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Rectivate architecture. Proyecto VEM. Programming Architecture - Genetic Algorithms - Structural Optimization Of Free Form Grid Shells. Canopea - Presentation Movie - Solar Decathlon 2012. ReVolt House - TU Delft's entry for Solar Decathlon 2012. Apple - Designed By Apple - Intention. Country Highlighter Toolkit - After Effects Template - Project Files - Videohive. SCI-Arc/Caltech's Solar Decathlon 2011 Video Walkthrough. The Copenhagen Wheel official product release.


TT's Page. Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH. EMERGENCY SHELTER. Red+Housing / OBRA Architects. Our friends from OBRA Architects shared with us their project Red+Housing, an emergency housing prototype commissioned as part of CROSSING: Emergency Dialogues for Architecture to acknowledge the anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake, exhibition held at the National Art Museum of China.

Red+Housing / OBRA Architects

More images and architect’s description after the break. Architecture on the Edge of Survival involves the development of an original prototype of emergency housing for future potential deployment in areas of natural or man-made disaster anywhere in the world. Emergency housing from the point of view of design is only an extreme form of architecture. Its context is that of almost unsustainable conditions, and its object, the creation of an environment we can inhabit temporarily while living on the edge. Red+Housing is proposed with the knowledge that, when living on the edge of survival, action needs to be decisive and precise. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. Video corso Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 - Populate. "stl file" 3D Models to Print - yeggi - page 3.

Eco Tech: Inflatable Solar Skin allows inefficient buildings to generate solar energy. Eco Tech: Inflatable Solar Skin allows inefficient buildings to generate solar energy Eco Factor: Solar Skin enables old buildings to generate solar electricity.

Eco Tech: Inflatable Solar Skin allows inefficient buildings to generate solar energy

Architectural firms are envisioning new buildings that will be able to generate energy for themselves with a solar energy generating façade. But with most of the metropolis already converted into a concrete jungle there has to be a way to make the already existing skyscrapers green. Designers over at Studio Formwork have tried to do just that with a new product design known as Solar Skin. The Solar Skin is a lightweight unitized system of inflatable solar components that can be zipped together to form a temporary skin that provides an inefficient building access to the growing trend of onsite energy generation, without any renovation. ENERGÍAS VERDES. WIND ENERGY. New Wind Turbine Is Silent, Sleek and Designed to Catch City Winds. If you launch a clean energy business in Manhattan it’s almost a given you’ll be inspired to start designing products specifically for the urban environment.

New Wind Turbine Is Silent, Sleek and Designed to Catch City Winds

Urban Green Energy has just launched a new, one-kilowatt wind turbine designed specifically for city rooftop use! A machine certainly made for the modern dweller, the near silent Eddy GT turbine is a chic piece of wind technology that rotates on a vertical axis, optimizing wind capture, even as the air stream shifts within the dynamic city landscape. The Eddy GT takes up just 40 square feet to generate its kilowatt — to get that much juice from a solar array, you would need up to 400 square feet, which is a tough sell in major cities like New York and San Francisco. While not a light investment at $7,000 per turbine, Urban Green Energy CEO Nick Blitterswyk estimates that in California, which offers a rebate, you could break even in 10 years, and without the $3,000 rebate, it could take 20 years.

Urban windmills harm the environment. "The problem is not the windmill - it is the wind" Small windmills have been around for some decades, but in recent years the focus has shifted on developing their potential use in an urban environment (where most of us live).

Urban windmills harm the environment

It’s difficult to keep track of the numerous proposed new designs, meant to be placed on the roof or on a mast in the garden. Small windmills in built-up environments are a remarkable trend. Through the ages, windmills have always demanded a free flow of strong wind. LEDS. El wire - Tron Costume. Our Elite EL Wire emits a spectacular uniform light source, 360 degrees throughout its entire length.

El wire - Tron Costume

EL Wire is Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, and resistant to water and ice. Just add 2 AA batteries and this kit is ready to go. This is the wire they used at burning man to make outfits that looked like a Tron Costume. Uses 2 AA batteries -- not included. For an additional control you can also purchase our new 9-Volt inverter allows the user to control the function (flash or steady on) like our regular EL Wire kits but when set on the flashing mode the user can control the speed of the flash and the intensity of the light. Philips Demuestra Su Tecnología De Tela Con LEDs El usuario a veces se encuentra tan empecinado en moddear su PC, agregándole colores llamativos, luces, etc., que Philips pensó porqué no permitir que el usuario se "auto-moddeara".

Philips Demuestra Su Tecnología De Tela Con LEDs

Es así, que durante el Show Electrónico del Consumidor o CES, discretamente demostró su nueva tela emisora de luz, la cual es llamada Lumalive y que permite que la ropa o el equipamiento usado diariamente se encienda con vivos patrones de luces o animaciones. La tela Lumalive incorpora un arreglo de píxeles de LEDs montados en un sustrato plástico, flexible y muy liviano. Vendedores manguera led en SoloStocks. Unas baldosas generan energía con nuestras pisadas. SOLAR LIGTH. 17 LED solar camping lantern light with compass products - China products exhibition,reviews - Solar Camping Light and Fan - China Solar Light, Solar Lantern.

Brunton Portable Power Goal Zero Solar Panels Chargers Mobile Camping Backpacking Generators. Brunton portable power along with Goal Zero leads the way.

Brunton Portable Power Goal Zero Solar Panels Chargers Mobile Camping Backpacking Generators

REFERENCIAS. Nuevos nómadas: 10 ideas para acampar y vivir con lo mínimo - noticias - *faircompanies. Llevar las posesiones literalmente a cuestas instiga al individuo a reflexionar sobre la importancia de sus posesiones y plantearse si más cosas aportan mayor bienestar.

Nuevos nómadas: 10 ideas para acampar y vivir con lo mínimo - noticias - *faircompanies

Los nuevos nómadas abogan por simplificar su existencia renunciando a objetos innecesarios y, de paso, una nueva generación de diseñadores, emprendedores y compañías desarrollan abrigos minimalistas que puedan transportarse con el menor esfuerzo físico y económico. Algo así como el mínimo común denominador del abrigo humano, una vivienda que proteja de la intemperie, sea asequible y pueda transportarse con facilidad.

Foldable Off-Grid Geodesic DOM(E) Home Pops Up in Any Environment DOM(E) by NRJA - Gallery Page 2. Roskilde Dome 2012 / Kristoffer Tejlgaard + Benny Jepsen Roskilde Dome 2012 / Kristoffer Tejlgaard – ArchDaily. TRADICIONALES. Mud Structure / Architecture for Humanity Tehran – Rai Studio. The exploratory mud structure project, designed and built by Architecture for Humanity Tehran (Rai Studio) + Architecture Faculty of Razi University, demonstrates a strong focus on humanitarian design through sustainable and low budget construction methodologies.

The workshop not only provided the students with an enriched academic experience, but the opportunity to reach out to an underdeveloped region. More images and their description after the break. The following text is by Ken Smith from the Headquarter of Architecture for Humanity in San Francisco: Yurta. La visita a una yurta implicaba un riguroso ritual protocolario.


 Nosotros - Tipiwakan. Tecnología y Construcción - La construcción ligera: Invenciones en la arquitectura primogénita. La construcción ligera. Invenciones en la arquitectura primogénita. ROBOFOLD. Studio AION architecture. KingKong. RoboFold presents the KingKong folding simulation and panelling design plugin for Grasshopper.


Design: Fold panels using curved folding and control panel distribution on surfaces with a range of attractor systems. Download the software, manual and example files from: Manufacture: The results of design using the KingKong facade tool are produced by RoboFold. The data generated will drive our robotics software, enabling manufacture using the RoboFold technology. FACHADA CINÉTICA. INFLABLES. China Inflatable Garage Tent (MJE-051) - large image for Inflatable Advertising Tent. Portable Buildings - News. 01/08/08World's Largest Mobile Venue Unveiled Details of the world's largest portable venue have been released by Oslo based studio, Various Architects. The Mobile Performance Venue (MPV) is made up of a revolutionary inflatable outer wall surrounding a central aluminium stage structure and can accommodate an audience of up to 3,500 people. Tectoniks collaborated with Various Architects on the design of the innovative inflatable skin - a process which involved the construction of a full scale mockup section.

Mobile Performance Venue - Various Architects. 2hD: An inflatable event space. Despite its large scale, the profiles of the structure were carefully designed to define an iconic and welcoming space, without overpowering or competing with the surrounding buildings of the museum. Public receptions, press events and film projections all took place inside the inflatable space during the museum's week-long reopening ceremonies. At night, the integrated lighting system transformed the structure into a beacon, softly glowing in the park (Photo: © Max Lerouge/LMCU) Drops of rain shimmering on the inflatable skin, made of satin rip-stop nylon fabric. 2hD were commissioned by the Lille Métropole Museum of Modern Art (LaM) to conceive an innovative pavilion to host the ceremonies celebrating the museum’s re-opening after five years of refurbishment and extension works. The structure was first installed in September 2010 to host thousands of visitors for the week long opening festivities.

Awards This project has also been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Award 2011. An Inflatable Building And Other Amazing Images From This Week. Skip to main content An Inflatable Concert Hall Lucerne Festival Arknova 2013 via designboom. 1300 inflate - Portable workshops. Portable inflatable shelters are those which can easily and efficiently be moved and reused time and again. London 2012 Water Polo Arena, Stratford, UK. Curved Folding - foldable=makable. Rigid Folding Facade - Curved Folding. RIGID FOLDING. Pleated Steel Facade - Curved Folding. ORIGAMIS. Origamic textile studies by Anna O’Neill. Research Projects. TT's Page Top Tomohiro TACHI Composite Rigid-Foldable Curved Origami Structure In this study, we show a family of multilayered rigid-foldable and flat-foldable vault structures, which can be designed by constructing rigid-foldable curved folded tubular arches and assembling the arches to construct cellular structures.

The resulting vault structure form an overconstrained mechanism. Bed turns into a chair. Folds by Tine De Ruysser. Dabbling with folding techniques on textiles, Belgian artist/ designer, Tine De Ruysser, has amassed an impressive pleat-goodness of wearable accessories, including her latest batch of vessels. Here are a few selections from her portfolio: Metalized Folding Textiles Mirror Bowl. Materials: mirror polyester foil and Tyvek. ESTRUCTURA DE MADERA. CODA. CODA Almond Pavillion. Jukbuin Pavillion 2013 April Enrique Soriano, Pep Tornabell, collaborators: Quim Escoda, Omar Avellaneda, Natalia Torres, Laia Gonzalez, Andrea Bernabeu, Oia pursals, Tara Gladstone, Viacheslav Muraviev, Toni Quirante, Guillem Ramon, Andreu Carpi, Clara, Miriam, Adil Lazaro, Marti Obiols, Jordi Malet, Gador Luque, Joan Encuentra, Maria Morillo, Jordi Soler, Andres Flajszer, Joan Saborit, Antigoni Geronta.

New Lightweight Honeycomb Structure Made with Victrex APTIV(TM) Film Fills Performa.