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Facebook étend sa monnaie virtuelle - - Le Nouvel Observateur. Facebook déploie un peu plus sa monnaie virtuelle, ou "crédits", en expérimentant les paiements sur des sites tiers.

Facebook étend sa monnaie virtuelle - - Le Nouvel Observateur

Concrètement, le réseau social propose sur son site d'acquérir (contre paiement) des "crédits" utilisables sur les jeux et applications Facebook, mais aussi désormais comme moyen de paiement sur le site D'autres sites web pourraient par la suite être concernés, selon InsideFacebook, pour ce qui n'est encore qu'une expérimentation.

Dans les pages réservés aux développeurs, Facebook annonce ainsi : "Nous testons actuellement les crédits Facebook sur les sites web. Si vous êtes intéressé [et] si nous élargissons le test, merci de nous fournir plus de contexte sur votre entreprise et l'éventuelle mise en œuvre". Loin de vouloir concurrencer le Liden dollar de "Second Life" ou l'or de "World of Warcraft", les spécialistes y voient une incursion de Facebook sur le terrain de PayPal. The Bank of Facebook. ISA 2011: Facebook Announces Buy With Friends and Frictionless Micropayments. ISA 2011: Facebook Announces Buy With Friends and Frictionless Micropayments Today at our Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011 conference, Deb Liu of Facebook Commerce Product Marketing announced that the company would soon roll out two new ways to use its virtual currency Facebook Credits — Buy With Friends and Frictionless Credits Micropayments.

ISA 2011: Facebook Announces Buy With Friends and Frictionless Micropayments

Buy With Friends will allow users to share that they’ve made an in-app purchase to their stream. Friends can then make the same purchase using Credits, sometimes at a discount, in-line from the news feed. Developers will be able to set the discount level and which items trigger the sharing feature. Over the last few months, it has been testing these systems with the aim of making spending virtual currency a social, seamless part of the Facebook experience. For instance, if a user bought monster food for a certain number of Credits, their friends who play the game would be given the option to buy the same monster food at 40% off. Inside Facebook - Tracking Facebook and the Facebook Platform for Developers and Marketers. Facebook To Launch Social Group-Buying Feature - Oliver Chiang - SelectStart. Just another weblog. Zynga Gunning Up (And Lawyering Up) For War Against Facebook With Zynga Live.

The relationship between Facebook and its biggest gaming partner, Zynga, are at an all time low, we’ve heard from multiple sources.

Zynga Gunning Up (And Lawyering Up) For War Against Facebook With Zynga Live

The level of stress, says one source, is “intense.” Some of the frustration goes back to last year’s limitations on messaging users. But a much bigger concern now is Facebook’s force feeding of Facebook Credits as the only payment platform that Zynga and others can use. Facebook takes a massive feee – 30% – for Credits, and the big publishers like Zynga see it as little more than a protection racket. Central To The Facebook-Zynga Deal: Credits. This morning brought news of Zynga and Facebook’s five year commitment to keeping social gaming on the network.

Central To The Facebook-Zynga Deal: Credits

As we wrote earlier today, the deal was surprising considering Zynga’s recent frustrations with Facebook. PayPal’s New Virtual Goods Payment System: User Experience and Implementation. PayPal yesterday launched a new virtual goods payment system with support for purchasing social game items — here’s a closer look at the implementation and user experience.

PayPal’s New Virtual Goods Payment System: User Experience and Implementation

The most significant new component, as we covered, is that upon choosing to pay for a virtual good through PayPal, users see a pop-up mini-browser in which they can carry out the transaction. This removes much of the friction from the previous payment flow, which had redirected users to, causing users to lose their place in their game or site, and possibly not make a payment as a result. Facebook is going to be one of the partners. Currently, users who try paying for Credits using PayPal for the first time have to log in and confirm on the PayPal site, so expect that step to be removed. PayPal reports that currently more than 50% of direct payments within social games go through PayPal. But there there are some caveats to the “50%” stat, as our readers know well.

How to Price Your Virtual Currency. One of the key early decisions to game design or creating a virtual currency platform is designing the price and exchange rate of virtual currency.

How to Price Your Virtual Currency

Unfortunately after it’s been released, it’s also one of the most difficult to change, because the change impacts the userbase and economy of the system as a whole. Social Network eCommerce. Sell on multiple platforms An embeddable, centrally managed storefront that works on Facebook, mobile, blogs (like WordPress and Joomla), and basically any site you choose.

Social Network eCommerce

Increase flexibility on option sets and inventory More control over products with attributes (like color and size) and the ability to track separate inventory for those SKUs. Configure shipping rules by geographic location Use your own shipping account for discounted rates and set up rules for accurate freight-pricing based on geographical locations. Sell e-goods Display and sell digital or virtual goods like software, audio, video, e-books and graphics on your storefront and deliver via a download link.

Attention WalMart and BestBuy Shoppers – Facebook Credits on aisle 5. Facebook’s Virtual Currency Push Hints at Micro-Payments Battle. Zynga recently switched to Facebook Credits and all other major Facebook game developers apparently plan to do the same.

Facebook’s Virtual Currency Push Hints at Micro-Payments Battle

Should Apple, Google, and PayPal be worried? Facebook is making a play to become the dominant player in virtual currency — the funny money you use to everything from digital magazines to Farmville turnips. It’s already a billion-dollar business in which Facebook, the world’s largest social network, will face stiff competition from other behemoths like Apple, Google and PayPal. Facebook already has a big advantage over those companies: a virtual currency, Facebook Credits, that works across different apps rather than being tied to one specific app or another. Offer-Based Payments - Learn more about the premier monetization partner preferred by Facebook and top game developers like Playfish, Playdom, iWin, Kabam and many more.

Offer Mediation Streamline multiple ad partnerships into one seamless flow to increase your revenues and decrease your operational costs.

Offer-Based Payments - Learn more about the premier monetization partner preferred by Facebook and top game developers like Playfish, Playdom, iWin, Kabam and many more

More Revenue — With TrialPay, you actually can have it all. We aggregate multiple campaign sources to help you increase conversion. More Insight — Take advantage of real-time performance reporting, live support, and a library of documentation for both advertising and publishing partners. Less Hassle — Dynamically feed direct-sourced and third-party campaigns through our platform and eliminate the need for integrating, managing, and monitoring multiple partners. Facebook Adding Offers to Payment Options for Credits. Facebook has been expanding payment options for Facebook Credits, its universal virtual currency used in Platform applications, in recent months.

Facebook Adding Offers to Payment Options for Credits

Today, it is partnering for the first time with two offer providers so users can earn Credits without having to pay directly. For users, this means another way to get Credits without paying — this may increase spending on Credits for social games and other applications on Facebook. For developers, that means Credits might be able to bring in more money than they have to date.

And for other offer providers, Facebook is now more of a direct competitor, although the payment option is only in early beta testing at this point, and the company’s long-term plans are not yet clear. Offers are simply online ads, usually drawn from ad networks elsewhere on the web, that let users buy subscriptions and goods, complete surveys, or take other actions in exchange for virtual currency. The New Offers Test Offers will be available around the world. Facebook's PayPal Killer Now Accepts PayPal. Will Facebook Credits be the new Beenz. The Monetary Future. Facebook Gets Out of the Way in Payments Battle. By Jon Matonis Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. Facebook chose the third route. I don't really understand the benefits of this latest move by Facebook to accept PayPal, but then again I wasn't present at the meetings, so it could be that I am missing part of a 'grander' strategy.

It's a great deal for PayPal to acquire new subscribers. Facebook Credits Come to Best Buy, Walmart. Facebook has continued to ramp up its virtual currency offering, Facebook Credits. Earlier this month, the company made it easier for the 70% of its users outside the U.S. to purchase credits. Today, Facebook Credits will be available in the form of gift cards at both Walmart and Best Buy stores across the country. Facebook Begins Testing ‘Offers’ Payment Option Beyond Games. Last month, Facebook started experimenting with a new payment option for a select handful of game developers: it began supporting Offers as a way to earn its virtual currency, Facebook Credits.

Now, the site is beginning to expand that test — this morning I noticed that clicking the ‘Get More Credits’ link at the top of Facebook’s application page showed me a new option: “Earn for free by shopping”. Selecting that displays 38 different offers through a partnership with offer provider TrialPay. Breaking: Facebook To Enter Into Partnership With Friendster Buyer MOL Global. We’re hearing that Facebook and Malaysian payments company MOL Global will be holding a press conference shortly to announce a significant new partnership around gaming and payments in Asia.

MOL, you may recall, was in the news when it acquired Friendster earlier this year. The press conference is being held in Kuala Lumpur and will begin shortly, we’re told. Update: Press release below: RockYou To Exclusively Use Facebook Credits For The Next Five Years. Facebook Now Takes PayPal. Target To Sell Facebook Credit Gift Cards. Facebook. Sean Parker: Credits Poised To Make Up 1/3 Of Facebook’s Income In The Next 12 Months. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, David Kirkpatrick and Sean Parker sat down with Michael Arrington to talk about the state of Facebook. There were a lot of interesting things said (more on that in posts to come), but one thing that definitely stood out was an answer Parker gave to a question from the audience. The question asked what Facebook’s next big source of revenue would be? Parker, who was the founding President of Facebook, still works closely with the company as he’s a major shareholder. He noted that Facebook PR might not like his answer too much, but he decided to give it anyway: the Credit system.

Credits Mandatory in social games