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14 Underground Lairs Fit For a Mega-Villain. Project: Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation and Discussion of Impacts. An ad hoc committee will conduct a technical evaluation of a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques, including examples of both solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques, and comment generally on the potential impacts of deploying these technologies, including possible environmental, economic, and national security concerns.

Project: Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation and Discussion of Impacts

The study will: 1. Evaluate what is currently known about the science of several (3-4) selected example techniques, including potential risks and consequences (both intended and unintended), such as impacts, or lack thereof, on ocean acidification, 2. Describe what is known about the viability for implementation of the proposed techniques including technological and cost considerations, 3. Briefly explain other geoengineering technologies that have been proposed (beyond the selected examples), and 4. Identify future research needed to provide a credible scientific underpinning for future discussions.



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