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Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record. 5 Ways to Share YouTube Videos Safely and Privately (Without the Distractions) Do you want to be able to use YouTube in your class, but are concerned about exposing students to the distractions that surround it? Worse yet, inappropriate content may be displayed, which is a huge concern for younger students in particular.

Well I am here to provide a few approaches to solving that problem. You can use YouTube to host and deliver videos safely, without the distractions. This Image is Licensed CC BY SA 3.0 Concerns about this come up whenever I teach Flipped Class techniques. Using YouTube to deliver content is easy and helps to ensure that students will be able to watch the content. Another consideration that is also often voiced is privacy. The following tools and techniques offer a mix of privacy and safe delivery approaches that should help you meet your needs. Technique Number 1: Unlisted and Embedded Unfortunately, there are are still a couple downsides to this approach. Technique Number 2: SafeShare Note that you cannot see or access the original video URL. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative.

Opetusvideon tekeminen Explain Everything -ohjelmalla. Useita managereita youtube kanavalle, How To Add A Manager To Your YouTube Channel. YouTube Now Supports Multiple Admins Per Channel. Manage-youtube-channel Furthering the integration of its products, Google is testing a new program that enables you to link your Google+ pages to your YouTube accounts and channels. If you’re a community manager or part of an agency, this is especially beneficial as linking the two accounts will enable support for multiple admins. This means that one person could manage up to 50 YouTube accounts. On the other hand, it means that collaborative YouTube Channels can have up to 50 admins, no longer requiring you to share a single password with your entire team. Linking accounts will also introduce new features like improved video sharing, live Hangout broadcasting, and a YouTube tab on your Google+ page. To take advantage of the new features and admin controls you must visit your YouTube account settings and select “Connect with a Google+ page (beta).”

Adding additional admins is a pretty simple process. If you’re managing more than one channel, you can only use one at a time.