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Rachel & Brent - Santa Fe Springs, CA. Rachel and Brent knew that they wanted an outdoor wedding and a relaxed day surrounded by their family, friends and lots of love.

Rachel & Brent - Santa Fe Springs, CA

They wanted their wedding day to reflect who they are, their style and personalities and as Brent proposed to Rachel in an antique store they wanted they wedding day to have an element of antique to it! This is what they did. They decided the main colors should be yellow, gray and hints of teal in a beaming, happy theme composed of quant little love birds, zingy lemons and elegant vintage all wrapped up in a rustic flavor with lots of color. The couple say they had lots of fun going to all the antique stores collecting the décor for the venue and tables.

All tables got covered with old lace tablecloths, with different dessert plates and forks from the 70′s. I have always loved this style of set-up for escort cards. Here is another colorful and sweet detail which I love. Lovely the setup with the fabric and the yellow chairs! Lemons & matching flowers. Happy 6th Birthday! Tonight we are having family dinner to celebrate my niece's birthday...

Happy 6th Birthday!

I decorated... ...she picked the colours...and she requested martha poufs ...hopefully she likes everything else a little granny-chic! Ps THANKS EMMA for tips on food stylin' - - I am not sure I will have time to take pictures for all of you after the food is out...I will post updates if I am able to snap some photos later... pps. We also had fun with poufs at her party last year, check it out, here Update: A few more photos...what a fun evening! 10 Money-Saving Tips for Creating Wedding Floral Arrangements.

DIY Flower Poms in Crafts, Party, Wedding. Following is a fun party idea and guest post by Hannah at We Lived Happily Ever After… enjoy!!

DIY Flower Poms in Crafts, Party, Wedding

♥ Paper “Flower Poof” Decorations Aren’t these so pretty? These came into being when my sisters and I were hosting a garden party. We wanted to make tissue paper poofs… but didn’t have any tissue paper.. only colored printing paper. I love the result even more than if it had been tissue- it’s less flabby and will last for a long time! Here’s how we made them: All you need to make one is: ♥ 18 sheets of colored paper (thin is fine… thick doesn’t form as well) ♥ Wire ♥ Ribbon to hang them with ♥ Time Optional: We hang stands of glass beads from them for a flowy feel.

Try alternating different shades of paper (like white and pink) for a more classy feel. They are so easy to make! I’m going to hang these in in my little girls room! Enjoy! For more awesome Free Tutorials, Like We Lived Happily Ever After on Facebook & Follow Us on Pinterest or Subscribe by Email! Love you all! ♥ Hannah See Also: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

It is more than acceptable to take your friends to lunch and ask them to be your bridesmaids.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Or you can get crazy and whip a fabulous little box full of delightfulness like Bethany. Most of her bridesmaids-to-be lived far from her. Given how very much they meant to her, she did not want to text them and ask them to play a major role in her wedding. Bethany had a great “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Project. The outside of the box got two to three coats of light ivory to cover up the natural wood aura, and inside was treated to one layer of ivory, too. Bethany used a few sets of playfully calligraphic adhesive letters. Then it was time to tackle the contents. Bethany wanted to lay out all the details about the wedding. In the boxes, she placed photos of an inspiration board and paint chips to show where she was going with her color scheme. To learn about Bethany’s wedding you van visit her blog Rinse. Wedding Favors People Will Use Photo 50. $1 Wedding Favor Ideas — My Own Ideas. (Used in this project: Ballotin Favor Box Packs with Labels in Color Wash style.)

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas — My Own Ideas

Planning a wedding on a budget, as many of us do, calls for some creativity and a little D.I.Y. Adding extra details to your special day doesn’t have to be costly. Simple favors, when packaged creatively, can still ‘wow’ your guests. To prove it, here are three darling wedding favor ideas that only cost $1 per favor! 1. . $0.28 for 7 pieces of taffy $0.64 for 1 ballotin favor box with personalized label $0.09 for 10″ of ribbonTotal per favor: $1.01 Salt Water Taffy is a great gift to give, especially at a destination or beach themed wedding. 2.

. $0.33 for 3 mini powdered donuts $0.33 for 1 small window tin-tie bag $0.35 for 1 personalized scallop labelTotal per favor: $1.01 Powdered donuts are sure to be a crowd pleaser. (Used in this project: Scallop Labels in Swing style and Small Window Tin-Tie Bags.) 3. . $0.33 for 1 Ghirardelli Chocolate Square $0.35 for 1 square custom photo labelTotal per favor: $0.68. Six Months to Mrs.: Wedding Freebies! Who doesn't love free?

Six Months to Mrs.: Wedding Freebies!

And for wedding planning on a budget, free is a girl's best friend.So, to celebrate free, I've complied some of my favorite freebies into on nifty post to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy. Also, any links to these sites have other awesome freebies, and posts, and I suggest you check them out! Invitations and Save the Dates- Wedding Chicks have beautiful free invitation printables that are easily customized. Another place you can find printable invites/save-the-dates are The Budget Savvy Bride. These cuties are waiting at Love Vs. These request cards are super cute. Free place mats? Lucky for me(and you) Bespoke Bride already compiled a great list of free photo booth printables. On last favor from The Pretty Blog.

Guest Book Alternatives- These two beauties are both free and customizable. Wedding Planning Apps- OneWed is a wonderful wedding planning tool. Everyone bride needs to keep an eye on her budget, and this is the free app for that. Brides deserve a wedding shower as beautiful as they are. Gather ideas for a lovely fete from this bridal brunch designed by a pro.

70 Of The Best Photoshop Actions For Enhancing Photos. TimothyBlake • November 2nd, 2009 Freebies The compilation consist of 70 of the best Photoshop actions collected from all around the web from photo effects to actions for even creating photo borders, An essential design resource for all designers weather your an expert or an beginner.

70 Of The Best Photoshop Actions For Enhancing Photos

Photoshop actions consist of a series of menu commands such as i.e. filters, image adjustments etc which can be recorded and played back this process is called a Photoshop action. Photoshop actions are perfect for novices to Photoshop simply because it allows you to apply multiple different photo effects to an image within a few seconds without having knowledge about the ins and outs of Photoshop. Photo Effect Actions 1) Double sketch effect action for Photoshop This action offers a “double” sketch effect, just like if you painted the sketch twice, once from left to right, and once from right to left. 2) Photoshop Action – Bright Eyes 3) Pencil Draw Photoshop Action 4) Cool photo effect action 7) Old Photo Action. Dolly Levi's - Wedding Timeline.

My Fair Wedding - Top 10 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs. Every bride wants her wedding day to be the most beautiful day of her life—but there’s no need to land in the poor house in order to make this long-awaited dream come true! “My rule of thumb: There’s no need to spend a ton of money to have an elegant wedding,” states David Tutera, leading wedding and celebrity entertainment expert and star of WE’s My Fair Wedding. “You don’t have to buy a lot of things or have an abundance of trinkets to have a lavish, well-done wedding.

Anyone on any budget can have a beautiful ceremony and reception. There is beauty in extravagance but there is also beauty in simplicity!” David’s book, The Big White Book of Weddings: A How-to Guide for the Savvy, Stylish Bride, is dedicated to this very concept. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Have a DIY idea you’d like to share? Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers - DIY: Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers. Photos By: Olivia Kanaley For this project you will need fabric - we used chiffon and tulle.

Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers - DIY: Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers

Yardage needed will vary based on the number and size of flowers, as well as the fabric thickness. You'll also need a piece of paper, a pen, scissors, pins, needle and thread, glass seed beads, and a plain hair clip or comb. To make a stencil first free hand a rose petal shape and cut out. Then retrace it five times on a larger sheet of paper to create a full flower shape. Take some fabric and fold it into a square a little larger than your flower pattern. Stack flower cut outs, alternating fabric types and staggering petals. Pinch together the center of the flower (from the bottom) and secure with stitches to create volume and give the flower and authentic shape. If desired you can sew decorative beads in the inside center of the flower.

Finally, sew the flower to a hair clip or comb. You can also create a tie-on corsage or sash, by sewing one or more flowers to a length of silk ribbon. {Wedding Trends} : Hanging Wedding Decor. Talk about making a statement from floor to ceiling… While a ceiling may not be the first thing in your wedding décor list, it presents a unique blank canvas for you to transform.

{Wedding Trends} : Hanging Wedding Decor

Like the rest of your venue it can be customized to suit your wedding. Hanging decorations can add light or simply be that perfect addition to create the ambiance you are hoping for. This idea applies flawlessly to outdoor weddings, when it comes to decorating the gazebo, tent, or even just overhanging branches. In the other hand, some indoor venues will be perfect for hanging decorations without requiring even the slightest change, and some may require an extra touch of creativity. What you can do with a ceiling greatly depends on where your wedding is being held.

PIN IT UP, GIRL - - StumbleUpon. Photo: justin coit for post designed by kristin ess Our email box is literally flooded with requests for updos so here’s a fun one to get us all going!

PIN IT UP, GIRL - - StumbleUpon

This is always a favorite for attending an event. This updo looks gorgeous on any hair color but particularly amazing with hilighted hair because it gives the hair lots of depth and dimension. For lack of a better word, I love the way it becomes “swirly”. Best thing is; it’s easy to do, gorgeous and keeps your hair out of your way for the night.

Tools you’ll need: curling iron (to prep the hair with waves), sectioning clips, teasing comb or brush, clear elastic rubber band, bobby pins, light to medium holding hairspray (to mist over at the end). XX Kristin Ess Tags: bride, bridesmaid, date, hair, hair style, how to, kristin ess, kristin ess hair, lauren conrad, prom, sister, the beauty department,, tutorial, twisted, updo, wedding, wedding hairstyles Related posts: Fabulous Party Decorations For Any Kind Of Celebration. Pages Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Fabulous Party Decorations For Any Kind Of Celebration A backdrop can add a lot of color and detail to any party or celebration. Whether you use one basic color or many colors, it can be an inexpensive addition to your party decor.

All of the backdrops below are something you can do yourself. Love the look of this backdrop. Such a colorful balloon garland. Love this Candy Garland. These are decorations for a baby shower, but it can be used for any kind of celebration. If you're looking for some fun printables for your Baby Shower click HERE. Love the look of these flowers for party-So Colorful! These colorful circles are cut out of scrapbook paper and sewn together with a sewing machine. How simple is this? ZigZag streamers are so colorful and whimsical-It will bring fun to the party!

What a fabulous backdrop--Photos of the birthday person arranged in their age! How about a wall of crepe paper....Super Easy and dramatic SOURCE Email ThisBlogThis! DIY Ruffle Garland. Hi sweets! It’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt and I am really excited about this DIY today…I’ve been meaning to share it with you. As you may know, the first thing I started selling in my shop were ruffled fabric garlands. I like them because they are pretty and girly and sometimes as a mom of two boys, you really need something feminine.

But what I love most is that I can touch them and they will be around as long as my memories will. Garlands made out of fabric will last through years of celebrations. Make these for your wedding, use them for your mini munchkin’s first birthday, Sweet 16 and your 25th Anniversary. Supplies: 4 yards of fabric Rotary cutter Pinking shears Thread and needle Sewing machine Twill tape or ribbon Wash, dry and iron the fabric. Thread the needle with a 2 yard length of thread, doubling over so you have a total length of 36”. Gently gather, and repeat. Once you have the length of garland you need, tie off the thread in a knot to hold the gather. 1.

Wedloft by - StumbleUpon. If you have a small budget for your wedding, one major way to cut expenses is to DIY! Today I’ve rounded up a group of super fun DIY projects that would make for some FABULOUS wedding stationery! 1. Stamped Celery Flowers – These floral stamps made with celery are unbelievable! Who would have thought that this healthy snack could be used to make stationery?

Certainly not me! 2. Photo Credit: A Day in My LifePin it 3. Photo Credit: Design SpongePin it 4. Photo Credit: Li’l MagooliePin it 5. Photo Credit: Design SpongePin it 6. Photo Credit: Make Grow GatherPin it 7. 8. Photo Credit: Little Birdie SecretsPin it 9. Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.comPin it 10. Photo Credit: MarthaStewart.comPin it Do you have any ideas for DIY wedding stationery? Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY... - StumbleUpon.

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Christina Aren’t these glow jars sublime? They take about two minutes to make and cost only 20 cents a piece. How’s that for an enticing DIY wedding project? These would look amazing at an evening outdoor wedding. Line walkways with them, or place them on tables. If you like this project, check out my DIY ‘glitterarium‘. DIY Glow Jars Tutorial For each glow jar you will need: a jartwo Glow Sticksscissorsrubber glovessafety glasses Disclaimer: This is a project meant to be done by an adult – not a child! Purchase Glow Sticks (I got a pack of 15 for $1.50) and dig a jar out of your cupboard. Grab two glow sticks and cut at one end. Tea Party Shower. _lvl1mbUwie1qd4wdoo1_1280. Laced in Weddings - Just got Engaged? (Just got Engaged?) Laced in Weddings. Laced in Weddings - Want Lasting Memories of your Wedding? (Want Lasting Memories of your Wedding?) Harry Potter Wedding Theme - Harry Potter Weddings. Mini Balloon-In-A-Box Invitations.

Oh Lovely Day: {Lovely Masons} Mason Jar Lanterns. Creative Guest Books & Love and Lavender - StumbleUpon.