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Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard. How To Make 3D Holograms With Your Smartphone. You can turn your smartphone into a 3D holographic video viewer with this simple DIY project presented by Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss.

How To Make 3D Holograms With Your Smartphone

When paired with a special “hologram-ready” video, this device will create the illusion that you’re observing a floating 3D image! All you need is an old CD case, a sharp knife, some tape, a pen, a ruler and graph paper. The videos that make use of this device play the same video from four directions, and when these are reflected in the panes of your new device, it looks like a floating 3D hologram! Unfortunately, this illusion is not a true 3D hologram – it still uses 2D images/videos to create the effect, while a true hologram recreates a 3D object and, with current technology, requires the use of split laser beams.

5 Unique Gadgets You Might Not Know About. These 3-D Mobile Ads Are Grabbing Brands' Attention. What if there were a mobile ad that made viewers feel like they were inside a smartphone instead of just looking at one?

These 3-D Mobile Ads Are Grabbing Brands' Attention

What if the ad seemed to jump out as the user scrolled down, offering a three-dimensional perspective? Sound like the future? Well, the future may be closer than it seems. As brands look to pump more mojo into mobile ads—criticized for years as ineffective appeals that cram creative into small screens—marketers are trying out new eye-popping ads in 3-D. While there has been plenty of talk of multidimension technology for some time now, this is no gimmick. "The mobile industry has kind of shifted to virtual reality—that's what's getting all the buzz," said Jeremy Sigel, director of mobile for North America at Essence.

"3-D mobile ads are the gateway to virtual reality. " Jameson whiskey recently created what it claimed was the first 3-D Facebook and Instagram ad, produced with a technique that makes it appear as though a shot glass is flying off the screen. Star Wars Speeder Bike Drone Is Fully Operational. Subscribe Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Tweet.

Star Wars Speeder Bike Drone Is Fully Operational

Connected Toy for Better Play. Smartphone Case Photos Print. Prynt is a smartphone case designed by Robin Barata and which allows to print your photos directly from your mobile, in 30 secondes.

Smartphone Case Photos Print

This case will be sold 49 $ and will be available in Summer 2015, in blue, pink and white for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. A new way to share your mobile photos, other than on social networks, to support on Kickstarter. Smartphone Case Photos Print. Here's What Would Happen If Ad Agencies Hired Drones as Employees. Street Fighter Motion Sculptures. Huawei Watch: Your Ultimate Companion to Make It Possible. 3d character collection - Mixamo. IllumiRoom: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences. Heineken Pioneering Bar. How To Use the Makeup Genius App by L'Oréal Paris, Makeup Designer. The fastest free YouTube Downloader.

Method 1:Recommended!

The fastest free YouTube Downloader

The fastest and simplest way to download videos you need from YouTube is to install helper Method 1:(Recommended!) The fastest and simplest way to download videos and music you need from YouTube is to install Ummy Video Downloader Download Full HD 1080p viaUmmy Video Downloader andenjoy videos with no fuzziness » is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. presents the fastest ways to download videos from YouTube, providing the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube. Check how to get a video or music from YouTube in one click » Find your favourite video on YouTube, copy the link to the video from the address bar of your browser and paste it to Ummy Video Downloader Choose the required format and click Download button.

Method 2: Browser extension How to download a videofrom the homepage? Install browser extension How to download HD or MP3from the home page? CLOUD: An Interactive Sculpture Made from 6,000 Light Bulbs - White Night Kosice 2014. Sprout by HP Desktops. Box Process. Adidas NEO Window Shopping. Compress PDF – Reduce your PDF Online for Free. Jins Meme Smart Glasses Know When You're Sleepy. These innocent looking glasses could be the future of smart eyewear, mainly because they look like any other pair of spectacles.

Jins Meme Smart Glasses Know When You're Sleepy

Designed by Japanese eyewear brand Jins, they’re called the Meme, and they combine the functionality of a fitness tracker with health and safety benefits associated with other smart devices worn in-line with the spine. Jins is well established in Japan and China, but will use the Meme to launch the brand in the U.S. and around the world over the coming year. Related: Wearable tech is still waiting for its genre-defining moment According to Jins, the head is the ideal part of the body to monitor movement and posture, while our eyes give away a wealth of information on our health, wellbeing, and state of mind.

When you’re tired, you don’t blink as much, for example. Electrodes monitor eye movement The Jins Meme will be able to tell us when we’re getting tired, or our attention levels are fading. Photonic's quirky orb translates your moves into music. Hyundai Fluidic Sculpture In Motion display. Microsoft's HoloLens Live Demonstration. Microsoft HoloLens Hands On. A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram (Full) Holographic Projection Pepper Ghost setup with Christie projectors. HOLHO converts smartphone or tablet into a "holographic" projector. 3D Holographic Power Point Presentation at ASE 2013.

Turn a wall into a 3D touchscreen. Future Technology - Holographic TV. Wu Kingdom HelV Relics Museum.