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Virtual pc, virtual machine and multiple operating system solutions by Parallels, Inc. Guest OS Install Guide: Update: Support for guest OS paravirtualization using VMware VMI to be retired from new products in 2010-2011. VMware has begun the phased retirement of support for guest OS kernel-based paravirtualization using VMware’s Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) technology.

Guest OS Install Guide: Update: Support for guest OS paravirtualization using VMware VMI to be retired from new products in 2010-2011

We have decided to retire support for VMI in 2010-2011 as a result of innovations in CPU hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and AMD which have surpassed the performance improvements provided by VMI. As these CPU innovations are expected to become ubiquitous in the next 2-3 years, VMware has begun a phased retirement of the VMI functionality. This announcement is not applicable to device-based paravirtualization technologies provided by VMware which will continue to provide significant customer benefits for years to come. VMTN Discussion Forums: Static MACs not working. Storage Basics – Part I: An Introduction. I am increasingly finding that both my SMB and Enterprise customers are uneducated on the fundamentals of storage sizing and performance.

Storage Basics – Part I: An Introduction

As a result, storage is often overlooked as a performance bottleneck despite it being a vital component to consider in a virtualization implementation. Storage will only increase in importance as hosts are getting bigger, data volumes increase, and more workloads are virtualized. For some reason, most people can grasp the importance of CPU and memory performance constraints but storage performance is often overlooked and can be hard to explain to business users or executives. Case in point – I have recently been called into some environments that were not performing well – these environments happened to be running Microsoft SQL, but could just have well been running any application or collection of virtual machines. 1.) 2.) Each disk, array, and storage system has its own fixed set of measurements given a specific configuration.

Keep Reading: Virtualization Management - vWire. Top Virtualization Security Links - AstroArch. vSphere Upgrade Saga: Installing HP StoreVirtual 11.0 I have had HP StoreVirtual (LeftHand) licenses for some time now, but the previous versions were nearly impossible to install.

Top Virtualization Security Links - AstroArch

At least, I could not discover the magic incantation to make them work, so I decided to put that upgrade on hold. Now that 11.0… Read more » vSphere Upgrade Saga: vSphere 5.5 Host Profiles Before upgrading to vSphere 5.5, I ensured that my host profile was up-to-date and on all nodes. Securing networks in VMWare. Contributed Article from Hezi Moore, co-founder and CTO of Reflex Security While new technologies can provide significant improvements to IT operations, organizations must also consider potential network and data security implications.

Securing networks in VMWare

Increasingly, server virtualization technologies are being used to consolidate physical servers and help organizations address data center management, operational and security challenges. Virtualization provides IT departments with a great deal of deployment, configuration and performance flexibility and is emerging as one of today’s most compelling new technologies. However, virtualized environments face unique network security challenges that can affect the entire organization.

Software Virtualization. What is Endpoint Management?

Software Virtualization

The Symantec Endpoint Management software family of products powered by Altiris technology can help you drive down IT costs, improve efficiencies with comprehensive configuration management, take control and automate your IT infrastructure, and much more. Symantec’s Client Management solutions help IT operations manage, secure, and troubleshoot desktops and laptops throughout their entire IT lifecycle. IT Management Suite IT Management Suite is a suite of integrated products that help IT organizations provide faster and more predictable service to their business. VirtualBox. The Virtual Search. VMware virtualization information and resources ⊘


Troubleshooting VMWare. LINA - open source everywhere. Software // Proven Data Protection. Virtual Machine - Terminal Server. VMWare and Xen Management with BixData. BixData is a system, application, and network monitoring tool which allows you to easily monitor nearly every aspect of your servers.

VMWare and Xen Management with BixData

The newly released version 2.6 is the only application that has the ability to control both Xen and VMWare virtual machines. You can control both VM Hosts (the computer that's running the VM software) and VM Guests (the virtual machines running on the hosts). Installation The first thing we need to do is install the BixServer onto one of our boxes. I'll be installing this on a Linux box but I could have easily put it on an OS X, FreeBSD or Windows machine. Wget tar -zxvf BixServer-2.6-linux-1-DB.tar.gz cd bixdata nohup . Now I'll install BixAgent on two boxes, one is running Xen and the other VMWare. Virtual Server, VMware Consulting, Virtual Servers, Server, Clustering, Consolidation. Zenoss Home - Commercial Open Source Application, Systems and Network Monitoring - Zenoss. IT Management. Tools for VMware virtual machines management. Server Consolidation and Disaster Recovery with Virtual Machines.

Easily migrate server workloads from anywhere to anywhere PlateSpin® Migrate is a physical/virtual conversion tool that delivers the fastest and most efficient P2V (and in fact anywhere-to-anywhere) migrations, because of NetIQ's proprietary block-based transfer protocols and Server Sync technology.

Server Consolidation and Disaster Recovery with Virtual Machines

Highlights What's new in PlateSpin Migrate 11? New features in PlateSpin Migrate 11 include support for UEFI firmware, GPT volumes, vSphere 5.5, HyperV 2012 R2, PlateSpin Flexible Imaging, and the addition of support for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 11, Open Enterprise Server 11 and RHEL 6.4 & 6.5 workloads. Read more › Faster, more reliable migrations Accelerate workload migration and reduce errors with the highest level of automation available for workload migration, and free up valuable IT resources.

See the complete feature list › Your success is our business Joris HaverkortProduct Manager at Atos Origin Netherlands Full Story › Paolo BarnaManager, Operations & Security Systems Full Story › Alles rund um die virtuelle Infrastruktur - Home. P2V, V2P, P2P Tools for Server Migrations - Home. View Document. Migrating VMware Workstation and VMware GSX Server Virtual Machines. Shop. VMware. Technology Network (VMTN) VMware - Virtualization Software.