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There's no denying it: coming up with solid topic ideas for content and linkable assets on a consistent basis is hard work. Using keyword tools to unearth keyword ideas that are proven to drive traffic is one effective and time-honored method of topic discovery. Another is using popular questions to fuel content ideation. Harvesting Questions for Content Ideas Harvesting Questions for Content Ideas
Hackasaurus When you're ready to share your remixed page, click the Publish button or press P on your keyboard. This makes your changes visible on the web for others to see. If you need help, make sure the X-Ray Goggles are activated, then press H on your keyboard. You can take X-Ray Goggles with you anywhere on the web: Make sure your web browser's bookmarks bar is enabled.


Movieclips Wants To Drink Other Movie Clips Sites' Milkshake With Mashups Everyone loves movie clips. But, unfortunately, they’re often hard to find online in one centralized place. There’s a simple reason for this: licensing. If someone could just solve that, they’d have a pretty killer website, right? That’s what Movieclips has. And now they’re trying to extend it with Movieclips Mashups. Movieclips Wants To Drink Other Movie Clips Sites' Milkshake With Mashups
TL;DR version: Last year, I was threatened with a lawsuit over the pixel art album cover for Kind of Bloop. Despite my firm belief that I was legally in the right, I settled out of court to cut my losses. This ordeal was very nerve-wracking for me and my family, and I've had trouble writing about it publicly until now. Note: I posted this on Twitter and Maisel's Facebook wall before it was deleted, but I'll repeat it here: I understand you may have strong feelings about this issue, but please don't harass him publicly or privately. Reasonable discussion about the case is fine; personal attacks, name-calling and abuse are not. Kind of Screwed Kind of Screwed
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So you want to make a mashup but aren't entirely sure where to begin? This page can help you get there. 1. Pick a subject Answer the question: a mashup of what?

How to Make Your Own Web Mashup

How to Make Your Own Web Mashup
Mashup Dashboard - ProgrammableWeb Thousands of web mashups with new updates daily Mashup of the Day, January 11, 2014 MCF Technology Solutions + DocuSignMCF Tech is a world-class operations and information management consultation company.

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