping creatives around the world promote their work. On Behance you can showcase your best works, connect with others, and build your reputation among fellow designers and artists. One could even argue that Behance has become a hotspot... continue reading Want to Learn a New Language? Inspirationfeed - be inspired!

Inspirationfeed - be inspired!

koikoikoi | Be Creative The madness of Michael Mapes Michael Mapes was born in Fort Knox (Kentucky), now based in NY. He elaborates boxes by dissecting photographs (but also small insects, gelatin capsules, paillettes) and assembling it with glass, pins and test tubes. His creations are between photography and sculpture, both working as portraits. Mapes’s new serie will be... » read more

koikoikoi | Be Creative