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Cauliflower Cheese-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes [Vegan] Comfort food, without the guilt?

Cauliflower Cheese-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes [Vegan]

This recipe proves it's possible! These decadently stuffed sweet potatoes ooze delicious miso-cauliflower cheese and are covered with plenty of vegetables. They're also super easy to make. Crispy Polenta Squares [Vegan] These crispy polenta squares are great not only because they are delicious, but they are also completely oil-free!

Crispy Polenta Squares [Vegan]

Crunchy and golden on the outside, cheesy and gooey on the inside, these squares go great on top of salads or even as a replacement for croutons in soup. This recipe includes spices but feel free to leave those out for a simpler taste that can be used in a number of different dishes. Crispy Polenta Squares [Vegan] Ingredients. Chickpeas in Star Anise and Date Masala. Photo 3 15-ounce cans chickpeas (or 1½ cups dried chickpeas, soaked overnight and cooked) 2 black cardamom pods 1⁄3cup neutral cooking oil, like canola 1 medium-large Spanish onion, peeled and chopped 6 cloves garlic, peeled and minced.

Chickpeas in Star Anise and Date Masala

Tried-true-tuesday-crazy-cake-no-eggs. More cake flavors have been added since this post.


Click on the photo below to head to the recipes section for links to all the flavors. There are mug cake versions too! OATS CHAPATI - Cook with Kushi. Oats Chapati is a very nutritious, easy to make vegan flat bread recipe prepared using oats and wheat flour in less than 30 minutes.

OATS CHAPATI - Cook with Kushi

Oats is high in fiber and therefore helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Wheat flour is a rich source of essential nutrients. Oil-Free Dressings and Sauces. The most powerful inspiration to eat more veggies (and love them, too) is a delicious dressing or sauce.

Oil-Free Dressings and Sauces

Since veggies have the most nutritional bang for their caloric buck compared to all other foods, any excuse to eat more is a health-promoting win-win. Because the majority of my clients and students are striving to lose weight and/or lower their cholesterol, I recommend minimizing or avoiding the use of oils. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Chocolate Mug Cake - Brand New Vegan. Ready for the perfect treat?

Chocolate Mug Cake - Brand New Vegan

This Chocolate Mug Cake is so quick and easy to make, you’ll be munching on Chocolatey Peanut Butter goodness in less that 5 minutes! Serious – it takes just 1 minute to cook in the microwave! And the awesome thing about mug cake? You cook it right in the mug! So no worries about eating the whole cake because you’re only cooking a single serving at a time! Chocolate Cake Gooey Peanut Butter Ready in 1 minute Cooks right in a coffee mug What could be better? So when you’re ready to indulge a little, get that chocolate fix taken care of, go ahead and whip up one of these bad boys. You can thank me later In your favorite coffee mug, add 2 tablespoons of flour. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar (or to taste), 2 teaspoons of unsweetened Cocoa Powder, 1/4 tsp of Baking Powder, and a pinch of salt. Brand New Vegan - Top 15 Healthy, Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites – The Vegan Junction.

In order so that you don’t need to spend hours trying to sift through websites in an attempt to find a few oil-free recipes, this is a list of some of the top sites to find healthy, oil-free, plant-based, vegan recipes.

Top 15 Healthy, Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites – The Vegan Junction

Occasional recipes will use oil, but there will often be an oil-free option you can use instead. And many, but not all of their recipes are low-fat too. They’re free from: honey, dairy (including milk, cheese, butter, etc), eggs, meat, fish, poultry, any other animal products, and oils. Instead, focusing on healthy, plant-based creations, their recipes will help set you on your way to better health. Easy Creamy Peppered Country Gravy Mix (vegan and gluten free!) — Fo Reals Life. Makes enough for 4 batches of gravy (each batch is about 2 cups of gravy) - feel free to double or triple this recipe so you have tons of gravy mix on hand!

Easy Creamy Peppered Country Gravy Mix (vegan and gluten free!) — Fo Reals Life

(Oh and if you want to make just one batch divide everything in this section by 4.) 1 cup brown rice flour (or white rice flour if you can't find brown rice) 1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes2 teaspoons salt 1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon rubbed sage1 Tablespoon finely ground black pepper (this can be quite peppery to some so if you are sensitive cut it back to two teaspoons and add more if necessary when cooking.) Blend everything together in a blender or food processor to make sure that it is evenly combined and that the nutritional yeast flakes are powdered. Store in a jar in your pantry for 6 months or more! Alright, now when you're ready to make your gravy from the mix follow the directions below! Sliceable Vegan Cashew Cheese. If you’re vegan and you’re craving cheese, you gotta try this.

Sliceable Vegan Cashew Cheese

Super simple, can be whisked under an hour. Set to perfection, you can slice this, grate it, melt this, there is no oil in this and made from all natural ingredients. 7 ingredients (without counting water in) Best part of all, completely soy-free. Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry [Vegan, Gluten-Free] This curry is to die for! Chickpeas and spinach are blanketed in a rich, red pepper and coconut sauce. What more could you want for dinner? Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry [Vegan, Gluten-Free] Ingredients 14 ounces red bell peppers (about 3 large peppers)3 tablespoon olive oil1 red onion, diced3 cloves of garlic, diced1 pinch of sea salt and pepperAbout 1 1/3 cups coconut milk4 tablespoons nutritional yeast2 1/2 tablespoons cornstarchA pinch of smoked paprika1 1/4 cups chickpeas1 cup spinach3/4 cup cherry tomatoes.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sweets Frosting (vegan, oil-free) 50+ Vegan-friendly Pressure Cooker Recipes. Here is an embarrassingly large selection of vegan pressure cooker recipes to choose from. Klunker's Plant-Based Kitchen: Crock pot mushrooms. Crock pot mushroomsThis recipe came about because of my deep love of mushrooms. I honestly don't know if there is a way to have mushrooms that I do not adore. I love the flavor of foods that have been slow cooked. It just adds an amazing depth to them, and this was the case with these beautiful mushrooms. It enhanced the already earthy flavor and brought such complex flavors to the table. Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash Bowl. Pre heat the oven to 200C Peel the sweet potatoes and carrots, then cut them into chunks. Steam the veg for 40 mins. While that steams, rinse and drain the chickpeas and place them on a baking tray with the paprika, cumin, chilli flakes, salt and pepper and drizzle a little olive oil at the end.

Bake the chickpeas for 40 mins, until they’re crunchy Once the sweet potato and carrots chunks are really soft, mash them with the olive oil, mixed herbs, salt and pepper Finally sauté the spinach. Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash Bowl. Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Pine Nuts & Bacon. We don't have many Christmas traditions in my house; we're more than ok doing different things each Xmas - in the past I've been ice-skating, skiing in Switzerland, in an ice palace in Belgium, watching the parade at Disney land, on a horse draw sleigh ride through the snow in the mountains of Germany, I've stayed in my pyjamas all day and played board games and I've cooked a few Christmas dinners too - the point is, Christmas isn't about where we are or what we're doing (though those trips were beyond amazing); it's about who you spend those adventures with and making memories that will last a lifetime.

My favourite thing about Christmas is the food; food brings people together, allows them to share an experience and for a moment nothing else in the world matters but what's going on at the table and who's sitting around it. Recipes from the McDougall newsletters - Lani Muelrath. Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Pizza Crust - Vegan & Gluten Free. Pizza is my favorite thing to eat for any occasion. I know I mentioned in this post, how much I adore noodles, but pizza is in a league of its own. Fatfree Vegan Recipes. How To Make Burmese Tofu [soy-free & gluten-free]

Fat-free Tater Tots. Crispy Baked Potato Vadas. They're Fat-Free. You’ve often heard me talk about my kids, Opie and Jay, but what you probably don’t know is that I have a third child I’ve been hiding from you. Her name’s Murraya Curry, and she’s a bit of a diva. When I found her at the Indian store, no more than about four inches tall, I was so excited that I forked over a rather exorbitant amount of cash for the privilege of taking her home. TOMATO CURRY WITH COCONUT RICE. Quick Pizza Dough Using Bread Dough No Breadmaker - Potato Strong. As health conscious people we generally want to use whole wheat flour since it is less processed. But the sad reality is a whole wheat pizza dough is pretty dense. If you like it that way by all means stick to that. I recently tried a recipe that was quick and easy, no breadmaker, long waits or kneading required.

Avocado Pesto - Oil Free + Vegan. Crispy, Oven Baked, Fat Free French Fries - Brand New Vegan. Who’s mouth isn’t watering? Come on….fess up. Who DOESN’T love French Fries? It’s America’s favorite vegetable! Shredded Barbecue - Welcome to PlantPlate - New eBook 'Whole Food Plant Based on $5 a Day' Available Now! Pinterest. Spicy Spiralized Sweet Potato Fries. Take your fries to a whole new level. Make Fat Free Crispy Microwave Potato Chips in Minutes. Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai with Peanuts and Basil. Creamy Spinach Sweet Potato Noodles with Cashew Sauce. Arugula Salad with Grapes and Black Pepper Vinaigrette. This post is sponsored by juicy, crisp, beautiful California Grapes!

Is that not the most fun thing ever?! Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai with Peanuts and Basil. Raw Carrot Pasta Salad with Ginger-Lime Peanut Sauce. Raw Carrot Pasta with Ginger-Lime Peanut Sauce will make your noodle spin. You may have noticed things have been pretty raw around here lately. Raw Food Recipes – Yam Noodles with Sweet Sauce, Marinated Mushrooms and Sesame Seeds. Raw Food Recipes – Spiral Slicer Recipes. Raw Food Recipes – Fiesta Carrot Salad. Raw Vegan) Fettuccine Alfredo. Hong Kong Cauliflower “Rice” Vegan Spiralizer Recipes. Zucchini Pad Thai With Citrus Ginger Dressing - Raw Vegan Recipe. Sushi Bowl. Millet-Buckwheat Muffins with Blackcurrants. Home of The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham, Low-Fat Vegan Raw Food Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance. Food for Life Recipe of the Week. Eat To Live – Dr. Fuhrman Recipes — Low Fat Vegan Chef Recipes.

Dr. Esselstyn's Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program. Recipes Archive - Forks Over Knives. The Engine 2 Diet.