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Writing With Ease #3

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Welcome to my tips, suggestions and resources for writers of all types.

I write too and one of the reasons for this Pearl is my frustration of not finding writing resources on the net easily.

It's a time staking process and by the time you have found what you were looking for, you are no longer interested. I hope to make it easier for you.

So relax, put your feet up and discover some writing gems that will help, entertain and inform you and hopefully along the way you will find just what you were looking for. The Writer's Chatroom. How to write news stories. InShare0 Writing news stories for The Filipino Australian or for other news sites isn’t difficult. You will not become an expert news writer overnight, but with practice you should be able to create effective news items. Here are some suggestions which you can also use if you are preparing a media release: Remember the 5Ws and 1H Even in the current blogging and microblogging era, this news-story writing rule formulated many many years ago still applies. The rule is simply providing answers to each of these questions: What?

When writing a news story, always keep this 5Ws-1H rule in mind. For example, if you are covering a story about a local community event like a fiesta, you will need to answer these questions: What is the event? Who is sponsoring the event? Where is the event to be staged? When is the event? Why is the event being held?

How is the event going to be staged? The Inverted Pyramid More Tips and Techniques News is about people What’s your angle? Here are some examples: Be objective. How to Write an Informative Speech. How to Write a Thesis Sentence. The big idea The thesis is the key to any persuasive speech or essay. It's the point you want to prove. It's the focus of the whole thing. Everything you do in the piece should grow from your thesis--that's how important it is. Before you begin Make sure you know what point you want to make in your essay or speech.

How to do it The thesis is supposed to be ONE SENTENCE LONG. Some Sample Thesis Statements There are several reasons that Americans should be comfortable with the idea of a woman President: women are as smart and capable as men, many have now had the necessary administrative experience to do the job, and, in the long run, they may be less likely to resort to violence than men are.

(In this thesis, the point I want to prove is that women should be elected president. (In this thesis, I point out that, despite the fact that the two candies seem to have similarities, they are, in fact, very different.) Return to the Online Writing Guide Index. Choose a Thesis Statement for Your Essay. How to Write a Fascinating Thesis Statement | No professors or teaching assistants want to read a boring paper. They want to read a paper that engages them; a paper that is compelling and clearly articulated. So how do you write one of these papers? Well, the most important part of writing a fascinating paper is to develop a great thesis statement. You see, your thesis statement is the spine for your entire paper. So here are some steps to breathe life into your next thesis statement: Get Excited About Your Topic No matter what you have to write about, you should try and get excited about it. Develop A Strong Opinion About Your Topic Writing a great thesis statement means you need to develop a strong opinion about your topic.

Use Exciting Adjectives to Spice up Your Thesis Don’t just say that something is good or bad, empower your nouns with exciting adjectives that describe what you really think. Focus Your Thesis On One Main Idea As mentioned in the introduction, your thesis is the glue for your paper. Recommended Reading: How to Write a Newspaper Article. Newspaper_Article. How to Write a Nonfiction Book Outline. How to Write a Nonfiction Book in a Month | Write NonFiction in November. Today’s post goes out to all those Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) participants writing a complete nonfiction book in 30 days or less. It’s also for all those who signed in as WNFIN participants with the hope of winning Rochelle Melander’s new book Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It)–but didn’t–because they wanted to utilize the tips it offers this month while they composed their book.

(To see who won, read this post.) Rochelle is my guest blogger today, and she offers five steps for successfully writing a book in a month. If you want to meet your WNFIN goals…or write a nonfiction book fast any time, read on! Her advice is invaluable. How to Write a Book in A Month: 5 Steps to SuccessBy Rochelle Melander I rarely say no to a writing assignment, especially one that comes with a check. In 2004, a publisher asked a colleague and me to write a book on global travel to developing countries in two weeks. Get structure. Writers, how about you? First Write the Blog, then Write the Cookbook. People who want to write a cookbook contact me all the time. Often these potential authors have no background in writing, cooking, teaching, or any other credential that would make them appealing to a publisher. But they’re passionate about cooking.

Don’t write a book first, I suggest. Start with a blog. But but but, they protest. Whenever they bring their chocolate-bacon cupcakes into the office or serve their lamb shanks scented with cinnamon, people tell them they should write a cookbook, because their cooking is just that good. Great, I say. Literary Agent Lisa Ekus, who represents only cookbooks, said recently at a blogging conference that more than 80 percent of book queries to her agency come from bloggers.That’s perfect. A book is not the only way to express a love of cooking. A blog, on the other hand, has three main benefits: 1. 2. 3. A blog delivers on the main reason people want to write books: It gets their writing published, immediately.

You might also like: How to Write a Cookbook: 7 steps (with pictures) Edit Article Defining the Purpose of Your CookbookChoosing and Writing Up RecipesPublishing the Cookbook Edited by Bonne Nuit Bijou, OhioMike, Lillian May, Nita and 9 others Writing a cookbook is often a dream of the avid home cook. And why not? Recipes are a treasure trove of experience, history, and love all rolled into one and it's great to share this experience with others. Preserving your recipes for future generations as well as your contemporaries is a very worthy reason to write a cookbook. And who knows? Ad Steps Method 1 of 3: Defining the Purpose of Your Cookbook 1Decide why you are writing the cookbook. Method 2 of 3: Choosing and Writing Up Recipes 1Select your best or favorite recipes. 4Bring the recipes together. Method 3 of 3: Publishing the Cookbook 1Proofread. 2Seek publication.

Tips Warnings Double and triple check every single one of your recipes. How to Write and Publish a Cookbook. How to Write and Publish a Cookbookby Norene Gilletz [Printer Friendly] Also by Norene Gilletz - The Right Way to Write Recipes So you want to write a cookbook - congratulations! My name is Norene Gilletz and I am the author of several best selling cookbooks. I have edited many cookbooks and have also worked as a consultant for many cookbook projects for various fundraising groups over the years. Gourmania Offers Culinary Solutions: We can provide you with many services for your cookbook project: Editing, indexing, nutrient analysis, food styling, designing of a culinary website, and media releases to promote your book once it is completed. How to Write and Publish a Cookbook Writing a cookbook is a job that requires lots of patience and passion for the project.

Here are some tips that will be helpful: All ingredients should be listed in order of use. Contributors should be sure to include accurate package sizes and to provide the pan sizes needed for each recipe. . | Chapters.Indigo. Horror Movie Scripts - 10 Steps To Writing A Horror Screenplay by: Henrik Holmberg. By: Henrik Holmberg A horror movie has certain rules. If you break too many the audience will be disappointed. This is a very short, no fluff, blueprint of how to write a horror script. 1. The Hook. Start with a bang. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Now you can start writing your horror screenplay. This article was posted on February 13, 2006 on Used with Permission Return to Writer's Resources. Stephen King: The 'Craft' Of Writing Horror Stories.

Is Erotica Right for You? By Tracy Cooper-Posey I'm sure you've heard of erotica, "romantica" and of erotica authors making fabulous amounts of money. If you haven't, you must be so new to popular fiction you don't know dick about it. Did "don't know dick about it" make you blink a little? Yes, that was intended to shock you. Erotica is shocking, if you're new to it. But if you think it's just pornography with a pretty tag, think again. The quote I just used and others like it are found in erotica, but that's a tiny glimpse of the big picture. A clear definition is difficult. "Romantica" is used for romance + erotica, a huge category. You can head to the other end of the spectrum and find "big-scale novels in which the women and men are larger-than-life, the stakes are high, the stories are layered, and the sexual heat is a few degrees less than the surface of the sun.

" Unlike pure romances, erotica doesn't use poetic euphemisms. How successful is the erotica genre? Ready to dive into your first erotic novel? 1. How Writers Use the Internet--Writers support group listings in one convenient location at Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers. How to Outline Your Novel. If you are writing a creative nonfiction essay or a fiction story, writing an outline can be a good way to organise your ideas before beginning.

An outline for a story, however, is different from an outline for a research paper. Take care as you write your outline not to make it overly detailed as too much rigidity can kill your creative impulse. Instead, loosely outline story-specific items, such as characters, setting, main conflict and plot. Skill level: Easy 1 Begin with a character sketch that includes the character's name, age, physical description, career, likes, dislikes, hobbies and idiosyncrasies. 1 Outline some of the main events of your story. Tips and warnings Don't worry about the order in which you write your outline. More slideshows. How to Write Great Blog Content. How to plot your novel - a free article by Simon Haynes, author of the Hal Spacejock series. In this article I will discuss how to plot your novel, from first ideas to a completed outline. (Articles Index) I'm currently putting together a how-to book containing updated and revised editions of all my articles on writing and publishing, plus a lot of new material.

If you'd like to know more, follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter Plotting is the process of describing your novel in summarised form, usually before you start the actual work of writing it. So why doesn't every author write a plot outline? I don't know about other authors, but I never liked plotting and I never enjoyed writing to a detailed outline. What I used to do was map out a few scenes ahead of where I was writing and basically stumble along until I reached the end of my novel. After my first novel was accepted by a publisher I had to work with their editor to revise and improve it. So, instead of rewriting the book I wrote a detailed outline. So how do you write this outline? NEW! This isn't the end, by any means. The Freelance Writing FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Writing. I've written an article - how do I find someplace to publish it? What's a query? Can I email or fax a query?

What is an SASE? Should I try to find an agent? Do we need to bother with a contract? How can I find out more about freelance writing? 1. Writing an article and then casting about for someone to publish it is the least effective way to get published. However, if you have already written the article, out of inspiration or naiveté, research appropriate markets via the library's periodical bookshelves, newsstands and the old standby, Writer's Market, available in most bookstores and libraries as well as online. 2. A query (also called a query letter) is a one-page proposal in business-letter format offering to write a specific piece for a specific magazine, addressed to a specific editor there by name.

You can also use a conventional business-letter approach, starting off, for example, "I am writing to propose an article about... " 3. 4. 5. Back to Top 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps. By Glen C. Strathy How would you like to create a plot outline for your novel in less than an hour that is emotionally compelling and dramatically sound? It's easier than you think. The secret is to incorporate the 8 Basic Plot Elements. Sound intriguing? I'll describe each of the eight elements in turn. On the other hand, if you already have a draft for a novel, that you're looking to revise, then ask yourself, as we go through these elements, whether you have included them in your story. 1. 15K+Save The first element to include in your plot outline is the Story Goal, which we covered in detail in the previous article, The Key to a Solid Plot: Choosing a Story Goal.

For instance, let's say we want to write a story about a 38-year-old female executive who has always put off having a family for the sake of her career and now finds herself lonely and regretting her choices. There are many ways we could involve other characters in this goal. ... a mother who wants her to be happier. 2. 3. Action/Adventure - Writing a Book Proposal. Action/adventure stories are always popular, and the more realistic, the better. Readers of these stories often have experience in the military or law enforcement, and they're interested in weapons, martial arts, and paramilitary tactics as much as they are in the characters of their favorite stories. Settings for these stories can be exotic, but they must be authentic, and the foes are villains from real life — mobsters, terrorists, drug dealers, psychopaths. War and its aftermath are popular backdrops for the action/adventure story, but nearly any setting will work, as long as the danger is real and palpable.

Common Themes The action/adventure novel almost always involves a heroic quest of some kind. It may be a quest to find a missing artifact or missing people, or to expose wrongdoing, or to bring the bad guy(s) to justice, or even to win a sporting contest. Woven through the quest theme are other, underlying themes that motivate the protagonist into following his course of action. How to Write an Adventure Story: 7 steps. Edit Article Edited by Teresa, Chris, Knight Hawk, Genius_knight and 7 others Everyone just loves to listen at a good ole adventure story, who doesn't? It's fun to hear how adventure heroes like Indiana Jones explore the world in a thrilling way...Now you can write your own adventure story too! Just follow the steps below. (NOTE: this guide is all about how to make an adventure story similar to the Indiana Jones, this might not be the adventure story you're looking for.) Ad Steps 1Create your artifact.

Tips Make cliff-hanging obstacles that are near death for your hero to overcome.Create an overview of the artifact. Warnings Be original. Free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade Magazines, White Papers, Reports, and eBooks. Writers support group. Write an adventure novel in three days, the Michael Moorcock way. Writersmarket. How to Write a Synopsis. Top 7 Tips for Freelance writers online. Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY. Tips for writing a historical romance novel - by Megan Hart. Writers In The Storm Blog. Writing Historical Fiction? How to Write a Book Set in the Past.

Freelance Designer’s Toolbox: 200+ Resources for Freelance Web Designers. Star Wars: Blogs | Write A Blog. Homework Center: How to Write a Research Paper. How to Write a Good Adventure Novel. How to Write a Blog Post: content ideas for lawyers who blog. David Gaughran. Freelance Writing Jobs and Your Freelance Writing Career.

How to Write a Movie Review. Government Grants for Writing Screenplays. Copywriting, Technical Writing, Business Writing, Academic Assistance. Writing tips: How to write a choose-your-own-adventure story - by Len Morse. OWW for SF, F, DRDWWamp; H Tips and Advice: Synopses (by OWW for SF, F, DRDWWamp; H Focus Group) 9 Ways to Market Your Book With No Money. Frank Cottrell Boyce lays down his screenwriting golden rules | Film. How to Write an Outline. How to Write a Literary Book Review. Free Novel Writing Help and Advice.

Market Your Book like Amanda Hocking: 7 Tactics to 'Overnight' Success | Market Your Book. It's Just a Phase. A Detailed Speech Outline. Facebook Status Ideas: How They Help You as a Writer. Scriptwriting Secrets - Write scripts and screenplays better than ever! Hack your way out of writer's block. Writing Contests & Competitions. Writing Children's Books @ - How To Write a Children's Book. Blog Topics for Writers. All Freelance Writing | Freelance Writing JobsAll Freelance Writing. | The Online Writing Community. Writing Contests For 2012, share your writing and enter a contest. Freelance Writer Jobs. WebWise - What is blogging, and how do I get a blog? Homeschool Writers Contest Chart. Screenwriting for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Help You Create a Successful Screenplay. Why Bloggers Should Also Be Freelance Writers. Ten Tips for writing a blog post. How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer. Freelance Writing for Nonprofits — A blog and coaching program about building a successful freelance business serving the nonprofit community. 20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers. Ten Myths About Writing for Kids. How to write books for children: Writing for children means thinking about your own past, says writer Michael Rosen.

All Freelance Writing - Your Freelance Writing Resource. How to Write a Research Paper. Poemish.Com - Share your poems and get Reviews. PostPoems | Be Artistic. Be Creative. Be Poetic! The home for the Christian writer! How to Write a Traditional Western Adventure Novel - Yahoo! Voices Mobile. How to Write a Screenplay. Writers Block Help - How to overcome writer's block with Dr Silvia Hartmann. Write a Kindle Novel: Write Within a Genre. Poetry Blogs: A Guide to the Best Poetry Online. Writing dialogue | Creative Writing Course. My Imaginary Outline and Me. WRITING CONTESTS, Screenwriting Contests, Poetry Contests, Journalism Competitions. Plot Outline done for Green Magic One. Author! Author! » How to write a synopsis for a multiple-protagonist novel. Creating an outline that won’t kill your creativity | Laura Roberts, Writer.